20 People Who Tried Photoshopping Themselves Onto Cars...And It Didn't Go So Well

In the era of technology, photoshop was bound to surface at one point or another. Some of the things you see on the internet are just mind-boggling. It’s really difficult to tell the difference between reality and facade when the job is done by the hands of a professional or even a semi-professional. There’s a very good chance any image that you see on the internet has been photoshopped—of course, not all images are blatantly photoshopped, thus you don’t perceive it, but most of the images are edited a bit to make them more interesting, lest they get lost somewhere on the internet.

And then, you have the extremely poorly photoshopped images that never got lost in the sea of internet. As I was scouring through the images, I always kept wondering if the person in the photoshopped picture had something to do with the fake images or if it was someone else’s work. Either one of the options makes sense, although the former option seems more reasonable.

While Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard now, you might be surprised to learn it wasn't Adobe that came up with the photoshop program. The concept of photoshop was developed by two brothers in the late ‘80s. The project was presented to Apple and Adobe, both of which were impressed by them, and Photoshop 1.0 was released in 1990 (wikipedia.org).


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20 And The Steps?

via drivetribe.com

If you look at the picture carelessly, you might give in, thinking there’s nothing wrong with it. You might think, "Perhaps this was one rich couple. They had hundreds and thousands of dollars to spend on their wedding, so they customized a limo and rented a place of their own, which had a door big enough to allow for a limo to pass through" (although you have to wonder whatever happened to the steps on the porch). Then, you realize something is off with the picture. Wait a minute... how come there’s a reflection of what seems like the sky on the side windows? It’s a classic split between green (or dark in the picture) and blue (white in the picture) that you find on the interstate brimming with trees.

19 Who’s Driving The Car?

via photoshopdisasters.com

It’s really difficult to identify the details of the car, but with the help of Google, it seems like the car advertised here is a 2012 BMW 3-Series. These were pretty good cars, you know—230-320 horses, 23 city and 34 highway fuel economy, cozy interior, etc. The price would also have been reasonable back then, considering the one in 2018 costs just a little under $35K.

The problem comes when the car’s wheels start spinning when the car is parked—in the picture, that is.

You can see that no one's in the driver seat. If anything, the two people are seemingly going away from the car, giving the perception of them walking away from the car. I don’t know whether you can recognize it, but this background is present in a lot of car advertisements.

18 It’s Moving!

via drivetribe.com

I don’t think this one needs much of an explanation. There’s one car—and it’s a BMW—on the entire stretch of the road. And then on the side, you have a couple. Even if the couple was present where the BMW was, it still looks like a place that you don’t want to visit, for it’s not beautiful or anything like that. It’s just in the middle of nowhere, with no scenery. You can tell this is photoshopped by how the guy’s feet are in relation to the ground. And if you look closely, you can see the girl’s pink dress having a white spot where her right hand is. I can’t tell if this was a just-wedded couple or just a random couple.

17 Watch Your Hand

via topbestpics.com

Let’s talk about the car first. The wing is all fancy and high-tech, and the car has a nice wrap, if you will. The wheels are all solid, and the rims look respectable. The front seems to have a good shape, and just from the looks of the car, it'll have a decent amount of horsepower to do well on the road, although not necessarily on the track. And then you’re left wondering why the car was parked in a perpendicular position at the parking lot, especially in the handicap space. Looks like the absence of another car might've tempted the driver. And then, of course, you have the kid seemingly leaning on the car, with a left hand that seems to be on top of the wheels.

16 BMW Cringe

via upsocl.com

I’m not that surprised at this one. It’s a photoshop fail, but it’s nowhere near what some of the others have achieved in the list. The unusual thing about this car is that it’s old. If you check out the images of some of the other entries on the list, you come to realize that most of those cars are new or high-end sports cars; you don’t see an old BMW SUV in the background. But this one has a dust-covered BMW SUV with a kid photoshopped in front of it. The kid doesn’t seem to be that old, so it’s not like he’s even of the driving age. Plus, if the car was his reality, he’d have a lot of trouble with that reality. Just imagine the repair cost for the constant powertrain problems.

15 That Face

via noticias.coches.com

I don’t know how such a photo makes sense to the person creating this blunder. Like, if you impose your picture on the windshield, does that make it your car in the minds of others, as per your mind? Wouldn’t you get pictures of it while you’re driving or when standing in front of it, like a normal person? You would. Unless you didn’t own the car—then, you’d go on to listen to your stupid thoughts. Well, it’s a highly modified car.

