20 Motorcycles That Were Blatantly Plagiarized

Deciding on purchasing a mode of transport can be difficult. Cars enable you to transport several commuters while enjoying the state-of-the-art infotainment system. Since a car provides the driver many perks, numerous people have chosen it as their preferred choice in transport, resulting in traffic. Getting to work at peak hours with a car frustrates many drivers, as they waste precious time in traffic. To solve the problem, many car drivers have opted for motorbikes. Maneuvering around cars and enjoying high speeds on open roads while saving fuel is only possible on a motorbike. Besides getting good fuel consumption and achieving blistering speeds, riders will also attract the attention of women.

Riding a bike grants masculinity you otherwise wouldn't have. Women love a man who can handle big machinery. Searching for the right bike can be challenging, especially if you're new to the market. Buyers have to consider the safety, the purchase price, and the design of the bike. Most bikes may look similar to the inexperienced eye, but key features, other than the parts, separate the original from the copycats. To help motorbike buyers distinguish the original from the plagiarized model, we scoured the market to determine who made knockoffs. We discovered twenty motorbike manufacturers who deliberately plagiarized the design of household names. The resemblance of some of the bikes featured is astounding.

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20 Jida JD 250 - Yamaha R1

via Youtube

At first glance of the Jida JD 250, you'll believe that it's the Yahama R1. The paint job and the styling of the bike make it look like the last-generation R1, according to Visordown. Jida also combined a lot of the design of the R125 with the R1 to end up with the JD 250.

To avoid suspicion, Jida made minor adjustments to the bike by adding a few eccentric parts, such as the mirrors, to the bike.

Nobody will blame you for thinking that the JD250 is the Yamaha R1, as the two bikes look identical.

via The Financial Express

19 Gulsar - Bajaj Pulsar

via Bike Chronicles of India

Not only are the designs of the two bikes similar, but so are the names. If you inquire about the Indian motorbike market, you'll find that the Pulsar has significantly contributed to the establishment of the Bajaj brand.  The Chinese saw the impact that the Pulsar had on the market and designed a copycat. The Chinese manufacturer also targeted the same market, apart from the design and the name, of Bajaj. The manufacturer exported the Gulsar to the Latin market, which is the same target market of Bajaj. The sticker placement on the bike is also the same as that of the Pulsar.

via Indian Auto Blog

18 C8 Tomahawk - KTM 200 Duke

via Motorbeam

Some bike manufacturers do a good job of replicating household names, while others produce a product that's laughable.

The C8 Tomahawk attempts to copy the KTM Duke as evidenced in the headlights, the tank, and the seats as well as in the marketing of the bike as a KTM-style bike.

The C8 Tomahawk did a poor job at replicating the bike, as the beam frame and the air-cooled engine are subpar efforts to make the bike look like a KTM Duke. If you're going to plagiarize the design of a bike, then make sure you do a good job.

via Motorbeam

17 Leike Hornet - Gilera DNA

via Gilera Club

Bike riders who prefer a tamed motorbike can have a look at the Gilera DNA. The manufacturer produced the Gilera DNA from 1996 to 2009. Gilera didn't design the bike to provide performance; instead, the bike's supposed to be a city vehicle that'll help you to complete your chores. Leike Hornet didn't copy the Honda Hornet; it copied the Gilera DNA. The manufacturer was quick to mention that it has a patent for the scooter, but that still needs to be confirmed. The bike has too much of a resemblance to the Gilera DNA to be called unique.

via Motorcycle Philippines

16 Wonjan WJ250R - Honda CBR250R

via Team BHP

The WJ250R isn't the only bike Wonja has produced that looks like a Honda. In fact, with this replica, Wonjan was even more subtle than with the other bikes. The WJ250R is a semi-knockoff of the CBR250R.

Although the bike looks similar to the CBR250R, Wonjan made a few changes to the area around the tank and the seat.

If you take a good look at the bike, you'll see that Wonjan got the inspiration for the design from the CB250R. The Japanese manufacturer has made the displacement single-cylinder motorcycle from 2011 to 2013 for all markets except Japan and Malaysia, where production continued beyond 2013.

via Cartoq

15 Leike Thunderer - BMW S1000RR

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The German manufacturer has established its name in the car market and veered into the motorbike segment to get a piece of the pie. The S1000RR is a powerful machine that BMW Motorrad made to compete in the 2009 Superbike World Championships. The bike is currently in commercial production and has a 999 cc inline-4 engine that redlines at 14,200 rpm. A Chinese manufacturer Leike wanted to convince the market that it could make a similar bike and designed the Leike Thunderer, according to Visordown. The bike has three slats on each side of the fairing as well as similar headlamp arrangements.

via Motodenik.cz

14 Wonjan WJ300 - Ducati Panigale

via moto.mercadolivre.com.br

When you talk about household bikes, the Ducati Panigale 1098 always comes up in conversation. To cash in on the hype, Wonjan produced its version called the "WJ300 Space Ranger." Although the two bikes look identical, the Chinese manufacturer failed to replicate the performance of the Italian beast.

