20 NFL WAGs And Their Stunning Cars

"WAG" is an acronym for "wives and girlfriends," and in this article, we'll be talking about the WAGs of NFL players. NFL WAGs get to live the life of the rich and famous all because of whom they're dating or married to. Granted, some of these women had successful careers in the entertainment business before shacking up with their athlete men, but the majority of them got their big breaks by taking advantage of their men's fame. As a result, WAGs are often referred to as "gold diggers" or "jersey chasers" because, for some, it seems that they're only in relationships with their boyfriends or husbands because of the fact that these men are successful and rich.

Dating an NFL player definitely comes with its fair share of perks that make it seem like a glamorous position to be in, but what people don't get to see on social media is the fact that these women are often left by themselves because of their men's busy schedule. Regardless, they, more often than not, have access to their men's wealth and everything that comes with it; meaning cars, mansions, vacations, clothes, and jewelry, so some time apart isn't really that big of a deal for many of these NFL WAGs.

In 2015, E! created a reality show called WAGS, which follows these women around, documenting their lives and all that goes into being in a relationship with a professional athlete. The women are all drop-dead gorgeous and overly dramatic, which makes for perfect reality television. Since then, the wives and girlfriends of these athletes have amassed a huge following on social media and have arguably become more famous than their men.

Check out these 20 NFL WAGS And Their Cars:

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20 Gisele Bundchen

giselle bundchen car
via: zimbio.com

Gisele Bundchen was a wildly successful supermodel before she shacked up with New England Patriots' quarterback Tom Brady. In fact, the former fashion model has a bigger net worth than her professional athlete husband, with a staggering $360 million compared to Brady's $180 million. The celebrity couple tied the knot in February of 2009.

Bundchen and Brady have gone on to have two children together, a daughter and a son. Tom also shares a son from his previous relationship with Bridget Moynahan. The famous family lives in a multi-million dollar mansion in Brentwood, California when the pro-baller isn't in season. Gisele enjoys riding around in luxurious vehicles and is known to have an Audi S8, an Audi A8, a BMW X5, and a Rolls-Royce Ghost.

19 Ciara

ciara cars
via: tmz.com/instagram.com

Ciara married the Seattle Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson in 2016. They recently welcomed their daughter, Sienna Princess Wilson, this past spring. Ciara is a successful recording artist and performer who was selling out stadium tours and topping the charts before she settled down with Wilson. The singer also has another son, Future Zahir, with her ex, Future.

With a combined net worth of over $104 million, this celebrity couple can certainly afford to spend whatever they want on the cars they drive. Ciara reportedly owns a Bentley Continental V8 GT that's valued at a whopping $196,000, as well as a pricey Lamborghini Gallardo that's worth around $198,000. Russell is also said to have an Audi, a Range Rover, a Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG, and a Tesla.

18 Sasha Dindayal

sasha gates car
via: instagram.com/instagram.com

Sasha Dindayal, also known as "Sasha Gates," is currently starring on E!'s WAGs Los Angeles. Her husband, Antonio Gates, is the tight end for the L.A. Chargers. Before she was famous, Sasha worked as a model and a video vixen, appearing in a music video for David Banner. She also has a degree in fashion merchandising. Sasha and Antonio married in 2011, and they share a son and a daughter.

With Antonio's net worth of over $30 million and Sasha's recent rise to reality television stardom, the Gates are pretty much set for life. Sasha and her husband don't mind showing off their expensive rides. Last year, Antonio debuted his new Ferrari 458 Italia in Los Angeles, which cost him around a quarter of a million dollars. Also, back in 2009, Gates bragged about getting a new Rolls-Royce Phantom.

17 Kerry Washington

kerry washington cars
via: taddlr.com/popsugar.com

Kerry Washington is a famous actress known for her lead role in the hit series, Scandal, as well as a number of noteworthy films. In 2013, she married former NFL player, Nnamdi Asomugha. Asomugha played for the Oakland Raiders for 11 years before retiring. Kerry and Nnamdi have two children together and reside in a mansion in Hollywood Hills, California.

