20 Of The Weirdest Ways People Tried Repairing Their Cars

When people become their own mechanic and fail, this is what you get...

The question of whether you should get a new car or continue spending hundreds of dollars on the beloved yet old car of yours is difficult. Even the routine maintenance cost is, well, routinely, going over your budget. The mechanic keeps pointing out faults in the car that you better get fixed. That’s a few more hundred dollars. You start wondering what to do. Should you continue with repairs of the full-of-memory yet aging car, or should you consider saving some more money and invest in a nice second-hand or even brand-new car?

The answer is contingent on your personal situation, of course, after the math part. If you've fully paid off the car, then it becomes difficult to let it go unless you’re spending a decent sum on maintenance twice or thrice a year. Because all you have to do with a paid-off car is pay for insurance, gas, and the maintenance cost. If the last one of those is high, maybe a new car is worth the investment. But if you’re still making monthly payments, it’s a good idea to not trade in for another car. You lose the money you already paid and will lose some on the breaking-every-once-in-a-while car itself.

Best solution? Start doing your own car work. Some simple things, like oil changes, filter, and spark plug changes can be done at home. I think these 20 images took that idea a little too far, but I must admit that some are purely clever also.

20 Band-Aids

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What do you do when you have minor bleeding? You put on a band-aid. If only it were that simple with cars, but this driver thought it could fly. It looks like a car from the ‘90s or so and seems to be in a tough condition. There are many possibilities of how this happened. The driver got T-boned, the driver crashed into someone and then rotated, getting hit by another structure, and so on. While we can’t blame anyone about all that, we can, however, wonder why someone would put a blown-up band-aid over the dent. It’s not even your adhesive band-aid that you can find and stick to your car. It looks like a piece of cardboard that had some holes drilled, a cardboard that has to be strapped. I like the touch of the blood, though.

19 Knob

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This is rather ingenious if you ask me. If you’re short on time and/or short on money, what’s a better way of fixing this if the control knob decides to favor dissolution? If you’re a true car enthusiast, you'd be able to tell more about the car. Any guesses before I divulge the details? It’s a 1993 Camaro Z28. However, the dashboard is also very similar to the one present in the 1994 Pontiac Grand Am. The fix looks solid, though, and I, personally, would be hard-pressed to find a better solution. Although now that I’m thinking about it, you could add just a touch of nail polish on the knob to indicate your current setting. But otherwise, this looks like a solid option.

18 Loose Pant?

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What do you do when your exhaust bracket falls off? You let the muffler drag. Or you put a belt around it, which acts like a bracket. Alternatively—and perhaps more efficiently—a hanger might be considered, too, and I think the concept of holding it up with a coat hanger has been around for a while longer than the belt concept. The belt concept isn't bad either, although it’s a bit more expensive. While I can’t be 100 percent sure, it’s possible that the belt holding the muffler is leather-built. Can you believe that!?! A leather belt that’s holding the muffler? I’m just hoping it wasn’t his only belt. Imagine having to drive with pants that won’t stay on! Although it’s ridiculous, it’s doable.

17 Home Window

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When your window breaks, what’s better than a Do It Yourself, huh? It’s simple. You take a window frame from your house—it doesn’t have to be the exact size or anything like that, as precision isn't the key—and you place it where a window's supposed to be. As far as the rest is concerned, just seal the deal with caulk or expanding foam. Don’t worry if it falls, because if it were to fall, it would probably land inside due to the behemoth force created by the wind pushing on the window from the outside. This is a ridiculous idea, and unfortunately, it’s not doable—unless I’m underestimating the strength of the caulk or foam. Although from the picture, it could be something else also. Good luck lowering that window.

16 Rolling Without Tires

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This is as close as you can get to low-profile tires at home without spending any kind of money. Low-profile tires are picking up the pace now. You see them in a lot of places and vehicles. These are the type of tires that look slick, and you wonder why your tires seem fatter. The side-walls of the low-profile tires are skinnier, which give your car a sporty look. And that’s, in fact, the general use of these tires—to give the impression that your car can handle anything. It looks particularly good in a big vehicle, such as an SUV. Even better if that SUV is an Audi. All my disposition asides, the low-profile tires are meant to give you an edge when cornering at high speeds.

