20 Off-Roading Mistakes Caught On Camera

The roots of the off-road vehicles date back to the early 1900s, when the inventor Adolphe Kegresse started to develop the first known off-road cars. They were based on caterpillar-style tracks that could also be easily adapted to normal cars or trucks. His first invention was called the "half-track," and it was basically a modified civilian military vehicle with regular front wheels and tires and a rear continual tracking system. The result was a vehicle with the easy handling of an automobile and a tank’s off-road capability. The inventor has made more than one vehicle like this for the 1911 Tsar of Russia’s motorcade, according to HammerHead. The system that included the flexible belted tracks implemented by Adolphe is now known as the "Kegresse Track," and it was a lot different from the standard one, the metal interlocked belting system.

Off-road tire technology has evolved through the years, and the vehicles prepared for off-road didn't need to have tracks anymore. The beginning of the off-road trend in the US was the well-known military Jeep used in World War II. Nowadays, off-road enthusiasts have a lot of special gear to choose from and to modify their vehicles with, beginning with performance tires and suspension, special headlights, taillights, LED bars along with front and rear bumpers, and more. However, this list is only about off-road fails and people who don't know how to drive a car in rough road conditions.

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20 A Land Rover Left on One Side

via youtube.com

Off-roading adventures aren't for everyone. Some people believe that if they own an SUV, like the Land Rover from the picture, they can do anything and everything, even go off-road. The owner chose to upgrade his car with a snorkel and a set of off-road tires, but that was all. The rest was left for fate to decide. So, he started to descend a cliff, but without having too much experience or no experience at all, what followed was obvious. The car fell on the right side, without any possibility to get back on its wheels without professional help. Being a big and heavy car without any special off-road suspension, the Land Rover was unable to perform what the owner wanted it to, so it said, “No! I will rest now! I won’t go any further than this.” Such an off-road path should be taken with caution, experience, and patience. To make it all the way down, the driver should know exactly how to start and what to do, but this person simply wanted to see how it would end without any previous plan. Maybe he was afraid, and he did something wrong because of this.

19 Mud-Sunken Toyota

via youtube.com

This is an off-road experience gone wrong. It seems to be a competition car, based on the “101” stickers from the door and the windshield, and maybe it was caught in the mud during a race. Even if the car was prepared for this kind of sport with a snorkel and maybe a set of special tires with great suspension, these wouldn't help too much in this kind of mud.

The driver didn't calculate the depth of this mud pool, or maybe he already knew, but he entered it anyway just to get stuck.

Some places cannot be conquered, not even with a special vehicle. Mud pools can be tricky, and the best way to deal with them would be to choose a smaller one from the beginning. In this situation, the car wouldn't be easy to set free but not impossible. Another car with a winch and a driver who knows what to do in such circumstances would get this car out eventually. One can be sure that the driver of this Toyota wouldn't commit the same mistake again; he would think twice before entering a mud pool. The off-road adventures aren't based only on muddy terrain.

18 This Porsche Cayenne Takes a Bath

via biser3a.com

The owner of this Porsche Cayenne wanted to try out a new experience because he got bored driving his car on the roads. Maybe he simply wanted to impress his friends and show them what his car could do, but he failed in a stupid way. A Porsche Cayenne is known to be a street car and not an off-road one, according to Biser3a. This driver should've known this before trying to get through mud.

The car wasn't even equipped with a set of special off-road tires or something to help it get through this challenge.

The driver risked everything to cross that river, and he ended up stuck in the mud before even reaching the water. In this picture, one can see that the front bumper is half muddy already, and half of the left front wheel is deep in the dirt with no possibility to get out without any help from the outside. The ground clearance of this car isn't quite what an off-road trip advisor would suggest, so it would've never crossed that river even if it hadn't gotten stuck in the first place. A few bumps or holes wouldn't be a problem for a Cayenne, but a river truly is.