Washington has a net worth of over $18 million, while her husband has a reported $55 million. The couple lives an extremely private life outside of the spotlight and is rarely spotted in public together. Despite the millions that he made on the football field, Kerry's husband is surprisingly frugal and has been driving the same car for two decades, so you won’t catch him in any shiny sports cars.

16 October Gonzalez

october gonzalez car
via: instagram.com/tmz.com

October Gonzalez may have taken the former NFL tight end's last name, but she and Tony Gonzalez aren't even officially married. The couple refers to each other as husband and wife but never made their relationship legal, celebrating their love with a commitment ceremony in 2007. Gonzalez had a successful 17 seasons with the National Football League and currently serves as an analyst on the Fox NFL pregame show.

Tony has amassed a net worth of around $30 million, and although the money might not be legally hers, October has no problem spending it like it is. The couple share two children together, as well as a son from one of Tony's previous relationships. The two aren't extremely open about their personal lives, but October, who goes by "Tobie" for short, posts updates frequently to her Instagram account where she has almost 30,000 followers.

15 Kendra Wilkinson

kendra wilkinson cars
via: hawtcelebs.com/dailymail.co.uk

Kendra Wilkinson made a name for herself as one of Hugh Hefner's young, blonde girlfriends on the reality series, Girls Next Door. After she parted ways with the elderly Playboy founder, she found love with the NFL wide receiver, Hank Baskett. Baskett has played for the Minnesota Vikings, the Philadelphia Eagles, and the Indianapolis Colts.

Baskett has a net worth of around $6.5 million, while Kendra has just over $6 million to claim for herself. The couple is apparently known for spending their money as fast as they get it.  In 2013, Kendra was involved in a car crash with her Audi. She's mostly known for driving around in her white GMC Yukon but recently upgraded to a black Range Rover. The football player is also known to have a Jeep Wrangler.

14 Ashley Nicole Roberts

ashley nicole roberts car
via: instagram.com/instagram.com

Ashley Nicole Roberts is currently one of the stars of WAGs Miami on E! Her wedding to the NFL free agent, Phillip Wheeler, was documented on the reality show this past season. The professional athlete has played for the Indianapolis Colts, the Oakland Raiders, the Miami Dolphins, the San Francisco 49ers, the Atlanta Falcons, and the Arizona Cardinals.  Ashley and Phillip have been together since 2009, and they share a son together.

Ashley is certainly not shy about showing off her expensive belongings and is frequently seen on social media posing in front of her luxurious vehicles, like her G-Wagon. She'd better hope that her new husband signs to another team soon because she certainly seems to enjoy his multi-million dollar salary, although, now that she's starring on a reality show, she has some income of her own coming in.

13 Kristin Cavallari

kristin cavallari car
via: autoevolution.com/taddlr.com

Kristin Cavallari was a famous reality star when she was in high school. She was featured in the hit MTV series "Laguna Beach" and went on to become a fashion designer and actress with a very active social-media following. In 2013, she married the Miami Dolphins quarterback Jay Cutler. The couple currently has three children.

Kristin has an estimated net worth of around $2.5 million of her own, but her husband also has an additional $84 million to his name. Cavallari is known to have a few cars, including a Range Rover, a BMW X5, and a BMW 3 Series Coupe. Her husband also has an additional collection of his own vehicles like a Lamborghini, an Audi R8 GT, a Rolls-Royce Ghost, a Range Rover, and a Jaguar.

12 Claudia Sampedro

claudia sampedro car
via: pinterest.com/tmz.com

Claudia Sampedro was a model who posed with exotic cars to earn a living, and now, she's dating the Carolina Panthers defensive end Julius Peppers, and her life has been significantly upgraded. Sampedro and Peppers have been in a relationship since 2014, and although they aren't married, they basically seem like it. They share one child together, and they both have children from previous relationships, so their families are merged, and they all live under one roof.

Claudia began gaining notoriety when she joined the cast of WAGS Miami in 2016; however, Peppers has expressed his desire to remain out of the spotlight and doesn't seem to wish for the same fame that his partner does. Sampedro has an outstanding one million followers on Instagram and loves being the center of attention.

