20 Motorcycles Every Collector Needs Right Now (Before Their Value Skyrockets)

Read on to find more about what collector bikes you can get at an affordable price now before their prices go skyrocketing.

In the world of machines, many manufacturers have given us brilliant masterpieces among which motorcycles have always had a special spot. The list for motorcycle riders and owners is impressively high in our history. The motorcycle industry is and will remain largely driven by passion, adherence, and exclusivity.

The value and demand for motorcycles has been growing in size for over years now. Some classic vintage bikes are technological marvels that definitely need a spot in the garage.  Motorcycle enthusiasts favor handcrafted bikes which are manufactured in a limited edition and are sought after worldwide. Vintage bikes, steel racing and track bikes have their own fanbase as it becomes a huge asset for a bike enthusiast or not. Even with less expensive vintage bikes, you can make low returns.

In the end, it all comes down to you, whether you want collector bikes for your pleasure rides or for a long-term investment. Not all vintage bikes are at peaked prices there are some which are at affordable costs. Some are classics at a good price for their worth whose prices are consistently on the rise as time goes by. Their rarity and demand are what makes the prices go high every year. It is better to invest now before their prices go skyrocketing.

Read on to know more about what collector bikes you can get at an affordable price now before their prices go skyrocketing.

20 Ducati 916 (1994 – 1998)


Right from its launch, the Ducati 916, was insanely admired for its stylish looks and performance. The single-sided swingarm was an important feature that made the wheels change faster when in a race.

The one other feature that gave lower wind resistance with clean lines was the under seat exhaust fans.

Ducati 916 was not just powerful but it was comparatively lighter. The machine was a total package, it was powerful, easy to handle and had great braking systems which made it the most influential machine of its time. This legendary bestseller set the blueprint for the modern superbike which changed the industry approach for both style and sophistication.

19 Suzuki GSX-R1100 (1987-92)

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Suzuki GSX-R1100 was extremely popular among bike enthusiasts for its power, lightning fast speed, lighter weight, and easy handling. Although this bike appears huge it had great stability. The Suzuki GSX-R1100’s acceleration was a sensation during the 80’s as it would rip through the gears until it reaches the top speed. The fuel consumption of this sports bike was relatively low when driven conservatively for the daily commute. The maintenance was also low as it can withstand damage. The prices for these monsters are on the rise and it would be for best to invest on it now before the prices go skyrocketing.

18 Honda Fireblade (1992-1994)

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Honda Fireblade was developed with the aim to equal the performance acceleration of Honda’s competitor sports bike. These bikes were the original ones with the Urban Tiger paint on them. It was designed in lighter weight, easy handling and with great performance.

The lightweight technology made them quite popular as a sports bike was known for being monstrous in size.

They had easier turns, acceleration was good and controllable which made the overall driving experience pleasurable. This bike had a special place even when the other machines were in the darker period. They were low in maintenance and can withstand a lot of abuse.

17 Ducati GT1000 (2005-08)

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Just like the original 70s model, Ducati GT1000 was insanely stylish, sporty, sophisticated and was considered to be well ahead of its time. Every series released during this period was without a doubt an instant classic and gained popularity. Ducati GT 1000 was considered of incredibly high value as it had one of the greatest engines of its generation. The riding position was upright which made the everyday commute a pleasurable one. It had a high-quality build which made it more stable and dependable. The performance of this classic sports bike stands out even among the other classic motorcycles on the market.

16 Matchless G80 (1987-90)

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This solid stylish tough build beast was launched by spares businessman, Les Harris and was designed by Brian Jones. Matchless G80 is still a rare piece to find yet the spares are easily available either used or new.

This monster was fuel efficient and also low in maintenance. Although this motorcycle was not easily tuneable bike enthusiasts preferred these bikes for their reliability, economy, and performance.

The original version of Matchless G80 was preferred rather than using rebuilds. In 1990, the Matchless saw the end of their production as they were seriously underrated and hit a bad sales record in history.

