20 NFL Fans Who Went Too Far With Their Car Wraps

Let's dive into the 20 craziest NFL-themed cars out there.

Everyone knows that football fanatic who's obsessed with everything and anything to do with his favorite team. Well, sometimes, people take it one step further than just talking about their team all the time and having their best dress shirt with the team logo on it. We're going to look at some of the craziest football-team-inspired cars out there. These people went above and beyond the call of duty of just sticking a decal on the back window and calling it quits. No, these people want everyone to know who they root for, and they usually want you to know why their team is better than yours. It takes some real dedication to pull off what these people have, what with paint and decals and the inevitable cost of it all. Not all of them are just shining beacons of perfect car decor, but they make their point well enough. With football season coming up, they have to make their loyalty known, and players have actually reacted to some they've seen online, and it must be pretty flattering even if it is a bit over the top sometimes. So, let's dive into the 20 craziest NFL-themed cars out there.

20 Miami Dolphins Pontiac

via local10.com

We figure it's best to start off on a strong note. And this Pontiac is one of the best-looking, cleanest cars on the list today, maybe because it's classic muscle and a lot of people have a weak spot for those older cars or maybe because it's done just well enough to not look bad. The color scheme definitely works on this Pontiac, with the bright colors, which older muscle is known for having. Overall, this car was done pretty well even though it's dedicated to the Miami Dolphins.

19 Saints Wagon

via autotrader.ca

This one's pretty interesting because the car has been so heavily modified, it's kind of hard to tell what it was originally. It looks like a cross between a Ferrari and Kit from Knight Rider.

Whatever it is, it's certainly unique.

Overall, again, the paint and decals all work pretty well together, giving a clean overall look to the car, whatever it is. It also has a very '90s vibe to it, which makes sense, considering that's the last time the Saints were good. All joking aside, this is a pretty clean combo and some serious fan dedication.

18 Steelers Rolls-Royce

via autowise.com

Ahh, a Rolls-Royce. Very rarely are these modified very heavily, and while it isn't the most outlandish design, it's very unique. Just from one glance, you might not even know it's a Steelers wrap on the car. It seems like just a cool space design. It's very hard to mess up a Rolls-Royce, but this wrap is something else. It's unique, well done, and looks pretty great, especially considering most decals you see are just the team logo slapped on the side of the car or the rear window.

17 Jaguars GT-R

via pinterest.com

Jaguars GT-R sounds like it could be a new project for the F-Type or something. But no—it's a Nissan GT-R with a Jaguars wrap. Granted, this is on Forza, but the design was way too clean not to mention.

It honestly looks like something one of the players would drive, and I think it's safe to say most people, Jags fans or not, would drive it just for the chance to drive a GT-R.

There are a bunch of these online where someone made a car for every team, and most of them came out very well.

16 Vikings Hatch

via autotrader.ca

Not everyone can afford to show off their team pride on a GT-R, however, and sometimes, you have to work with what you have. And that's just what these Vikings fans did. All you need is a couple of cans of spray paint, a couple logo decals from the store, and you've got yourself a ride fit for a truly dedicated fan. The helmet for a hood ornament was a good touch as well. It may not look the cleanest, but they look so proud of it. And why wouldn't they be?

15 Pittsburgh Tailgate Response Vehicle

via coolridesonline.net

What we have here is an emergency tailgating response unit. This is some true fan dedication here, and honestly, you can't help but love the spirit of it. In case your tailgate is not up to par, you can always rely on these guys. Well, assuming you're a Pittsburg fan, that is. But this goes way further than decals and some paint. This is the epitome of true fan dedication. Obviously, a lot of money and time went into this. We can also only assume that those compartments are mostly coolers stocked full and ready to go. If this is how Steelers fans party, maybe I should change teams.

14 The Chargers Kart

via motors.gunaxin.com

So, basically, it's just a giant Chargers logo on a small kart-like vehicle, but it would get your attention. I mean, the vehicle itself stands out, but paint it blue and throw a big Chargers logo on it, and you have what we can only assume is a party kart. Remember to always have a designated driver in your party kart to avoid causing any kart-related incidents. Seriously, though, this is one of the wackier custom fan builds we've seen, and yet, it's so simple. This really is only something you'd see in California, though—no offense.

13 The Packers Backer

via kerfuffle.typepad.com

Green Bay has always had a pretty dedicated fan base, as we can see here. They go absolutely all out on this ride, with paint and rims and decals. And honestly, it's done pretty well.

The paint is done cleanly, and it has nice accents. And of course, you can't forget the flags.

Always gotta have the window flags that flap so loudly when you get on the interstate. They even have the Green Bay license plate on the front bumper. There was no holding back on this build.

12 49ers Yukon

via commons.wikimedia.org

You don't see a lot of 49ers fans around, and you see even fewer with this kind of dedication. That decal does look like it may be obstructing the view just a little bit, but I guess cross that bridge when you get to it. The decal is also super HD-looking, so you can tell it was an expensive, really good wrap. And it doesn't really look that bad, even if you're not a San Francisco fan. Overall, we'd have to say this was done very well, and it may not be super crazy, but sacrificing your ability to see out of the back is pretty crazy.

