20 Parking Jobs That Seriously Missed The Mark

Remember the time you went to get your driver's license? Two words probably put the fear of God in you: parallel parking. And we all made mistakes because the instructor made us nervous. You may have gotten over your fear of parking, but some people never do. In fact, they progressively get worse at it and end up in hilarious parking fails. Of course, it’s funny only as long as they haven’t damaged others' cars or property in the process!

We’ve compiled some hilarious parking fails for you containing situations where we clearly don’t know what the driver was on or how high he or she was. In fact, we're thinking there should be a PUI offense as well–parking under the influence. These people have not only managed to completely trash their own rides but also damaged the other ably-parked cars around them in spectacular ways. Of course, it does happen to best of us–a fender bender with the parking meter or a forgotten handbrake that results in a getaway car! But you have to be on a different plane altogether to be able to commit such blasphemy in the name of parking. There are cars on top of cars, blocking other cars, and parking so haphazard that we cannot even begin to understand what happened in the parking lot. And then, there are those drivers who erred not due to a lack of depth perception or even driving skill but more because of the fact that they were inconsiderate. Here are 20 parking fails for you to laugh at, shake your head at, and promise never to be a part of:

20 The Richmond Fail That Damaged Three Cars

Via facebook.com

According to Huffington Post, one really daft parking fail happened at the Richmond Centre Mall parking lot on November 9, 2013. A Twitter user shared the photo of the badly stuck Lexus SUV that had tried to pull in between a Honda sedan and a Hyundai SUV in style but ended up damaging not just his car but also those of others. We can just imagine the rigmarole that followed this clearly unskilled parking with the owners of the Honda and the Hyundai wanting to take him to the cleaners. Other than the damage to his own Lexus and the settlement he must've had to pay to the other two owners, we’re guessing this guy (or gal) must still be embarrassed. Hopefully, the law issued him a ticket as well, considering this isn't the type of parking someone sober or sane would do. The photo stirred up a conversation on Reddit as well with a user writing in, "As someone who's grown up here and seen how it is across the country, take it from me... Y'all need to start handing out more tickets." Looking at the sheer insanity of this parking, we have to agree!

19 Not Damaging But Very, Very Irritating

Via reddit.com

When there are slanted parking lines clearly demarcating your parking space on a street, it’s a wonder why someone would park their car like this, without a care in the world. Depending on the state you're talking about, this could be an Alaskan license plate. It could also be an Ohio license plate where the yellow license plates are issued to people who've been cited for drunk driving but need their vehicle to commute to work. Then again, it could be a government vehicle, and if the government itself cannot mind its parking, how does it expect its resident to do the same? Owning a car is a privilege, so parking right automatically becomes a responsibility, and there shouldn’t be any free lunches regarding the same.

Since the parking lines are clearly demarcated to show that the vehicle has to be parked at an angle, the driver of this vehicle isn't just disregarding basic rules and the law but also showing that he has no civic sense.

The only time something like this can be pardoned is if the poor guy was facing some sort of an emergency and parked helter-skelter since he was in a mad rush.

18 I Can’t Park

Via faildrive.com

We simply cannot figure out how this one came to be. Firstly, we don’t know why the woman would try and load her car onto a yacht because a yacht isn't a ferry by any distantly blurry chance. Secondly, even if she had decided that she simply had to get her ride aboard the yacht, why would she try to do it without an actual entryway. Finally, what's she grinning like a loon about? She definitely damaged the car and seems to have damaged the boat, too. But she's unharmed herself—maybe that’s why she's so happy, clutching her car keys and a bottle of water. Or maybe this was some sort of revenge parking on a cheating boyfriend or something where she killed two birds with one stone–trashed his car and his yacht because he couldn’t keep it in his pants. If so, this isn’t a parking fail at all–in fact, it’s a relationship fail! Unfortunately, the woman in the picture is also proving the age-old cliché of women drivers not being able to drive well or park properly! So, if this was a deliberate revenge story, it's fun, but if it was a parking fail, woman, learn to drive.