17 A Toyota That Was Stuck in the Sand

via transpress.nz

Some people should know that even if a car is described as an “off-road prepared” one, it doesn't mean that it can be driven anywhere. The owner of this Toyota thought that his car was perfectly suited for a drive in the sand, so he remained stuck on a dune. Judging by the mess on the car, he surely tried to get down from there, but he had no success. There's also a shovel in the picture, so he surely tried to dig his way through, but again, he didn't solve the problem. The main problem could be the set of tires that aren't the best choice for adventures in the sand. Another reason for this would be the driver who doesn't have the experience needed in these off-road conditions. Maybe he pushed too much on the acceleration pedal, or maybe he didn't push it when it was needed. What's certain is the fact that as soon as the car’s chassis reached the dune, the engine and the wheels didn't have the possibility to get the car down from there or at least move it a little. This could've been simply some bad luck.

16 Mitsubishi Standing in the Sun

via transpress.nz

This Mitsubishi wanted to dive in the sand for a bath or a simple drive on the beach, but it didn't get too far. In the picture, one can see that the driver tried to get out backward, but the car insisted on getting its wheels completely in the sand. The owner tied the winch wire to something that cannot be seen in the picture to try to save the huge fail, and probably, he succeeded, but no one knows how exactly. However, the sand, as well as the mud, can be tricky, and if the car isn't prepared to go off-road through the sand, it won't get the job done. As it seems, the tires aren't desert suited, so this would be one reason why it wasn't able to move forward, not even an inch more. There's a reason why this sport called "off-road" is divided into more types: forest, desert, hill climbing, mud etc.. Each type requires its own special upgrades, and once the owner modifies his car for mud, for example, the car won't perform the same way in the desert. These upgrades were probably chosen for another type of off-road trip.

15 Trying to See How Deep the Lake Is

via powernationtv.com

This epic off-road fail is one of the greatest. This car tried to take a bath in the lake, but it didn't succeed, so the owner called a tow truck to help him get out from the water. The embarrassing fact is that the same tow truck that should've offered assistance screwed it up, and the pickup ended up back in the water in the same position as before. There was also a lot of damage done to the vehicle.

The actual fact is that, in the beginning, the truck failed to perform like an off-roader should and crashed in a pond, according to PowerNationTV.

When he called for help, a tow truck appeared and tried to solve the situation, but after approximately 30 minutes of hard work, everything went in reverse, and the car went back into the pond. It's guessed that a cable snapped or something like this, and there it went! Double fail! One reason for this was that the driver didn't know how to drive on an off-road trail, and the second is that the tow-truck driver didn't get the job done properly. The owner of the pickup was surely ruined after this adventure, and he won’t do it again anytime soon.

14 Ford Truck Off-Road Fail

via pinterest.com

Here's an interesting story. According to Vixert, those people who choose to modify their cars for off-road experiences would clearly push them to their limits to see how they would react and what they could do in different situations. Obviously, at some point, the driver could end up pushing the vehicle too far and doing something wrong just to impress the audience. The Ford pickup truck in the picture had exactly the same fate as described above. The driver pushed it more than it could handle when he descended that cliff (there's also a video with the whole scene), and the vehicle stopped in a higher portion of the ground at the end of the cliff without being able to go further. This was because the driver didn't know that a car also has brakes and that it can also go slower, especially in such circumstances. The owner could've managed the descent in a different way, and in the end, he would've done a better job without any damage being done to the vehicle or to his self-esteem. By using the engine brake, the car wouldn't have gained too much speed, so it could've arrived safely at the end of the cliff.

13 This Jeep Doesn't Want to Climb

via tofsday.tk

This guy has definitely seen that “pothole” as smaller than it actually was. With his normal Jeep that didn't have any off-road upgrades done to it, he decided to try to conquer the road. However, he didn't take into consideration the fact that a car without a modified suspension won't respond or perform in the same way as an off-road-prepared one. What followed was obvious from the beginning. The car fell on the left side, with two wheels in the air and no possibility to come back. One can see in this picture that there were also passengers in the vehicle, and at least one of them got out, starting to push it. Seeing the left front wheel steered like that, one can see that the driver was trying to perform a balancing act, the exact same one that's needed when there's a lot of snow on the street and the car gets stuck. While the car was pushed/balanced from behind, the driver hoped that the front wheel would get some grip and that the car would eventually move. An experienced off-road driver with an upgraded off-road vehicle would be able to perform that stunt, but this wasn't the case.

