20 People Who "Tried" Building Rocket Bunnies (It Didn't Work)

Rocket Bunny is a style of aero kits for sports cars designed by Japan's Kei Miura. They're fabricated with a high degree of precision and built using digital laser scans of the cars that the kits adorn. They're built to accentuate features on the cars they match, the features including the fenders, lips, and spoilers. The kits have their own unique style with huge bolt-on fenders, low ride heights, and crazy tall spoilers. These are highly desirable throughout the automotive community and can be found on all sorts of enthusiast-minded cars. These include cars from the affordable Subaru BRZ to the extravagant Ferrari 458. The kits often require portions of the car to be cut away in order to be installed, so oftentimes, when you install a kit like this, there's no going back.

While these kits can be appealing to some, to others, they can be truly atrocious. Cars with these Rocket Bunny aero kits on them are often stanced with extreme camber. You'll often see hilarious videos online of these cars getting beached on mellow driveways. For some, these looks are the pinnacle of automotive design. To others, they're rock bottom. There can be amazing-looking Rocket Bunny kits that elevate the looks of the car they're installed on, thus creating an object of envy for the entire automotive world. Then, there are the kits that ruin the car that they're installed on, and what follows is a list of 20 awful Rocket Bunny kits.

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20 Always Sunny

via Zilvia

This sorry-looking BMW M3 has been ruined by this Rocket Bunny kit. The M3 is great because it's a responsive and dialed-in driver's car that's meant for engaged driving, whether that's on a track or on a canyon road. Unfortunately, the Rocket Bunny kit takes away from that engagement and feedback.

A key characteristic of these kits is that they add camber to the rear wheels, meaning that there's less of the tire's surface area in contact with the road.

This makes it very easy for the rear wheels to lose traction, and as a result, it's likely that the driver of this M3 will drive very gently. This won't let the driver fully utilize the power of the car, deeming it a failure.

19 One-Eyed Purple People Driver

via pandemusa.com

This purple Mazda isn't on any list of desirable cars anywhere. This older car certainly had some potential to be a solid ride, but unfortunately, that potential has been squandered by this awful Rocket Bunny kit. The huge purple fenders have created a boxy look that simply looks out of proportion. The front bumper is way too low and further adds to the boxy look. Additionally, it makes the car absolutely impractical to drive. It looks as though a bug running across the road would scrape on the bumper. Lastly, the color of purple that's used doesn't look good, making for a mess of a car.

18 Lexus R-C-Mess

via AutoEvolution.com

This Rocket Bunny kit is for the Lexus RC and the RC-F, both of which are good-looking cars with serious performance credentials. Unfortunately, this kit makes the car rather undesirable. Part of the appeal of Rocket Bunny kits is the rugged appearance that the bolt-on fenders provide; however, the cohesiveness is what makes this look work.

This kit has too much carbon fiber adorning the fenders, making them look disjointed and fragmented.

As with many of these cars, the body kit brings the car way too close to the ground and makes it useless anywhere other than flat roads.

17 Too Big For Its Britches

via thelowdown.com

This Mercedes is yet another sad victim of a Rocket Bunny kit. It appears to be an AMG model due to the quad exhaust and overly wide tires. This means that this car is fast, powerful, and luxurious... so why ruin it with a stance kit? The lowered suspension makes for a harsh and stiff ride, taking away from the luxurious appeal of the Mercedes badge. The rear of the car is thrown quite out of proportion by the Rocket Bunny kit, starting with the exhaust. The pipes are huge and look quite comical. The wide tires look off, too, and, as a result of this kit, fall out of proportion in relation to the rest of the car.

16 Toy-Oh-No!

via Reddit

This is perhaps one of the worst offenders on this list. It may be easy to see why a Scion FRS or an old Nissan might be improved by or is deserving of a Rocket Bunny kit, but as for why this Toyota Avanza has received the kit, we're unsure. The minivan is made for practicality, not for looks.

With the incredibly low ride height of the car, it looks as though it can't even take the weight of two passengers, rendering it literally undrivable.