11 The Eagles Tour Bus

via coolridesonline.net

No, this isn't the tour bus of the famous band The Eagles—just some very dedicated Eagles fans who actually follow the team around from game to game and tailgate each other. Actually, it sounds pretty fun. You'd get to see a lot of sights and travel a lot, and it's obviously better if you're a sports fan. It also looks very very expensive with those good-looking decals and the fact that it's an RV. We love the spirit of this whole thing.

10 Cowboys Challenger

via reddit.com

There are a lot of cars out there with Cowboys logos on them, and it makes sense with their recent seasons. But few people go this far and do it so well. Most people just black out their Challenger or make it a bright muscle car color, but not this guy. He instead decided to let everyone know he loves the Cowboys, and we get that. Hopefully, he has some mods or at least a nice exhaust system under the hood of this bad boy as well. A good exhaust build on a Challenger sounds absolutely amazing.

9 Redskins Truck

via redskins.wordpress.com

So, the first thing you notice on this is the giant field goal, and we can only imagine how many times people have tried to kick a field goal on this and crashed out that back window.

This truck, unlike a lot of such customers' vehicles, looks like it's a daily driver.

You gotta wonder how many times this person has to get pulled over for that field goal post. Overall, this is done very cleanly, and there's a lot of attention to detail, which is one of the most important things when it comes to visual customization.

8 The Packers Wagon

via forums.denverbroncos.com

This classic beauty is enough to turn heads by itself, but look at the attention on the details of this. The paint is very well done, the interior is custom with the team colors, and there's a tiny helmet as the hood ornament, which is always awesome. Then, throw the white wall tires on there for even more of a classic look, and we can't help but love the design. Now, if only the hood ornament were a wedge of cheese instead of the helmet, then you'd really have something special, in our opinion.

7 The Broncos' Bronco

via storagehub.info

It had to be done. Someone had to make a Broncos-themed Bronco, and we're so glad someone did and that he did it so well. Even if you aren't a Broncos fan, you have to admit the paint and decals are all done very well, and it almost looks like a prize the team would give away as a special prize or something. Overall, though, we love this, and the pun is obvious, but it did write itself. Some fan just noticed it and made it happen.

6 Bears F1

via mtmtv.com

So, right off the bat, we can think that this car has probably won more times than the Bears, but that aside, this is so cool. Autosports and, well, I guess just sports, came together here, and it's awesome. We don't know if this is a privately owned vehicle or a sponsored formula 1 car, but either way, it looks great, and you can never go wrong with an F1 car. They're so fast and so loud and have pretty much everything that you could want in any kind of race car. And for a Bears fan, it has to be even cooler.

5 Cleveland Browns Party Bus

via beta.editorials.autotrader.ca

Sometimes, a car or even an old ambulance isn't bugging enough for your tailgating needs, and that's where this party bus can come in handy. Not only does it have a very unique design to it, but it also has a satellite dish, so they can watch the game and tailgate even when it's an away game, although you'd think they could just drive there in, say, a bus. Customizing old buses has become a trend recently, and this is one of the crazier ones out there. This is some fan dedication right here.

4 Cowboys-Mobile

via beta.editorials.autotrader.ca

This is one of the craziest builds out there, and it's getting the attention it deserves. Every single thing on this car seems to be custom, and that's what we look for in our custom cars.

Even the engine bay is painted blue, and there's no shortage of LED lights on this thing.

Custom rims, custom interior, custom doors, custom everything. And look at all the awards surrounding this build; obviously, a lot of other people liked this as well. It looks like a lot of time and money went into this, so it's nice to see it get recognition.

3 Falcons Monster Truck

via beta.editorials.autotrader.ca

This thing is crazy and awesome straight off the bat, with an absolutely insane lift on some very big tires. The next thing you have to think about is how much this had to cost. A short person could probably walk under this giant Falcons fan mobile with no problem. The decal also looks pretty cool; it makes it look like the Falcons decided to make a monster truck, and it looks great. This thing has to be fun to drive, but it surely can't be street legal.

2 Redskins Mower

via beta.editorials.autotrader.ca

Fan dedication isn't limited to cars or tour buses, as we can see here. This fan wants everyone in his yard to know where his loyalty lies—if that makes sense. But like, who would've thought to modify a lawnmower? We're glad someone did, you know, besides those crazy fast lawnmowers people build for lawnmower races. There are always new things in the auto world, and lawnmower racing may be the future. Or maybe not. But this custom mower is cool enough to make it on our radar.

1 Jets' Jet

via commons.wikimedia.org

So, we had the Broncos Bronco, and of course, there are always more puns. They made a Jets jet. And the airliner is named "JetBlue." So, a Jets JetBlue Jet is what we're looking at here. The jokes kind of all wrote themselves here. This probably only flies mainly to and from New York, but it would be cool to look out and see that this was the plane you were flying on. We thank whoever was behind the Jets jet, as this is one of the coolest ways to team rep that we've seen here. Even if you aren't a Jets fan, you have to admit this is cool.

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