12 This Dodge Ram Doesn't Like the Mud

via americaloveshorsepower.com

This Dodge Ram pickup truck is perfectly upgraded for this off-road mud adventure, but unfortunately, the driver performed an epic mud-bogging fail. According to the America Loves Horsepower website, Well Shaun, the owner of this Dodge, wanted to test his newly modified ride by crossing the Crazy 8 at the River Run Park near Jacksonville, Texas. He chose to mount a 2.5-ton Rockwell and a set of tractor tires to transform his 2005 Dodge Ram into a mud-bogging vehicle, and he would've succeeded in passing through the Crazy 8 if there were no gravity at all.

The truck ended up being too heavy because of the generator, a full toolbox, and the onboard fuel cell.

When the car got to the middle of the muddy puddle, the wheels started to spin blankly, and it started to sink, also being filled with water in the process. Even if the driver had tried to make use of the huge tractor tires to get back into motion, they didn't help him at all. After a few unsuccessful attempts to get the truck out from the water, two trucks linked in a line were able to get the job done eventually. This was quite a fail.

11 A Suzuki SJ410 That Likes to Stand on One Side

via star2.com

The Bau district is located a distance of 40 km from Kuching, Malaysia, according to Star2. In the past, the miners who were looking for gold in Bau had carved an enormous pit and when they finished digging, a huge hole remained over there. In time, the pit was filled with water and became a man-made lake called "Tasik Birum." The lake offers a perfect location for the Tasik Biru 4x4 Carnival where local young people compete in different sporting activities. The most used vehicle in this competition is the Suzuki SJ410, like the one in the picture, but the modifications and adjustments made to each one of them are very far from the original ones. The axles and the gearboxes are borrowed from Toyota Land Cruisers, the suspensions systems are completely upgraded, and the engines receive a complete change based on the high-powered turbocharged units. However, this Suzuki in the picture wasn't able to make the owner proud of its capabilities, or maybe the owner didn't make any effort to keep it on all four wheels. The muddy terrain in the picture requires a certain type of handling if the driver wants to keep the car on the track, but this one failed.

10 A Lada Niva Fails to Get Through the Mud

via bet-prognox.info

The Lada Niva from the picture ended up outside the route and with one wheel in a puddle. The muddy terrain made the driver lose control of the steering wheel and the car, obviously, and made him get on the wheels of his vehicle into the water. Even if it's possible to get the car out from there and back on track, it's not too easy, especially considering that everything around it is muddy and sticky. This is an interesting fail, considering how it happened. A person who participates in mud off-road competitions (one can see the number on the rear right window of the car that means it was competing when this happened) should obey the rules and should know what to do and how to react in certain situations. Apparently, this guy didn't know or understand, and he ended up with the car in the ditch. In a competition, everything counts, from the way the driver handles the vehicle and the route to the way he manages to solve different problems that can appear. No one was born with a lot of knowledge, but many believe the opposite and act as such. Eventually, the car will be towed out and back in the mud.

9 The Jeep Wrangler that Got Stuck in the Mud

via fourwheeler.com

This 1999 Jeep Wrangler failed to get through the mud in the 2010 Ultimate Adventure competition sponsored by Hi-Lift Jack, according to FourWheeler. The vehicle had a 4.0-liter engine, a stock 3-speed automatic transmission, and an Atlas II transfer case. The front axle modifications included a Lock-Right locker, RCV shafts, a Dana 30, and 4.56 gears, while the rear axle received chrome-moly shafts, a Dana 44, an Auburn E-Locker, and 4.56 gears. The suspension of the vehicle was upgraded with a custom long-arm rear, heavy-duty front control arms, and a Gen-Right stretch kit, while the chosen rims were a set of 17x8 Allied Monster beadlocks with Goodyear MT/R 37x12.50R17 tires. Other mods made to the car include LOD front and rear bumpers, a Warn XD9000 winch, a Power Tank, a Currie Anti-Rock front sway bar, and a Gen-Right roll cage.