11 Dominique Penn

dominique penn car
via: instagram.com/instagram.com

Dominique Penn has been married to the offensive tackle for the Oakland Raiders, Donald Penn, since 2012. She, along with her professional athlete hubby, is currently being featured on E!'s WAGS LA. Donald and Dominique share three children, and family comes first for this famous couple, although they've been reported to have had some rough patches in their relationship over the years with alleged cheating scandals.

Donald recently signed a 2-year contract with the Raiders for $21 million, so the Penn family is living lavishly, to say the least. Dominique frequently shows off her expensive goods on social media, one evening even posing with her Bentley while she was all dressed up. Donald has quite the car collection, including a Ferrari, a Mercedes Maybach, and a Mercedes-Benz AMG GLE 43.

10 Jessica Simpson

jessica simpson car
via: upscalehype.com/hawtcelebs.com

Jessica Simpson's first marriage to the boy band singer Nick Lachey didn't work out as she had hoped. The pop star gave love a second shot, though, when she married the former NFL tight end, Eric Johnson. It's also Johnson's second marriage, and things seem to be going a lot better for both of them the second time around. They share a son and a daughter, who are featured frequently on Jessica's Instagram, which has a following of over four million.

Simpson has created an empire of her own over the years, selling clothes, shoes, handbags, and beauty products over the years, so she has a net worth of around $150 million. The 37-year-old is known to have a Bentley Continental GTC Mulliner, a Cadillac Escalade, and a Range Rover.

9 Faven Liuget

faven Liuget car
via: instagram.com/losangeleschargers.com

Faven joined the cast of WAGS Miami in 2017 for its second season. She's married to the defensive tackle for the Los Angeles Chargers, Corey Liuget. Faven moved to San Diego from Ethiopia when she was five, and coming from such a poor country is probably one of the reasons why she takes full advantage of the opportunities that have come her way. Faven and her football-playing husband had a huge wedding with over 700 guests and lasted three days.

Faven isn't just a housewife and a mother to their two children; she also owns her own fashion line called "MACEOO." However, she doesn't need to work if she doesn't want to. Corey has a net worth of over $26 million and an annual income of over $10 million. The professional athlete is known to have a Karma Revero, a Hennessey VR1200, and a Nissan GT-R.

8 Sanya Richards

Sanya Richards-Ross car
via: instagram.com/instagram.com

Sanya Richards-Ross is an Olympic gold medalist who competed in track and field in the 2012 Summer Olympics and the 2008 Summer Olympics. She clearly has a thing for athletes because, in 2010, she and former NFL cornerback Aaron Ross tied the knot. Ross has had an extremely successful career in football, winning two Super Bowls in the process.

Sanya's net worth is over $1 million, while her husband's is around $4 million. The athletic couple also earned some income from their reality television show, Sanya's Glam & Gold. The pair recently welcomed their first son together this past spring. On Instagram, Sanya showed off the silver, four-door Rolls-Royce Aaron bought her as a "push present," meaning a gift for giving birth.

7 Kim Zolciak

kim zolciak biermann
via: realwives.net/dailymail.co.uk

Kim Zolciak is an example of a WAG who was arguably more famous than her NFL star partner before they shacked up. She got her start on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" where she was known for wearing blonde wigs and dating a sugar daddy. When she met Kroy Biermann, the two immediately hit it off, and by 2011, they were married and popping out babies. They've had four children together, and Kroy has adopted Kim's two older daughters from a previous relationship.

The entire Biermann bunch star in their own reality show on Bravo, "Don't Be Tardy," and while they have a combined net worth of around $7 million, the celebrity couple apparently spends more money than they can keep track of. Kim and Kroy have a number of vehicles, including a black matte G-Wagon, a black Porsche Panamera Turbo, and a white Range Rover.

6 Candice Crawford 

candice crawford car
via: laineygossip.com/dailymail.co.uk

Candice Crawford married the former NFL quarterback Tony Romo in 2011. Romo played 14 seasons with the Dallas Cowboys and currently works as an American football television analyst. Crawford was formerly Miss Missouri USA and a journalist. The couple share two children and lives in a multi-million dollar mansion in Dallas, Texas.