It was overhauled by the tuning specialists at the PPI Automotive. It has more horses and torque than a regular Audi R8 V10.

It also has a lower body weight than the standard model, with the usage of a carbon-fiber front bumper, doors, roof pillars, and side skirts, according to autoevolution.com.

14 And The Rest Of The Body?

via pinterest.com

It’s a nice little car. The hood is simple yet beautiful enough. The sides are also modest but fancy enough. The back gives a little hint of the power that the car carries. It’s another high-end sports car, and to the extent of my knowledge, it seems like a Ferrari.

The beauty of the car lies in being a relatively modest high-end car—you know, compared to a Lamborghini that looks like a fighter jet. It’s a pretty sad photoshop fail. The head is the only thing that’s in the car, it seems. What about the rest of the body? Also, since when did humans evolve to start growing a green outline on the head?

13 Nice Try

via drivetribe.com

Here’s another epic fail. You could easily take the picture of the kid and move it to the other car. That way, he’d own two cars, according to his own logic. I can’t exactly be sure of the location of the car, but it seems like it’s in India, as revealed by some Google Image searches. Lamborghinis are pretty nice cars, although if you ask, sometimes, they look unnecessarily more complex than they ought to. And I’m not talking about the one shown here since it looks fine. But if you were to look at some of the recent ones, you'd see that they don’t have one single place where things are in one piece; everything is divided into sharp edges or curves. But overall, it still is a good car and sells well.

12 How About Your Height?

via pinterest.com

If you ever check out the McLaren P1 from the rear, it looks absolutely beautiful. It’s like the taillights have their own roof. The rear windshield is tiny, but the entire design around it's just hypnotic. Although I must admit, the interior isn't as posh as what some of the rivals offer. Why all this? Because the P1 is the spiritual replacement of the McLaren F1, which is shown here. As new as the P1 is, I think it doesn’t do nearly as good a job of outdoing its predecessor F1 for a couple of reasons. For one, the F1 just had that new design and technology. Then, it also set the record for speed at that time. Anyway, you can see the guy enjoying “his” F1.

11 That Flexibility

via pinterest.com

These kids and their Bugattis! The picture of the person in the car looks horrendous—like the person creating this picture didn’t even bother properly cutting the kid’s previous picture; you can clearly see the picture the guy is taken from. And then, you come down to the feet. How come they're pointing completely away from each other? The guy doesn’t seem to be that flexible. The picture makes it perfectly clear the guy is nowhere near the car in real life (or even in the “picture life,” honestly, as it’s just a total blunder). Now, this wouldn’t be the case if we were talking about the rich kids of Dubai. For real, there was this vlogger who accepted the delivery of his friend's Bugatti Veyron, which he then drove to the airport to pick up his said friend.

10 Good One

via youtube.com

The picture is just a flub. Doesn’t it hurt to lean on the side-view mirror? Plus, who drives in flip-flops, especially on the roads of third-world countries, as you’re either driving on loose gravel or jumping from one pothole to the next? You won’t actually obtain a speed higher than 30 mph. Nonetheless, the car itself is a pretty nice-looking Audi, the same Audi that a lot of young folks are lured by, but not a lot of them seem to have the capital to own one. Actually, I was reading a forum a while back about how this guy’s dream was to own an Audi R8. That individual saw the R8 come out when he was in high school and fell in love with it. Well, he saved up enough money over 10 years to buy one.

9 Solid Pose

via pinterest.com

It costs a decent amount of money to get the car in such a location. Of course, a good car costs a decent amount of money, and when these professionals take them out to do a photo shoot, it costs money, too. They have to find the right scene and camera equipment, and then, they generally test drive it, etc.

Here’s a beautiful car situated in front of a similarly beautiful background. The matching flower color and the car color is a plus.

And then, out of nowhere, comes this guy in his ill-fitting jeans, T-shirt, and sneakers, situating himself on top of the hood, without giving the slightest hint of sliding. Who would do that? No one, and fortunately, no one did that. It’s photoshopped.

8 His Way of Entering

via boredsloth.net

Well, I know it’s a financial “strain” to own a Lambo if you're just an average person, but I didn’t know it was also a physical strain to get into one of these after you magically make one of these yours. If you look close enough, you can see the guy’s left foot is off the ground. Even if it was real, in this exact position, the right leg wouldn't have supported his body weight, considering he has the roofline that’s slightly pushing him toward the left. And if the left foot doesn’t touch the ground, guess where the weight goes? Right in the groin. It’s a poorly photoshopped picture. The car looks pretty good, though, and seems to have been kept in good condition.