15 Yamaha XV535 (1988-2004)

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The looks of the Yamaha XV535 may not be trendy or appealing but the comfort it provides for the long dives makes driving fun. The bike was ensured to provide cruising comfort and to remain stable even at low speeds. You can easily achieve top speed at a quicker rate but the ride might not be smooth. The brakes are adequate and can make riding easier for you. This machine makes daily commute easier and is extremely user-friendly. The value for money is great as it provides unchallenging yet enjoyable performance drive at a reasonable price. The longevity of this motorcycle is more which makes it a worthy collectible.

14 Triumph Speed Triple (1994-96)

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The Triumph Speed Triple shares its powerful engine with that of the Daytona making it really capable on the race track. Driving on new unexpected roads will be easier as it gives the best riding comfort with its design.

The Triumph Speed Triple was street smart and looks stylish being the best performer. It was heavier but that doesn’t stop it from being powerful.

These early bikes were considered the most successful bikes in their period. They were the first to introduce the concept of naked bikes in the market. Bike enthusiasts favored this bike and applauded for its comfort and amazing ride.

13 Ducati 996R (1999-2002)

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The legendary Ducati 916 in better clothes was Ducati 996R. Many features were the same as the classic vintage Ducati 916; the redesigned features were lighter wheels and an improved Brembo braking system. This was a limited edition motorcycle, only 500 were built, which made them genuinely rare and the prices were up high. There is a steady increase in rates of these bikes it is better to get now before the prices go skyrocketing. Ducati 996R was successful and won the ‘World Superbike Championship’ three times in a row. This bike was an ultimate package and had all the best features for racing.

12 Honda VFR 750R (1987-1990)

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This was the first bike ever to win the "World Superbike Championship" was Fred Merkel on it, two times in a row. For a bike collector, this motorcycle will always be on the top list.

The number of bikes produced was estimated to be around 5,000 but the clear picture is still not known.

Even with the production numbers high, they remain rare to find artifacts universally. The costs of these bikes are for deeper pockets but their prices are on a tremendous rise which makes it easier to buy now before the value and demand for this motorcycle rises.

11 Yamaha YFZ750 (1993-1998)


Yamaha YFZ750 increased the bar for the motorcycle industry by setting high standards in the design of both the chassis and running gear design. They had five valves per cylinder gave lower emissions and increased efficiency. This was a major feature that proved something to the bike industry. The build was solid, had high power, easy handling and was remarkably tractable. With so much power and the high-speed braking system was an essential and Yamaha YFZ750 never failed to make a strong one. The front wheel had ventilated discs with opposed piston calipers and the rear wheel had a single piston pushing against the disc making an effective braking system.

10 Aprilia Moto 6.5 (1995-1997)

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Designed by Philippe Starck, as a chic town motorcycle, it was criticised for its looks. The nimble steering, narrow seat and plush, a pot-hole-proof suspension was made ideal for rides during traffic. The rides in the thin saddle make the rider feels full comfort which makes it easier for everyday commute. The few drawbacks that lead to the downfall of this bike were poor build which leads to quick corrosion. The manufacturers had to stop the production in 1997 as the bike’s popularity depleted. This bike is one among the list of forgotten bikes. If you are not into its looks and are looking for performance and power then this is worth your penny.

9 Yamaha XT 600 (1984 – 2003)

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Yamaha XT 600 was suitable for both on-road and off-road driving. Yamaha XT 600 was redesigned from the previously successful model Yamaha XTZ 600 Tenere and this proved to be the same.

The Yamaha XT 600 had a better 11.5-liter tank in place of the 28liter barrel. In the year 1990, Yamaha introduced kick starter to the Yamaha XT600 model, this was considered as a new model and a new design.

This model was the base for several other successful models. Various releases and newer versions of motorcycles proved to be even more fruitful which set a benchmark for larger models.