17 They Don’t Teach Reverse Parking Any More

Via legendaryfinds.com

This picture is a video grab from a hilarious video that went viral and shows a woman driver trying to reverse parallel park in a lot in the Czech Republic capital, Prague. According to Viral Spell, it took her so much time to park the vehicle and still managed to park it wrong that a group of onlookers enjoyed the show to the fullest. The woman is shown getting very frustrated in the video as she tries to execute her version of parallel parking.

 On her very first attempt, she bangs into the yellow car she's trying to park next to.

She tries some five times more and finally manages to park minus any other scrapes but has parked it so close to the yellow car that she cannot open the driver’s side of the door. So, she clambers over to the passenger side, but as she gets out, her car starts to roll–because she forgot to pull the handbrake. She then frantically pulls the handbrake and then clutches her bag but gives the yellow car a solid kick before storming off. The high point? She was talking on her phone the whole time. Classy, eh? We hope the owner of the yellow car sued her for damages.

16 This Is An Actual Parking Lot In Philly

Via philapark.org

The picture gives me anxiety, to be honest. I may not be the most organized person on the planet but just looking at the haphazard, tossed-about appearance of these vehicles gives me actual physical pain. To the person stuck in the middle of this “parking lot,” we do sympathize with your plight, but you brought this plague upon yourself. This picture was posted on Phila Park, which is the official website of the Philadelphia Parking Authority, and this is what they had to say about it: “We don’t know the origins of this picture, but apparently, the zombie apocalypse has finally arrived, so brace yourselves. Kidding aside, it’s unclear what’s going on here because this is the definition of a parking free-for-all. Good luck to the drivers who are stuck in the middle of the pack.” If we, too, worked for a city where no one knew how to park and they weren’t being charged and fined for it, we wouldn’t have much empathy left either. It almost looks as if the cars have been parked correctly but an apocalyptic earthquake shook them around like spaghetti in a pan. Only, there was no earthquake. Perhaps, when in Philly, it's better to hail a cab!

15 When In Korea, Remember The Handbrake

Via roadfail.org

Yes, the picture is real, is untouched, and looks just about as crazy as you feel right now. We chanced upon this video of a parking fail in Korea. The driver didn't suddenly go Bond and try to drive from one roof of the building to the other—this was a freak accident. The compact car is wedged between a pavement wall and the roof of a neighboring structure.

The point from where the picture was taken is actually a street with vehicles parked on both the left and the right side, but the street has a steep gradient.

If the car owner forgot to pull the handbrake or didn’t pull it through enough, the car might've slipped down the gradient in a manner that made it ultimately skid off the road horizontally. It could then have gotten wedged between a rock and a hard place, quite literally. In the video but not seen in the picture are two men–an elderly gent looking at the car and the stairs below with horror and a younger dude filming the whole sorry situation for plenty of laughs. In another twist of fate, the car is also blocking a gate, thereby causing a problem to the occupants of the building to its left.

14 A Scottish Parking Fail Left The World In Splits

Via thesun.co.uk

When Scots do anything, they do it epically. This includes failing at parking! According to The Sun, commuters coming to and exiting the Kirkcaldy station were stopped in their tracks when they saw this very bizarre sight of a Mazda parked on top of a Volkswagen Polo. The Daily reported that in an apparent hurry to make their train, a driver of a Mazda seemingly backed up and ended up on top of a parked Volkswagen. The police at the scene couldn't figure out how the parking mishap happened. The Mazda owner conveniently disappeared after leaving his car on top of another car, damaging his vehicle and decimating the other. Obviously, the driver had some skill that allowed him to drive over another vehicle and leave the car there but still exit the vehicle unscathed. And he did this right next to a parking sign that said, "Parking out of bays is an offense!" The image obviously went viral in Scotland, and we wonder where the Mazda driver ran off to. The police left a note on his windshield, and we're sure they managed to nab him through the registration–and he must've had to pay through his nose!