Even if the car was fully prepared and upgraded for this off-road challenge, the driver had some problems maintaining it on the route.

The vehicle, driven by two guys from the Hi-Lift crew, Austin Harrah and the co-driver Robbie Hostetter, had fallen on the right side (a "side flop" in off-road terms). However, the experience of the drivers helped them get it back on course fast.

8 The Invincible Ford Raptor Has Failed

via legendarylist.com

The Ford Raptor is known to be invincible in any off-road challenge it competes in, but this picture and the video from which it was taken offer a different point of view. The driver seemed confident that the vehicle would be just fine in that muddy water, so he got the car in. Right in the middle of the pit of mud, the pickup truck got stuck and wouldn’t move further. According to LegendaryList, it seems that the engine of the beast was probably a V6 EcoBoost unit that couldn't get the job done. This Ford F-150 SVT Raptor needed to be towed out from the water because there was no chance for it to make it on its own. Even if the driver had been the champion of mud-bogging off-road contests, this vehicle wouldn't have helped him too much in these circumstances. It's a heavy pickup truck that should receive an engine upgrade if it needed to compete in a muddy off-road challenge. Ford created it for heavy-duty loading and to carry really heavy stuff, but it's not so indestructible on an off-road route that includes some mud and some water. It's quite a fail.

7 Toyota Land Cruiser Fail

via autoevolution.com

According to AutoEvolution, Toyota Land Cruiser is known to be an off-road legend. In the past, this Japanese SUV was a very reliable vehicle because it was so rudimentarily built. Its endurance and toughness were very well known, and it took a very long time for it to break or show any sign of weakness. The vehicle in the picture has received the usual off-roading modifications, and this made it a perfectly capable rock-climbing SUV. The upgrades consist of a set of new axles and giant off-road tires, a heavy-duty bumper, a lift kit especially mounted to accommodate the wheels and the axles, an electric winch, and a snorkel, just to be sure.

The story behind the picture states that the driver of the Land Cruiser chose “The Gate Keeper” trail during his perfect off-roading day.

The position and the shape of the rocks made this climb very difficult, and if one of the wheels of the car would slip, the car would remain stuck without any easy possibility to get out. The driver insisted that he could do this, but he obviously failed. The car almost ended up on one side, and the damage included those on the engine hood, the entire right side of the vehicle, one headlight, and maybe more.

6 A Nissan That Doesn't Get the Job Done

via pinterest.com

Imagine a perfect day for an off-road trip into the woods. Take a few cars with suspension kits and special off-road tires, and mix them with a group of off-road enthusiasts; the result is the best trip ever. But there can also be tough and bad parts over there. Here's one of them: this Nissan performed a side flop, and the damage wasn't so cool. There's a video on Youtube that offers one side of the story. The vehicle was already on the left side when three guys started to tie the winch of another car to the Nissan’s front axle to bring it back on its four wheels. After they succeed in this operation, the damaged parts of the Nissan can be seen perfectly: the left front fender and the over fender, the front windshield, the roof, the hood, the rear left window from the trunk, and the rear fender. Fortunately, the wheels are still okay and ready to take the car to the next part of the adventure, possibly to the next side flop. The video doesn't show how the car got where it is the photo, but the driver’s lack of experience definitely had something to do with it.

5 A Toyota Fights With the Mud

via americaloveshorsepower.com

This is one off-road trip that went from bad to worse in a few minutes. Aussies Jase and Simon started an adventure on the Australian coastline with their custom Nissan pickup trucks, according to the America Loves Horsepower website. They wanted to find a new fishing area, but in order to do that, they needed to cross a muddy river at low tide. In the beginning, they believed that the Nissan pickup truck could handle the muddy river bed if all four wheels were spinning, but the tires of the car weren't prepared for that type of soil, and the water was deeper than expected, so the car failed to move forward and got stuck in the muddy terrain. As one car was unable to move, the other one got the winch prepared for the rescue. Unfortunately, while Jase and Simon were struggling to get the Nissan out of the mud, the tide was rising quickly, so they panicked. Trying to pull the stuck vehicle from the mud, the other Nissan ended up on its right side in a few seconds. Double fail this time, but in the end, after concerted efforts, they managed to get both vehicles running again, fortunately.