8 BMW R1100 GS (1994-1999)

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BMW R1100 is one of the best selling models to date. The BMW R100 came with an oil cooler, a small tombstone windshield, and got a 40mm carbs while the others in the market have a 32mm carbs. It had stylish exteriors making it the most sought out bikes to date. You might never easily run out fuel as it has a capacity of 35 liters. This huge monster was easy to handle and with its comfort, it can give you a feel of driving a car. The seat is wide and flattened that makes the driving more comfortable for long distance rides. It comes with the good breaking system.

7 Honda CB1100R (1983)

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This single-seat model was one of the exotic models released by Honda. Around 1500 units were sold in its period. It was an upgraded version of the 1988 model CB1100R. Some of the new features that were introduced are slightly different exteriors, full fairing, and aluminum fuel tank.

It was a heavyweight motorcycle but that didn't stop it from being easy to handle.

It had great suspension and the ride was smooth. The only problem was the fuel consumption; it was more as the vehicle needs more to power through. The price of this motorcycle is reasonable it is better to book one now before the prices shoot up.

6 Yamaha YZF-R1 (1998)

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Yamaha YZF-R1 was known as one of the biggest milestones of the manufacturer. It put its competitors to shame with this contemporary design. Even today with the evolution of modern motorcycles this one holds a spot for its design. The original design inspired numerous other variants and successful models. The Genesis engine was redesigned to create a more compact engine for Yamaha YZF-R1 which created high power and high torque. It was lightweight and powerful and was well ahead of its competitors. This was a total package sports bike and it took years for the competitors to match up with their package.

5 Kawasaki ZXR 750R (1989-2003)

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Kawasaki manufacturers were hard at work and designed this most potential machine of its generation. It was not considered the fastest but it was without the doubt most powerful engine. It is not much easy to handle at low speeds as the steering can get heavy. It also lacks in comfort making long drives a little hectic.

Even with these disadvantages this bike still remains to be a classic because of its power and performance.

The prices of this sports bike are reasonable and their value is said to increase over time. Before the prices go skyrocketing it is better to get while the price is still low.

4 Ducati 900SS (1992)

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It was one of the air-cooled Ducati’s with insanely attractive looks. It uses the similar engine as that of the 91 cams two valves per cylinder. The major difference was, Ducati 900 SS has electronic fuel injection which improves the power and performance of this sports machine. It has a revised steering that makes you an expert in handling right from the start. It is designed in a way that it provides a lot of comfort for a sports bike. The demand for Ducati 900 Super Sport has always been there which makes it a must buy before there is an increase in the price.

3 Honda VTR1000 SP-1(2000-2001)

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Honda VTR1000 was designed to give a run for the Ducati’s. It had a powerful engine, easy handling, and the acceleration speed was great. The only problem with this motorcycle was the turns; it was difficult to make an easy turn.

The fuel consumption was more but that is what is usually expected from a sports bike. This superbike is specially designed for top speed performance.

In 2001, Ducati claimed the ‘World Superbike Championships," but Honda VTR 1000 was considered an equivalent for its power and performance. Only a few bikes are spotted universally and the resale prices of these are steadily growing.

2 Kawasaki KR-1S (1990-1992)


When these machines were launched sadly they didn’t get much recognition but it was a few years later they gained huge popularity for the performance of their 250cc two strokes. They had the fastest acceleration and could gain the highest top speed when compared to other bikes in the market.

It was a raging success but sadly it couldn’t match with its counterpart Suzuki. The sales lowered even when the costs were slightly lower than their competitors. In 1992, even when the machine was a perfect combination of a sports bike and daily ride it was discontinued and Kawasaki had to bid goodbye to their two-stroke project.

1 Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa (1999)

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The world’s fastest production motorcycle, Suzuki Hayabusa, was known for its top speed performance. Not just for speed it received many positive critics from bike enthusiasts but also for its handling, comfort, noise, fuel efficiency, and even noise. It was easier to drive as it had an abundance of power. It used gear driven counterbalance to reduce vibration when the machine moves in high speed. The price of this 1999 Suzuki Hayabusa is on a constant rise as it grows in value and demand. This machine reversed the pattern of sales by increasing in value despite getting old. This is without a doubt the most sought out bike by bike collectors.

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