In fact, Ducati's lawyers didn't bother with the lawsuit, as the WJ300 is no match for the powerful Panigale.

The Ducati Panigale has a huge 1,099 cc engine, which produces 160 Bhp and 123 Nm. The Chinese manufacturer fitted into the WJ300 a 300 cc engine, which is capable of producing 19.5 Bhp and 24 Nm.

via ducati.ms

13 Jonway YY250 - BMW 650 CS

via BM Bikes

Although the German manufacturer did a good job at designing the S1000RR, it could've done a better job with the 650CS, as most bikers don't deem the bike to be visually appealing. The bike wasn't a commercial success, yet Jonway wanted to create a replica. BMW fitted the bike with a 652 cc engine, which produces 50 Bhp and 62 Nm. The Jonway YY250 has a 250 cc engine that's capable of only 16 Bhp. The "CS" in the name stands for "city/street," and BMW produced the bike from 2001 to 2005 to market it to urban commuters.

via Cartoq

12 Wonjan WJ150 - Honda Grom

via Motorcycles on Autotrader

The Honda Grom, knowns as the MX125, has made a strong impression on the American market. The bike has gained a huge following although it never made it to the Indian market. Wonjan wanted to convince buyers that it could offer a cheaper alternative, so it designed the WJ150. The bike has a 150 cc engine and produces 13.1 Bhp and 11.4 Nm, whereas the Honda Grom has a 125 cc engine, capable of producing 10 Bhp. The Honda Grom won the Motorcycle of the Year prize in 2014. The best option is to always stick to the original. Wonjan made the bike look identical to the Grom.

via Alibaba

11 ZJMM R12 - Honda CBR250R

via Honda CBR250R Forum

If you think that Wonjan is the only company to replicate the Honda CBR250R, then you're wrong. At least, Wonjan made some changes to its bikes, whereas the Chinese manufacturer, Zhejiang Jiajue, didn't try to be discreet in its design of the bike.

The most experienced motorbike eye will struggle to find the difference between the two bikes.

The only difference one may notice is the added option of LEDs on the headlamp cluster of the ZJMM R12, according to Cartoq. The other difference between the bikes is the stickers that you'll find on the ZJMM R12.

via Motorbeam

10 Kengo 350 - Kawasaki Ninja 300

via Wallpaper Cave

Ask the Chinese to produce its version of the Ninja 300, and the answer will be the Kengo 350. The Kawasaki Ninja 300 is based on the Nina 250R design and was sold in the Asian, European, and North American markets. Although the bike isn't known for its performance, as it has a top speed of 112 mph and needs 5.6 seconds to reach 0 to 60 mph, Kengo wanted to produce a similar bike. Kengo 350 has the same bodywork, headlamp cluster and tail lamp as the Ninja 300. Kengo also copied the exhaust from the Ninja 300. The Kengo has a 320 cc engine, while the Ninja 300 has a 300 cc engine, which produces more Bhp and Nm than the Kengo 350's.

via Kengo Motors

9 Dragon - Ducati Monster

via Go AZ Motorcycles

The Italians regard the Ducati Monster as a naked muscle bike that's characterized by the exposed engine and frame. The trellis frame is an integral part of the bike's design, allowing for aesthetic appeal and structural efficiency. The bike became so popular that it accounted for more than half of Ducati's total global sales in 2015. The Ducati bikes have a ninety-degree V-twin engine called the "L-twins." British newspaper Motorcycle News stated that Ducati has produced more than 300,000 units of Monster.

The Chinese tried to make a replica and succeeded in the design but failed in the performance.