13 Is This Smart Parking? You Decide!

Via iahead.com

A Smart Car is perfect for the city, and while it doesn’t provide you with luxury driving, it zips through traffic-heavy roads with ease and also can be ably parked. If you don’t believe us, look at the picture. This is a fairly famous picture of two smart cars parked nose to nose like cute kissing couples. Apparently, this is street parking in Northern Virginia somewhere, and the guy who posted this picture labeled it as "my considerate neighbors." Clearly, both the cars belong to the same home, and we're assuming the black car needs to leave before the silver one does because there's no way the silver car can nudge out of the space it's been wedged into. But you have to admire the conscientiousness of the owners, who could've easily taken up two parking spaces but instead managed to fit both their vehicles into one slot. We don’t know if the street is a metered one and if this saves them money or if they just do it to spread some smiles and seeds of happiness around. Either which way, it’s a picture worth remembering because this is the epitome of Smart parking—even if it’s a bit of a parking fail for the silver Smart car!

12 Don't Exit When It Says "Not An Exit"

Via fastcar.co.uk

When the owner of the Ford S-Max saw the sign that said “Not An Exit,” he probably assumed it was some sort of conspiracy theory–which is why he decided to test it. The result: a car stuck over what seems to be one very steep ramp, possibly steps. We don’t think the car has been damaged much; it’s just stuck in one very funny situation–and getting it out of the rather strange parking position will take some skill and perhaps plenty of manpower. It could also be that the driver forgot his or her glasses or contacts. The blurriness may have led him to assume that the exit-like ramp that carried a yellow sign was, in fact, an exit. But it ended up being a situation that could've been damaging but thankfully is funny. That’s the thing about weak eyes—you better keep your glasses handy lest the whole world looks like a blurry paradise to you. Luckily, the driver seems to have braked before there was any damage to the vehicle, the ramp, or himself–but it's one epic parking fail indeed. We wonder how the owner got the car out of this predicament and how embarrassed he must've been to ask for help.

11 When Your Ride Is Frozen But Not In Fear

Via philapark.org

So, this isn't a parking fail per se, but the owner of the car sure parked his car in the wrong place. As you can see, the car next to it has had a lucky escape. This one unfortunately now has a frozen waterfall on top of it, and we don’t think it can be driven off without damaging the exterior. The ice on the floor will, in any case, create a bad skid, which means that the car cannot be driven off without danger of a massive skid. This is a problem with cold countries everywhere when the snow melts in the sun and a drop in the temperature freezes anything liquid into solid, meaning the cars and the drivers often get into trouble without even trying! Skids may look funny on video, but basically, they can be pretty dangerous and cause damage not just to vehicles but also people. Getting this car out of the icy predicament may prove to be a pain for the owner, but as long as it's done slow and steady, there shouldn’t be disaster involved. This is the perfect example of being at the wrong place at the wrong time and having a waterfall freeze your car’s ass…

10 When The Parking Fail Was A Parking Assist

Via cnn.com

According to Daily Mail, one man’s parking assist is another man’s parking fail. 27-year-old Jonathan Libratore was trying to park his Bimmer when its auto-park function malfunctioned and sent his car crashing into another vehicle. According to the owner, this was a parking fail caused by the parking assist. Libratore was trying to park his 2013 BMW in the Target parking lot using the BMW’s really cool Parking Assist function. But according to him, the car accelerated across a grassy island into—and onto—a car parked opposite. The shaken driver blamed the BMW for the accident, especially since his infant son was in the back seat. The boy was unharmed in the accident. Basically, the Parking Assist function guides the drivers into parking right by finding the right parking spaces. It sort of parks the car itself by accelerating, braking, steering, and automatically selecting the gear. In this case, it failed. BMW, on the other hand, refused to take responsibility and defended the parking assist saying it never controls the speed of the car. So, this parking fail may be driver’s error after all! Some commenters also felt that the fault may have been Libratore’s only if he stepped on the accelerator instead of the brake.

9 Panicked Teen Smooshes Car Against The Garage

Via huffingtonpost.ca

This poor Porsche Cayenne had the misfortune of being taken for a joyride by a teen, the owner’s son. He took out his mother’s white Cayenne sans permission and then apparently struck it against a parked vehicle in the residential neighborhood. He then panicked and tried to hide the car back in his garage but messed up the parking, turning it into a huge fail. The boy was 16 and didn't possess a driver’s license when somehow he decided that driving the Cayenne was a breeze–if his mom could do it, so could he, he thought. But when he rammed the car, he went into a full-blown panic mode, so much so that he simply couldn’t put the Cayenne back into the garage.