The hood scoop is perhaps the most egregious of the visual fouls this ride has committed, making us want to stay far away from it. All in all, this Toyota would've been better left untouched.

15 What's In The Box?

via Drifted

This older Nissan isn't something that's deserving of a Rocket Bunny kit at all. It's actually been removed of all potential and would look much better without this kit attached. Perhaps the most offensive part of this car is the rear bumper—it makes the otherwise sleek car look boxy and tacky. The boxy look works, sure, but not on cars that are supposed to look sporty. It works on big trucks and SUVs, not this little Nissan. To make this bright-yellow mess look even worse, the owner has covered it with immature stickers, making this look like a kid's toy.

14 White Mess

via flickriver.com

This Nissan 180SX has been done a disservice by whoever owns it. It used to be a pristine blast from the past, highly coveted by many car enthusiasts. Unfortunately, the poor car has been ruined by this Rocket Bunny kit. First of all, the abundance of stickers makes for a ride that looks cheap and immature. Next, the front splitter is seriously ruining the look of the car. It makes it look chunky and ugly and overdoes the simple look of the Nissan.

The overly wide fenders are almost too integrated into the body, making it look fat rather than sporty.

The owner would've done well to separate the fenders from the car.

13 GTR-You Crazy?

via adv1wheels.com

Yet another Nissan has been ruined by a Rocket Bunny kit, and this time, it was the illustrious GTR. Perhaps the worst thing about it is how low the car is. Literally, one loose brick in the road could make the tires rub inside the fenders. The camber is out of control, too, and makes for less traction on the road. For a car that's performance-focused like the GTR, any mod that takes away from its focus isn't needed at all. The rear diffuser and canards are excessive, too, and this GTR would've been much better off if it were left in its stock form.

12 Leave The Nissans Alone!

via YouTube

People just seem to love ruining Nissans with Rocket Bunny kits, and this Nissan 350Z is no exception. The paint on this car is beautiful, and the wheels are pretty slick, too. It's just a shame that the kit has ruined them.

The vented fenders are an overkill and make the Z look way out of proportion.

The wheels have some serious camber and, as mentioned before, are honestly a safety hazard. They cause the car to have limited traction, and in a car that's rear-wheel drive and somewhat dated, that's not a good idea at all. The duckbill spoiler is slick, but it's dampened by the slotted rear window cover, which doesn't do the aesthetics of the car any favors.

11 Messy Mazda

Finally, a break from the Nissans! Admittedly, this Mazda RX7 doesn't look that bad, especially compared to the rest of the ruined cars on this list. The red paint looks fancy and sleek. The wheels are quite nice, and the black rims go well with the style of the car. However, there are some subtle design faults with the RX7. The side skirts and the front splitter are far too low to be useful and instead hamper the driving experience. The rear wing is too tall. It makes the Mazda look like a shopping cart and would look much better if it were lower.

10 What The Fiat Is This?

via Pinterest

Boy, oh boy... This Fiat 500 is rather mind-blowing, and it's not in a good way. Although it's a concept and not an actual production car, it still does a disservice to our eyes.

The regular Fiat 500 is ugly enough without all of this junk being added onto it.

Perhaps the most offensive of these modifications is the rear fender setup. It's so far out and to the back of the car that it looks super disproportionate to the rest of the Fiat. The huge air vents look weird, too, and perhaps shouldn't behoove the Italian hatchback as they are.

9 Chewed Out

via Reddit

This Toyota GT86 has been ruined by this Rocket Bunny kit. The most egregious fault of the design here is the extreme camber on the wheels. As mentioned before, it greatly reduces the contact patch between the rubber and the road, making for a car that loses traction very easily. That's not at all desirable in a car that's meant for track driving, as it makes for a very difficult driving experience. The teeth in the grille look childish, and the driver has messed up the look of this car. Unfortunately, the teal paint and silver rims, while they look great, could've been used better.

8 Speed Away From Our Eyes

via Front Street Media

This is yet another FRS that's been done a disservice by a Rocket Bunny kit. Much like Nissans, the Scion FRS (or Toyota 86) is the darling of those with access to the time and money required to put a Rocket Bunny kit on cars.