4 A Ford Excursion Should Only Stay On Road, Not Off-Road

via youtube.com

This Ford Excursion isn't an off-road car. It has no front bumper, no suspension kit for an off-road adventure, no special tires, and no experienced driver. Where there's no check on the list, there shouldn't be an off-road trip because things like this usually happen. This vehicle was driven right on a muddy path with already formed tracks filled with muddy water.

Once the tires got into that nasty liquid, the car wasn't able to move forward or backward anymore.

All that the driver did in this video from YouTube was push the acceleration pedal and hope that it would do the trick, but it didn’t, obviously. At the end of the video, the car is still in that muddy pool, but it sank more because the wheels managed to dig into the mud while the car accelerated. The driver is the only one to blame for this epic fail. He didn't have the experience nor the car necessary for this kind of sport. These people were also alone over there, and this is another mistake. Never go on off-road adventures alone because someone should be there to pull out the other if it gets stuck.

3 A Ford F-150 That Doesn't Know Its Limits

via ford-trucks.com

According to the Ford Trucks website, the driver of this Ford F-150 from the picture didn't read the full manual for an off-road trip. One tip from this manual says that before entering a mud pool, one should always check the depth of it. Most of the time, people underestimate the depth of a “little” puddle, and they get stuck before even starting to cross it. This is what happened over here. The driver found out that his pickup truck wasn't able to float like a boat. Joe Coron, the man who took the video from which this picture was taken, intended to offer a “not to do” example for those off-road beginners without any experience in that field. In those 8 seconds of the video, the Ford pickup truck sped up towards the mud puddle and practically dove into it from the beginning because it was very deep. There's nothing more to save over there; the car basically sunk in the water, and the damage was really bad. The water definitely got to the engine and inside the truck, so everything probably had to be repaired after this stunt. This is an epic fail worthy of being watched and understood but never copied.

2 Crazy Russian 4x4

via youtube.com

These people just want to have fun, and they don't care about the car at all. They entered a not-so-deep lake and enjoyed driving through it until they reached a shore that wasn't so welcoming after all. There was a hole right before the shore, and the car simply fell into it without being able to climb back on the ground.

The driver tried to go back into the lake and attack the problem in a different way, but the mud on the shore didn't offer him the needed traction for the tires.

The third try seemed more likely to be successful because the car eventually climbed onto the ground, but the driver failed in a stupid way when he forgot about that hole and the muddy terrain. The wheels started to slide on the mud, and the car ended up on its right side and in the same hole that the driver had just climbed out of. The people on the back of the car ended up in the water, and the fun was truly over because the vehicle wasn't able to be driven anymore. Watch out for fails like these.

1 An Almost Destroyed Ford F-250

via thedrive.com

The beginners in the art of off-roading should be very careful on their first attempts to go on such adventures. The driver of this Ford F-250 found himself in a difficult situation from the beginning of the video because he caught a muddy edge while he was driving through an off-road park, according to The Drive. One of his big mistakes was that he mounted a set of low-profile tires instead of some proper off-road ones. In the video, there are also a few people who start shouting to the driver to hit the throttle and solve the situation, but he first tries to go in reverse, but he got the steering wheel wrong and hit a tree with the right side of the car. Still trying to continue the stunt and save his shame, he chose to descend the cliff, scratching the car pretty badly because he couldn't move away from the tree because he would've fallen. The way he manages this descent is also wrong. He simply ends up almost on the right side with the wheels stuck in the mud. Finally succeeding in setting the vehicle free, he continued to fail until the end of the video. This should be an example for everyone. True fail.

Sources: powernationtv.com; fourwheeler.com; autoevolution.com

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