They called the bike the "Dragon," which has a single-cylinder 150cc engine.

via Cartoq

8 Lion Rokk - KTM 200 Duke

via james13prix.info

The C8 Tomahawk isn't the only replica of the KTM 200 Duke. The KTM has a single-cylinder, four-stroke, sparked-ignition liquid-cooled engine. The bike has a six-speed gearbox and a cable-actuated multi-disk clutch. Although the bike is manufactured in India, the manufacturer sells it in most markets globally. Young bikers love the KTM 200 Duke because of its stylish body and the powerful engine. The clone has gotten the design of the Duke right, including the under-seat exhaust. One of the problems with the Lion Rokk is that it has a 150 cc engine.

via Luxurious Car 2018

7 Conquer - Yamaha YZF R15

via Bikes Yard

To keep up with the competition, Yamaha launched the updated R15. The Chinese were impressed by the design and copied the bike to call it the "Conquer." Yamaha enthusiasts love the bike due to the R1 inspiring the design of the bike as well as the frugal fuel consumption and aggressive riding position.

Buyers who want a copycat, as opposed to the original, will be delighted to know that the bike is available as a 150 cc, a 200 cc, and a 350 cc model.

Considering the Conquer is a copycat, don't be surprised if it doesn't perform as well as the YZF R15.

via Cartoq

6 Warrior - Ducati 848

via Images Inspiration

The Italian manufacturer has many superb models in its arsenal, and one of those is the 848. The 848 is a superbike with an 849 cc engine capable of reaching a top speed of 159 mph. The Italian manufacturer produced the bike from 2008 to 2013 to replace the 749. The Chinese loved the bike and wanted to make their version. The result of their tireless efforts was a bike they called "Warrior." Although the bike looks a lot like the Ducati 848, it has a 350 cc electrically fuelled, twin-cylinder engine, which is water cooled. The bike is all show and no go when compared to the 848.

via Sigma Motorsports

5 Jiangsu Xinri - Honda Goldwing

via Schroader's Honda

The Honda Goldwing is one of the most popular bikes on the list. The Japanese manufacturer introduced the Goldwing at the Cologne Motorcycle Show in 1974. The bike has been in production for more than four decades and has become popular in North America, Western Europe, and Australia, not to mention, Japan. The Goldwing is in its sixth generation after Honda sold more than 600,000 units.

Jiangsu Xinr wanted to cash in on the popularity of the bike by designing an electric bike, whereas the Goldwing fosters a 1.8-liter engine, according to Cartoq.

No replica can beat the original Honda Goldwing.

via Autowise

4 YCR150 - Honda CBR150R

via Pinterest

Honda has done such a magnificent job with the CBR150R that motorbike manufacturers had to copy the design. The CBR250R is no longer available in India due to the stricter BS IV norms implementation, but you can get a cloned version in Asia. If you scour the market in Pakistan, you'll find that the clone version is the YCR150. The bike got a complete full-body Repsol paint job as well as the same 150 cc engine that powers the Honda. If you want a Honda CB150R, then buy the original, as anything else is a risky purchase.

via Pinterest

3 Valentino - Yamaha YZF R3

via Motorcycle Specs

The Yamaha YZF, commonly known as the "R3," is an entry-level sports motorcycle. The bike competes against the Kawasaki Ninja 300, the Honda CBR 300R, and the KTM 390 Series in the market. Since 2015, the Japanese manufacturer has made the bike with low seat height as well as a well-positioned windscreen that deflects the wind overhead. The Chinese saw the potential of the bike and called it the "Valentino."

The change that the Chinese manufacturer made to the Valentino is fitting it with LED DRLs.

Both bikes have a water-cooled engine, but the Valentino cannot compete with the R3.

via Cartoq

2 Haray HY300 - Honda XRE300

via ADV Pulse

The Brazilian market knows the Honda XRE300 well. The bike is a single-cylinder dual-sport motorcycle designed and manufactured in Brazil. Honda manufactured the bike for urban riders, but you can use the bike for light trail work as well. The motorized infantry brigades of the Brazilian military use the XRE300. A Chinese manufacturer thought that the bike looked great and decided to manufacture its version. The result is the HY300, which has a DOHC water-cooled engine, which looks like an aluminum swing-arm instead of Honda's air-cooled motor.

via Zing.vn

1 Yayama R6 - Yamaha R6

via Used and New Motorcycles For Sale

It seems that some bike manufacturers don't attempt to hide their intentions of copying the design of a bike. Some bike manufacturers not only copy the design but also attempt to use the same name as the original.

Yayama wanted to use the R6 design and did so but also used the Yamaha name and changed only one letter.

To add to the madness, Yayama had a misspelling in the "Produced by sport" tagline across the side of the bike, according to Visordown. The plastics that Yayama used to make the R6 look convincing, but the bike has a 150 cc air-cooled engine.

via Adventure Rider

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