20 Of The Sweetest Cars Owned By The Rock

One of the perks of being a huge movie star is that you get to drive around in a lot of cool vehicles. The Rock is perhaps the biggest movie star on the entire planet, so of course, he gets to play with the coolest cars out there. He has some awesome cars in his personal collection like a modified F-150, but he has also been able to drive around in even cooler vehicles on the set of TV shows like Ballers and movies like Fast and Furious. He has driven around in multiple Rolls Royces from a Wraith to a Phantom to a Dawn. He has also had the fortune of driving in Paganis, McLarens, and Ferraris.

From Porsche to Bentley, there isn't a luxury manufacturer that is off limits to the Rock.  Despite all these flashy supercars and luxury saloons, the Rock still manages to stay extremely humble in his personal life. He often gives his friends and family members cars as gifts. His charity work also involves cars. He gave away a Mustang to a veteran as part of a Ford charity award, and he took make-a-wish kids on rides in his supercar collection. The Rock often takes pics of himself and these cars and posts them on Instagram. Here's a look at the Rock and 20 cool cars.

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20 Rolls Royce Wraith

via youtube.com

Doesn't one of Hollywood's biggest stars deserve to drive around is what is widely considered the finest and most luxurious automobile in the world? The rock is built like a tank, and so is the Wraith.

It is believed that the Rock can bench press 425 pounds, and that's nearly as impressive as the 624 horsepower that the Wraith is capable of thanks to its monstrous V12 engine.

The Rock has been spotted numerous times around Hollywood and on movie sets driving around in this stunning automobile. the Wraith is surprisingly affordable for a Rolls. Its price tag is about $317,000 according to Car and Driver. The Rock can afford it thanks to those check from Universal and Disney.

19 Ford F-150

via f150online.com

The F-150 is the daily driver for many blue-collar workers. It's the truck of the everyman, but that doesn't mean that the Rock can't drive one. After all, he is a very down-to-earth and humble guy.

The Rock has been spotted driving around in a couple of all black F-150s, and he is clearly fond of aftermarket altercations because his F-150s are instantly recognizable thanks to the lifted suspension. Don't worry, the Rock is a tall guy. He can easily get in and out of the truck despite the raised suspension. This may be one of the most ordinary vehicles in the Rock's collection, but it's still very cool.

18 1971 Chevy Chevelle

via caseycorpier.blogspot.com

This might be one of the finest cars the Rock has ever had the pleasure of driving, and that's saying a lot because, between the Fast and the Furious films and the HBO TV show Ballers, the rock has driven a lot of fabulous cars.

The 1971 Chevy Chevelle is one of the finest muscle cars ever made, and the Rock drove one in the 2010 action film Faster.

Perhaps if the movie was better received the Chevelle would go down in history as an iconic film muscle car along the lines of 1968 Ford Mustang from Bullitt. The Rock is rumored to have this beautiful Chevy in his personal collection.

17 Pagani Huayra

via blog.dupontregistry.com

The Pagani Huayra is one of the most amazing and exotic supercars you will ever see. If you manage to see one in person you would be shocked, but if that Pagani was driven by none other than Hollywood superstar the Rock you would be even more stunned. The Rock drove this stunning exotic car in the hit HBO series Ballers.

Many of the most brilliant supercars that the Rock has the pleasure of driving are because of this TV show. However, it's not as if the Rock hasn't suffered for his craft. According to Carbuzz, the Rock reportedly had a lot of trouble fitting into this low-slung supercar while on the set. After all, he is 6 foot 5. That's probably why he prefers a big truck as his daily driver.

16 McLaren 650S

via motorward.com

The nice paycheck that he gets for his role as retired NFL player turned financial manager Spencer Strasmore on the hit HBO show Ballers isn't the only benefit afforded to the Rock. His role on the show also allows him to drive around in some fantastic sports cars such as the elegant and sexy McLaren 650s. The Rock posed by this beautiful British sports car and then flaunted the pic on Instagram to make his millions of fans jealous.

This car is a beast with 641 hp and 500 lb-ft of torque.

However, we doubt the Rock got a chance to take this car to its top speed.

15 Plymouth Prowler

via zimbio.com

There has never been a car quite like the Plymouth Prowler, and there probably never will be again. It's a bizarre car that could only have been birth in the 90s. It's had a throwback retro look and a strange dragster-like design. Still, it a cool car. The Rock got to drive this hot-rod like sports car while filming the Michael Bay movie Pain and Gain.

The Prowler is perfectly in line with his character. If a roided-out gym rat was suddenly flush with cash in the 90s this is the car he would buy. And that's what happened since the movie was based on a true story.

14 2020 Ford Bronco Concept

via hagerty.com

Every day there's a new fan of the Rock, and every day there's a new fan of the all-new Ford Bronco. Both the Rock and the Ford Bronco have extremely mainstream appeal, and the former professional wrestler seems like the exact kind of guy who would own the new Ford Bronco when it is finally released in 2020 model year. Until then, he will have to make do with the Bronco concept that he drove in the hit blockbuster movie Rampage. We will have to wait and see if the Rock adds one of these multi-purpose vehicles to his massive car collection next year. He very well could.

13 Ferrari LaFerrari

via youtube.com

Here's another beauty that the Rock got to drive thanks to his work on the TV show Ballers. As to be expected, the Rock had a very difficult time fitting his 265 pounds of muscle into this tiny Italian sports car.

There were only 25 of these rare matte white LaFerraris ever made, and the Rock was lucky enough to wedge himself behind the wheel of this beast with 950 hp.

We commend the Rock for going the extra mile and squeezing into this beautiful supercar. However, if you were as big as the Rock you would still give it a go despite the lack of space.