Romo has a net worth of over $110 million and still has an income of over $15 million a year. Over the years, he's endorsed a number of major brand names, including DirecTV, Gatorade, and Pizza Hut. Tony has a collection of luxury cars that are available for his wife to drive whenever she wants, and these include an Audi, a Range Rover, a Ford Mustang, and an American Muscle car worth a total of over $3.5 million.

5 Nicole Williams

nicole williams car
via: pinterest.com/pinterest.com

Nicole Williams is a stunning model who recently tied the knot to the former linebacker for the San Diego Chargers Larry English. Williams landed herself a spot on E!'s WAGS, and the couple's wedding was documented in the Season 3 finale last month. The former athlete popped the question with a $250,000 six-carat diamond ring while the model was vacationing in Thailand with her WAGS co-stars.

English has a net worth of around $3 million, and his new bride undoubtedly earns some income from modeling and starring on reality television, although her exact net worth is unknown. The two live a life of luxury, frequently traveling and spending money on lavish items, which Nicole doesn't seem too shy to boast about on social media.

4 Elizabeth Barry

elizabeth smith car
via: instagram.com/instagram.com

Elizabeth Barry married Alex Smith, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback in 2009. The couple currently has two sons and live in a million-dollar mansion in Kansas City after relocating from San Francisco. Elizabeth was formerly a Raiders cheerleader prior to her relationship with Smith, and the pair met in the Bay Area when he was playing for the San Francisco 49ers.

Smith has a net worth of around $155 million, and although the couple doesn't brag ostentatiously about their belongings on social media, they can definitely afford to have some nice things. Alex is known to have many luxury cars, including a Jaguar, a Ferrari, a Cadillac, an Audi, and an Aston Martin. He was recently reported to have purchased a brand new Lamborghini worth over $500,000.

3 Elisabeth DelPadre

elisabeth hasselbeck car
via: instagram.com/instagram.com

Elisabeth DelPadre Hasselbeck is a well-known television personality and talk show host who has hosted shows like The ViewFox & Friends, and Look For Less. In 2002, she married the former NFL quarterback Tim Hasselbeck. They've been dating since they both attended Boston College.

The retired professional athlete has a net worth of around $12 million, while Elisabeth's is also around $12 million. Tim currently works as an analyst for ESPN after playing seven seasons in the NFL. The successful celebrity couple has two sons and a daughter and has lived in multiple multi-million dollar homes in places like Massachusetts, New York City,  and most recently, Nashville, Tennessee. They live a fairly private life, and not much else is known about their assets.

2 Kia Proctor

kia proctor car
via: instagram.com/instagram.com

Kia Proctor is a former stripper who's been dating the Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton since 2013. Although the two aren't officially married, they share two children together who are named "Chosen" and "Sovereign." Kia also has a daughter from a previous relationship.

Newton has a net worth of over $148 million and earns a yearly salary of around $20 million. Proctor has surely upgraded from her days working as a stripper and frequently boasts about all of the lavish vacations, fancy homes, shiny sports cars, and nice clothes she has access to because of whom she is dating. Cam has quite a few luxury vehicles for Kia to choose from, including a Corvette, a Chevrolet, a Cadillac, an Audi, and a Range Rover.

1 Ashley North

ashley north car
via: instagram.com/instagram.com

Ashley North landed herself a spot on the cast of WAGS when it first started back in 2015. She's been in a long-term relationship with the NFL player, Dashon Goldson, who previously played for the San Francisco 49ers but is currently a free agent.

Ashley and Dashon share two children together, and although she announced their engagement during Season 2 of WAGS, they haven't announced any plans for a wedding as of yet. Dashon has an estimated net worth of around $18 million. He has an impressive collection of expensive cars that Ashley can take out for a spin whenever she pleases, including a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon, a Fisker Karma, a Range Rover, a Rolls-Royce Ghost, a Rolls-Royce Wraith, a Dodge Charger, a Jaguar XJ, and a Mercedes-Benz CL.

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