His attempts to park were recorded by a bystander, and once the police saw the viral video, they figured out the hit-and-run case easily.

Since no one was injured, no criminal case was registered, but we're sure that mom has grounded the boy till he turns 80! Plus, looking at the evidence, the motor authority may even deny him a license when he applies for one. There are consequences to every action, so a teen who decides he doesn’t need a license to drive may not actually get one in the future!

8 Illegal Parking In Japan Can Lead To This

Via rightdriver.com

Japan is the epitome of good manners and civic sense, and they even treat the residents who illegally park their vehicles on streets in a very different manner. Case in point: the red Toyota parked where it shouldn’t have been parked. Or so we think. Unlike in America where the cops will come and simply put a wheel clamp on your car, which you can legally get off once you pay the requisite fine, things work differently in the land of the rising sun. In Japan, they apparently hem you in with an excavator and lock you in position till you go to the authorities and pay the fine. Basically, it's the same thing, but in Japan, they're polite enough not to touch your car. Instead, they surround it with heavy-duty machinery that doesn't put a scratch on your car but carries with it the Sumo-like threat of being able to squish your vehicle. Or this could simply be a very innovative parking fail by the excavator driver who was too tired to go around the block and just nudged his heavy-duty vehicle into place with great dexterity and skill. If the driver of the red Toyota has the same skill, he probably could sneak it out from under.

7 What To Do When You're Boxed In?

Via joelfeder.com

This is a common scenario in just about any busy street of any country in the world. The red car is well and truly boxed in with the black car behind it stuck to its arse. While the situation is okay enough for the car in the front and the back, the poor boxed-in creature is stuck with no way out till one of the drivers manages to come on the scene, but who knows when that may be? Most people don't spare a glance at the cars around them while they park, so hemming in could've been an inadvertent mistake on their part. But it's still irritating as hell. In a YouTube video, there is a hack shown for this–and while it works in the video, we don't know if it'll work in real life. Apparently, you need a sturdy stick and some water. Wedge the stick near one rear wheel, and pour water over it. Then, drive the wheel over the stick, and then switch off the ignition. After this, you need to lean your back against the side of the car and wedge your feet against the curb. Give it a mighty push from the rear-end side. The car will slide out, we think!

6 The Picture Says It All, Doesn’t It?

Via badparkingsydney.wordpress.com

Then, there are those who know how to park right, drive beautiful cars very ably, and still manage to make a fool of themselves. Or rather, their parking fails are so epic, it gives people a chance to play a revenge prank on them. The parking lines in any lot are made so that you, the driver, can use them as guides to steer your vehicle into. The truck owner here used not one, not two, but four parking spaces to safely park his extra-large vehicle just right. But in fact, it was very wrong! Most parking lots are nothing but a paved hell with idiots everywhere.

With parking lines in place, it should be simple, right?

Drive in, park your car, get out, and do your stuff. But then, there are people like this driver who simply have to ruin many a day. But while most of us tut-tut and walk away simmering, someone took a neat potshot at the guy and labeled this parking just right with some chalk and plenty of arrows. It’s like that t-shirt that says: “I’m with stupid.” With the picture going viral and reaching all corners of the world, we hope this truck owner at least learned his lesson!

5 Do You Have To Ram The Dodge?

Via damncoolpictures.com

We know the Dodge Ram is supposed to be a good, sturdy vehicle. But did it have to be tried out for its sturdiness quite this way? Actually, most of these parking fails don’t make sense when you look the pictures. Not only did this Dodge Ram owner park his truck over the curb; he also managed to roll the van over a rock. The body of the Dodge is showing the bend and tear, and we're sure the suspension didn't fare any better. Mistakes like these can actually happen with just about anyone, be it a new driver or an experienced one. The driver may have been trying to park very conscientiously next to the curb, but he was a little too enthusiastic about it and parked it on top of the curb itself. Had the stone not been there, the parking would've been funny but not such an epic fail. But to manage to drive the van over a rock this size means the driver was simply not paying any attention to what the poor car was being driven over. We're guessing he'll now have to shell out for some hefty repairs. We feel sorry for the Dodge, though…