12 Porsche Panamera Mansory

via luxury-insider.com

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson looks really ballin' next to this modified Porsche Panamera Mansory. The rock looks right at home cruising around in this luxury saloon car.

His sharp gray suit and paisley tie match this sexy white luxury car absolutely perfectly.

This is another example of the Rock totally ballin' on Instagram. This was no doubt a very comfortable ride for the Rock, and an easy day on set. This car offers such a relaxing and smooth ride.

11 2017 Ford GT

via autoblog.nl

Being a spokesperson for Ford has a lot of perks. Of course, this is a mutually beneficial partnership between the Rock and Ford. Ford get a huge star to promote its cars and trucks. The Rock, on the other hand, gets a sneak peek at some truly beautiful and amazing cars.

The rock got a first-hand tour of Ford's process when he visited headquarters in Detroit. Lucky for us he posted this cool shot of him with one of America's finest supercars to his Instagram. According to opptrends.com, the Rock said this is one of the most iconic cars ever made. In fact, Ford only made 1000 of these beauties.

10 Lamborghini Huracan

via dupontregistry.com

The Rock was like a very cool version of Santa Claus when he took some make-a-wish kids for a ride in some supercars and sports cars.

One car that he drove the kids around in, was this cool Lamborghini Huracan.

That was a very nice thing for the Rock to do. Plus, it combines two of his favorite things: supercars and charity work. Needless to say, the Rock and the kids both had a great day.

9 Navistar MXT

via Pinterest

This massive off-road vehicle was used by the Rock's character in Fast and Furious 6. This massive machine features a number of useful modifications including a heavy duty front bumper and a heavy duty front winch. this is the perfect machine for taking out bad guys and chasing down criminals is suped-up muscle cars.

This off-roader flattens the competition, just like the Rock. We can't think of a better vehicle for the Rock to drive on screen in a big-budget epic.

8 Ford Edge

via autoevolution.com

The Rock is a really good guy. All the evidence you need is in the amount of cars that he gives away to family and friends.

He has gifted cars to his mom and dad, and he even gave a Ford Edge away to his maid. The Rock loves to give back and thanks those who have helped him reach his stardom.

The Rock's housekeeper helped him out a lot and was almost like a mother to him, so it was nice of him to give her such a cool gift.

7 Mclaren P1

via deccanchronicle.com

This is yet another awesome car that the Rock got to drive on the set of the hit HBO show Ballers. The bright orange sports car is probably a bit too flashy for the Rock to drive day to day.

It's also too small and low to the ground for the massive movie star. However, driving this beauty is one of the benefits of behind a huge movie and TV star. There's probably part of the Rock that wants this car for himself.

6 2018 Ford Mustang

via drivemag.com

The Rock posed with this cool pony car alongside one of America's heroes.

He posted the photo on Instagram, and it turns out that the rock gave the veteran this car as a gift. "This is just a small, small way of us showing our gratitude and saying thank you to Marlene, said the Rock before he presented the veterans with the Mustang.

The Rock presented Marlene with the Ford for the work she did with her charity foundation.

5 Lexus RX

via celebritycarsblog.com

This luxury SUV was a gift from the rock to his special cousin. The Rock loves to show his family that he loves them by buying them all sorts of vehicles. He has bought a car for just about everyone in his family, and he has given cars as gifts to many of his friends, too.

“Just surprised my cousin Sarona with an SUV. Amazing woman. Heart of gold, " he wrote on Instagram. what a nice thing for the Rock to do for his cousin.

4 Range Rover

via cartoq

It may not be as flashy as some of the amazing supercars that the Rock has driven on HBO's Ballers, but this is still a very impressive vehicle.

The Range Rover is a classic, and we can easily see the Rock driving this SUV in real life, too.

The Rock looks really cool standing next to this Range Rover in a flashy suit. At least this is one vehicle that he can fit into. That's always a good thing.

3 Pontiac Fiero

via westcoastfieros.com

Here's a throwback to the 80s. The Rock drove around with Marky Mark this red retro sports car in Michael Bay's true crime film Pain and Gain. The movie may have been a joke, and quite possibly a total embarrassment, but this car is anything but. It's a cool throwback and the Rock looked right at home when he got inside this cool sports car. However, it was still a tight fit. The Rock was still more comfortable in this than some of the supercars he has driven in.

2 Ford Explorer

via speedvegas.com

This Ford Explorer was a gift from the Rock to his to dad. The Rock surprised his dad with a comfortable and dependable Ford Explorer. This was a very nice Christmas present that the Rock got for his dad. He even put a bow on it an everything. His father sure was surprised to get such a nice gift from this son. “My dad, Rocky Johnson, is a minimalist. Always has been. Never asks me for much and over the years his needs are always the barest," Dwayne Johnson wrote on Instagram.

The Rock wouldn't be much of a son if he only gave a car to his dad and not one to his mom. The Rock surprised his mom with a cool Cadillac. He couldn't remember what her favorite color was, so he got her a white one.

She didn't complain even though her favorite color was actually red. His mom actually got hit by a drunk driver a short while later while she was driving the Cadillac, and after she recovered he bought her another Cadillac. This time it was a red one.

1 Ferrari 458 Italia

via thecoolestcar.com

Here's yet another Ferrari that the Rock can't fit into. It's a very sad story, and we do feel very sorry for him. Still, not being able to fit into your amazing Italian supercar is a great problem to have.

The rock is looking very stylish next to this amazing car, but we can't help but think he would look even cooler if he could fit into this Ferrari. Maybe one day Ferrari will make a car big enough for the Rock, but not likely.

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