15 What's The Problem?

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I don’t know about you, but when I first looked at this image, I thought something was wrong with the rim. The rim stuck out to me, so I thought something was up with the chopstick-like structures of the rim. No, the awesome ridiculousness lies in the exterior of the car. It’s fully wrapped in duct tape. Duct tape is world-famous for its usage on the planet. Even in space, actually. There was an incident in 1970 when the carbon dioxide filters of Apollo 13 stopped responding to mechanical commands, so astronauts found a solution in space with duct tape, the ground crew providing help by relaying instructions. Three lives were saved because of the duct tape that day. If the work was done a bit more professionally, you wouldn’t be able to tell the duct tape from afar.

14 Doritos

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This was seen in a parking lot of a Walmart. Overall, I think it’s a clever thought. You might wonder why they didn't cover it completely with duct tape. The reason has to do with the red color of the Dorito bag. I think it’s required by the law that the taillight be red, even for things temporarily holding the place of the taillight.

One of the members of the Reddit community commented how he got pulled over for having repaired his broken tail light with clear tape.

The officer told him to replace it with red tape. So that’s why this is a solid solution. Now, I’m not sure how well Dorito bags reflect the red color, but I guess that the driver at least followed the law.

13 Hooks

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While this fix would hold the driver in the seat for most of the drive, it wouldn’t be handy if he got involved in an accident. That’s a time when you truly need your seatbelt. There’s a good possibility the anchor could untie if the entire car faced an upward force, much like that experienced momentarily after going through a bump. And if it gets into a collision, who knows how many times the car would bump causing the contraption to untie smoothly, or worse yet, break due to the unbearable tensile strength? And then the driver would be all over the place, sustaining various types of injuries on various body parts. It’s not the best contraption for when actually needed. Good idea, though—perhaps he could consider making it more secure.

12 Car Staples

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This is essentially the car equivalent of paper staples and surgical staples. It looks a lot more like surgical staples, though, due to the proximity and number of staple-like structures holding parts of the plastic door panel. It’s a good effort and looks like the owner had to drill some holes to succeed in this endeavor. Not sure how fruitful this was, as it seems the owner would still have some adhesive residue left as seen on the left side. Of course, taking it to the mechanic is always an option. Should that prove expensive, however, a look at the local junkyard for a panel that matches the make and model of the car might've been worth the while. It’s not as innovative as some of the others on the list.

11 Pink Drink

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This one's similar to the Doritos taillight, except the car looks substantially more damaged. The trunk seems to have split in half, and the rear bumper looks like it’s in terrible shape—the entire car looks like it’s in dire need of a repair. It would make sense if the owner drove the car to the mechanic’s place, or what’s the need for the contraption if it was going to get a ride on a towing vehicle? Just imagine the rise in the insurance premium, though. One study found that after a single claim of $2,000 or more, the insurance goes up by 41 percent. And if you keep being a bad driver and make two claims in a year, you can expect to pay nearly twice the amount of your regular premium. Yikes.

10 Really? That’s Supposed To Be A Window?

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Unlike the other window repair on the list, this one was executed poorly. No effort was spent on the general plan, let alone the details. Once this thing gets moving on the road, that flimsy plastic sheet has a high likelihood of landing turbulently on another’s windshield. It’s not going to damage anyone’s car or anything like that, just that it would probably raise one’s blood-sugar levels if it happened to land on another driving vehicle. I’m not even sure what the purpose of this is. Even if the owner had no intention of driving it like this, the repair isn’t doing anything for the car. Anyone and anything—including rain—can access the interior. So why have it in the first place? Just to gain fame?

9 Missing Barn Rood?

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The passenger door of the car is either missing or dented—dented so severely that it going missing would've been the desirable option in this scenario. The tin is a rather reasonable solution, but I can’t figure out how it stays attached to the car. Glue would be too infirm to do the job. Maybe it’s being held by the monstrous strength of duct tape? The car looks old, so it’s not like the owner is going to be worried about damage to the remaining good parts of the car. Depending on how well the apparatus is held, driving it on the highway might be a feasible task—a risky but feasible task. The best bet might've been selling it for however much money it could earn and then investing in another car.

8 Headlamp

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As long as all of these flashlights are held tightly, this might just be one of the best unreasonable car repairs. I’m not sure what the luminous intensity of a regular car’s headlight is, but some powerful flashlights should be able to accommodate short-term needs. The orange one’s angled poorly, but other drivers would be able to spot you driving in the night—though they might get spooked out by a car with a moving-in-all-directions headlamp. I guess it’s better than cars with a fused headlamp that you often see on highways. This way, you know it’s not a motorcycle, at least. Though bulbs don’t cost that much, it’s repair of the exterior of the headlamp that would cost some more money. Overall, though, this is an exceptional short-term solution.