4 Help, The Beach Swallowed My Car!

Via imgur.com

As they say in Australia, everything is trying to kill you there–even the ground. And this is what happens to tough 4X4s when their owners decide to park on what seems to be sturdy sand and go for a swim. When the drivers come back after fighting the tides and the currents, they now have to fight the sand to get their rides back. This particular instance happened at Rainbow Beach in Queensland, and this beach has become infamous for its appetite for all sorts of cars. This kind of phenomenon, when an erstwhile firm beach swallows a car, happens when the high tide rolls in and the sand slowly starts to retain more and more water, turning into quicksand. Cars that have been buried tend to be recovered only when the low tide happens and the sand dries a bit. Wet and watery sand sucks in the vehicle, and towing the car out then becomes impossible because of the intense sucking pressure. Also, with saltwater entering the picture, most of these cars are complete write-offs. Luckily these cars were empty at the time–getting stuck in a vehicle that the beach is actively swallowing doesn't sound like a good experience at all!

3 When The GPS Nearly Drowns You

Via mojly.com

When you're trying to get from point A to point B and are happily following wherever the GPS tells you to go, things should be okay, right? Well, wrong—at least for a woman from Lindfield who was trying to get to Manly. As she was driving down her merry way, she saw her headlight reflect off a sea of water right in front of her. Sensibly, she braked hard, lest the GPS murderously take her where no cars are supposed to go. In a tizzy, the woman tried to reverse and drive herself out of the GPS-induced predicament. Unfortunately for her and her Volkswagen Beetle, she tried to do a reverse turn on a narrow 20-meter boat ramp. The result of that reverse turn is the picture. According to Daily Mail, the woman left the car stranded and decided to go home. But she did leave a note on the windshield: “Hello, the driver had an accident and lost control of the car. The driver will return to deal with the situation.” The note was dated, timed, and carried her phone number as well. So, it may have been a parking fail, but manners-wise, this car owner was clearly a winner.

2 A Merc Tried To Be The Boss Of A Ferrari

Via scoopnest.com

According to TopGear, crashing into an expensive car with another expensive car is something most of us wouldn’t wish on our worst enemy. Unfortunately for this Mercedes owner and the Ferrari owner, it happened. This sad, bad parking fail happened at a ‘Cars & Coffee’ meet in Virginia where the female driver of the Mercedes 380 SL was attempting to parallel park. Somehow, despite the Ferrari having left ample space, she beached her vehicle on top of the Ferrari 458 Speciale. Other than the cars, no one was hurt, but the woman driver who caused the parking fail visibly panicked when she saw the damage she had caused. We can generate a little sympathy for her because mistakes do happen, but imagine the plight of the poor Ferrari owner. He hadn’t done anything but parked perfectly and left enough space for others to park as well. “Are you serious? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen,” he was heard muttering to the onlookers. Another hilarious aspect of the picture is the Great Falls Eyecare sign on the wall–maybe it should be renamed "Great Crashes Eyecare" after this incident that left both cars with serious dents and scratches.

1 An Uber Fail—This Time, With Parking

Via nexter.org

So, we’ve finally reached San Francisco, and with a city being this great, the parking fail has to be epic as well. In a bid to use a shortcut, an Uber got stuck on the stairs of a pedestrian walkway after the driver had tried to go down them. The stairs were outside of a Safeway on Market Street, and while the car remained stranded, the driver high-tailed it out of there before you could say "Uber!" When contacted, the driver later said that he was merely following the GPS instructions from the Uber app, and he made a wrong turn as per the app’s directions only. Safeway employees called for a tow-truck driver to get the Toyota Camry off the stairs. When the tow truck attempted to remove the car, the cable connecting the car to the tow truck snapped. The car then slid forward into a city trash can, pushing it off its bolts–though luckily, no one was hurt in this incident. According to News, the driver was identified as Fred and had been driving with the company for less than a year. He stood firm on his story of blaming the Uber app’s directions. Clearly, the app needs some work, right?

Sources: HuffingtonPost.com, TheSun.co.uk, DailyMail.co.uk, TopGear.com

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