The absolutely ridiculous front splitter makes this car work better as a snowplow, scraping up snow in front of it rather than being able to drive properly.

The stickers and wide fenders make it look like a racecar when, in fact, it would likely slide off the track due to its extreme camber. The color is nice, which is unfortunate because the rest of the car is ruined.

7 Windowless Disaster

via seerpic.pw

Thought we were done with the Nissans? You thought wrong. This Nissan S13 has been put under the knife to add a Rocket Bunny kit, and it looks awful as a result. It doesn't even have any windows! The ride height is way too low, and any part of the undercarriage could easily snag and tear off. The rear of this car literally looks like it was put together in a high school shop class. It's even missing a rear bumper, and the exhaust looks rather choppy. This S13 would look good if it were modded, sure, but the Rocket Bunny kit is a little too extreme for most enthusiasts.

6 Big Shopping Cart

via Front Street Media

What is the world coming to? These enthusiasts have way too much time on their hands if they're making these abominations. Starting off, the spoiler looks chintzy, especially as it's mounted in the middle of the trunk. It's way too tall and looks out of proportion to the rest of the car. The rear diffuser is too crazy and doesn't add anything of value to the appearance or practicality of the car. The blue metal on the rims doesn't go with anything and looks too weird for the FRS. The front fenders are nice because they're fairly subtle, but the rear ones stick out too far.

5 Not Fast Or Furious

via Reddit

Here, another Nissan 350Z has been distastefully modified with a Rocket Bunny kit. The wheels are way too deep and honestly look more like big bowls than they do wheels. The camber, just like on the other cars, creates a safety hazard and make for a tentative driving experience.

The teal paint is an offensive color to most people's eyes and looks seriously off-putting.

The fenders and side skirts are bulbous and out of proportion to the rest of the car. This ride had a lot of potential and would have looked really nice with the convertible top, but the owner cut that short.

4 Keep It On The Track

via SpeedHunters

This Mazda is another victim of the Rocket Bunny craze. It now looks outlandish and a little excessive. Firstly, the rims look god awful. They look cheap and tacky, not at all befitting of the race car status of this ride. The camber on them is so extreme and doesn't look like it benefits the driving experience at all. The ride height is far too low, and unless the car stays on a perfectly flat racetrack, the comfort and practicality of the car will suffer greatly. The spoiler is also far too high and makes the Mazda look like a shopping cart rather than a spiffy race car.

3 Drive Away, BMW

via Reddit

This BMW M3 is truly a beast—or at least it was before this owner got his hands on it. Admittedly, this M3 isn't too bad as far as the other cars on this list are concerned.

However, the shame with this BMW is that the Rocket Bunny kit applied here is applied to a car that's already geared towards performance, both visually and mechanically.

It doesn't need the added flair that the kit provides. The wide fenders and duckbill spoiler make the proportions of the already perfect BMW look swollen. Perhaps the worst parts of all are the rear pieces that look like metal chunks welded on by an amateur.

2 Sponsored By Weight Watchers

via Zilvia

This Mazda RX8 looks... interesting. The owner has taken a fairly rare car and brought it back, but this time, with an outrageous Rocket Bunny kit. The camber is absolutely ridiculous, and the Mazda looks like it snapped its axles under its massive weight. The rear tires make this car nearly impossible to drive, especially if there's any moisture on the road. The super low fender looks more like a snowplow than a functional modification. The spindly rims, coupled with thick tires, look a bit out of proportion to the rest of the car. Unfortunately, the bright-red paint makes the car stand out when we wish it would fade into the background.

1 Boat For Sale

via Reddit

This Mazda RX7 is one of the worst cars on this list. The boxy body makes the rear of the car look awful. The only good thing about seeing the backside of this car is that it means it's driving away from you and that you won't have to look at this mess much longer.

The spoiler is deeply offensive and looks cheap due to it being made out of the same material as the bumper.

It should've been a carbon-fiber spoiler—that would've potentially salvaged the car. The RX7 ended up looking more like a boat than a car, and it's a surprise to see this on the road instead of in the water.

Source: Reddit

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