7 Cupholder

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This isn't as much of a repair as it is a seemingly innovative idea. What do you do when your car doesn’t have a cupholder? Or more likely, when your cupholder is broken? That’s when you get a roll of tape and tape the roll of the tape itself. And then you use the roll to hold the containers of your beverages. It’s a good idea until you realize the drink is going to bounce around with each change in momentum of the car. And if the cup is completely filled, good luck avoiding a spill. One possible solution would've been to tape the roll to the dashboard also, so the roll remains stable and stuck to the dashboard. Alternatively, try containers with caps. Good try, though.

6 Need Some Gas?

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This is quite brilliant, depending on where you live. On second thought, scratch that. No gasoline pump is going to be small enough to fit through the flimsy hole of the CD. This fuel-tank structure reminds me of the new Camaro SS—not the CD part but the hole part. In the Camaro SS, after opening the tank lid, you just shove the gas hose into the docile hole. Take it out, and the orifice reverts to its original structure, obviating the need for a cap. You can’t lose your fuel cap in the new Camaro. The CD cap isn't strong at all, held only by a few pieces of office tape. I think this was a worthy ridiculous idea and could've gained more popularity and usability had it been properly executed.

5 Hand Wipers!

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This might just be useful. No, for real. My car doesn't even have a wiper in the rear. Now, I'm a decent driver, so I don't get into accidents, but besides that, it's a struggle to get that thin layer of snow or water droplets that join forces but don't fly off the windshield while driving. This car looks old—you could tell that just by the design. And if license plates are any indicator, it looks like it's from a European country. The glove is a nice touch to the wiper, as I'm sure the wiper is far away from functioning at its full capacity... To be honest, the car itself is probably not at its best—just look at the dust. But the glove does seem to cover enough area of the rear windshield.

4 Door Lock

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At a glance, it looks stupid; however, there's probably a good reason for having the latch. If you look closely, it looks like the door handle is broken, and that could potentially damage the ability of the door to stay shut. So what do you do? You put on a latch. That way, you could at least drive without having to fear the door opening in the middle of the road. Were that to happen, you would probably need to get the entire door fixed—unless you come up with some crazy fix, though, then don’t be surprised to find it on someone else's list of "Ridiculous Repairs." If you had a moment of brain fog regarding how the driver would get out, just take a second, and you'll get the answer (open the driver window).

3 2D Headlamp

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I think this one defeats the other one with the flashlight for headlamps. At least that one was useful—you had some light despite it not being as intense as desired. But this one—this one took matters to another level. The picture looks unstable, too, so I’m not sure how much “light” it would provide after it fell off the car. And that brings me to my second point. The car isn't in the best of conditions. The picture was probably just meant to be funny. If you look at it long enough, it starts looking like an orb from the video game Devil May Cry. Good try with the 2D, but a 3D design might've been a more suitable option. Look longer, and you can perceive it whatever way you want.

2 Get The Folding Chair

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Here we go with another safety hazard. The entire driver seat is missing. I’m not sure how that even happens. It’s not like you could've taken it off in the back of your garage. And even if you could, why would you do that? I feel like this one was more of a picture taken by some guy working on repairing the car rather than some individual driving it, although if you come to think of it, it’s not an unimaginable task. The US is a big place; there are so many regional variations that it’s difficult to say this couldn’t exist in some rural part of Wyoming or Kansas. Sure, this contraption is probably not going to fly in a non-rural area without the driver being ticketed and more within minutes, but it could work in some town with a population of a whopping 30 people.

1 Need Wheels?

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Coming up at number one is “Things you would only see in South Philly” for $1,000. Even if the car was being hauled only a few feet away, the owner had a lot to worry about. No matter how light the car is, there's a good chance of breaking the skateboard-like structure. The worst part is, if it gets into the slightest unforgiving stretch of road (such as a stretch with potholes), then the small wheels of the roller won’t be able to make it through. Judging by the traffic light and the congested surrounding houses, it looks like the incident is happening in a city. So, it shouldn’t take that long for a cop to be just passing by. The only thing the owner potentially saved was the cost of towing.

Source: justsomething.co

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