7 It’s Not A Mirror

via drivetribe.com

I’m honestly confused by this. At first, I thought it was a mirror, and thought, "What’s the point of including this here?" But then, I had looked at another picture just like this, and it had a similar, mirror-like structure, but some other users of that forum removed the mirror-like thing, which made me think this here isn't a mirror. At that point, I thought it was one picture, cropped and imposed on top of another picture. But for some reason, it still seemed like a mirror. So, I thought, if that was the case, then I’d be able to see the reflection of the person taking the picture. I zoomed in, and bam, there was a reflection of two arms with a flash. Now that I keep thinking about it, I think the flash of light was from the original picture of the car.

6 Defying Physics

via guilan1390.blogsky.com

It looks like the guy is in his 20s, trying to enjoy the day while looking normal. The scene is all set. There are some flats in the background and the lawn stretches several yards. The grass has more than a fair amount of chlorophyll, and the lawn seems well put. Out in the middle of the lawn is a red-colored convertible with a wing that’s nothing too out of the blue but nothing insignificant either. And in front of that is a gentleman, standing, or should I say "leaning," on the rear wheel. Despite the left foot resting on the wheel, you wonder how come the right leg is so far from the car. And then, what’s that on the windshield? Of course, all these thoughts formed in less than a second in your brain.

5 It’s A Gift!

via mdundo.com

Somewhere above, you saw a McLaren F1. Look closely at the picture here, and then scroll up to check that picture again. It’s the same car, in the same location. And while this picture clearly demonstrates poor photoshopping skills, you, perhaps, weren't that convinced with the one above. But, hopefully, we've convinced you a little more. (If you didn’t get the title of that entry, it was just trying to get you to look at how small the guy was compared to the car.) Anyway, here’s your lovely lady, sitting on the headlamps of the F1! Even the super-rich would hesitate to put that much weight on such a precious item. It seems like the person and picture originated from Kenya.

4 And Friends Liked It!

via obviousfun.com

This one isn't that bad in terms of photoshop as much as it is in terms of the context. For all the other pictures, I've always, out of compassion, thought it was someone else—friends, family, etc.—who might've been photoshopping these pictures, but that line of reasoning completely contradicts this image. It’s the kid’s own Facebook page that shows his own picture imposed on a car’s picture, with the post titled “new car.”

If you match the profile picture with the picture imposed on the car, both seem to be comparable.

It’s a Bugatti, as is evident from the logo on the steering wheel. The interior of the Bugattis (the Veyron and the Chiron) is pretty sleek. It’s tasteful yet doesn’t eat up all the cabin space.

3 Keep Trying

via paularthurmaxime.com

This is such an astronomical failure that anyone could tell it’s photoshopped. In fact, when I was browsing through it in the smaller view, I wasn't going to include it, thinking it was a cartoon character on the hood. But no—it’s a fully grown human.

I was thinking of these Lamborghinis in terms of their daily use. And while the interior of this car is just fabulous, it has many detriments to it that should prevent it from becoming a daily driver. For instance, the car has a button to raise the front axle. Okay, how many times do you think an average person needs to get ground clearance on a daily basis? Not many. So, you can use the car, but for highly specific things; driving it regularly is a bit of work.

2 Let Me Open That For You

via top-gid.ru

Wow, a Camaro!?! The picture is a bit hazy, but it seems the person isn't photoshopped into the picture. His legs are touching the ground properly and seem to be part of the original picture—unless that was photoshopped so well that I’m being fooled. I think he was ahead of his peers on this article. While the rest of the folks tried to photoshop themselves into a pristine picture, this gentleman was really, physically, next to the car at the same time and space, despite not owning it. And then, it was photoshopped to show him opening the door of the Camaro, which despite being a lot better than what the peers have done, is still in need of significant improvement; car doors haven’t become transparent yet, folks.

1 Forgot The Jacket?

via drivetribe.com

This is a good-looking Ferrari. The beauty of a supercar lies in its ability to give you a world-class experience in the cabin. It has all the things you’d need for your daily driving but just with a touch of luxury to it. But if we're not talking about daily driving, then it still remains a good, powerful car.

This is an epic photoshop fail, something you’d do when you have nothing better to do in life.

At a “microscopic” level, the position of the feet relative to the car gives it away. But you don’t necessarily need to do that. If you look at the guy, he’s wearing sunglasses on what seems to be a dreary day, which brings me to my next point. It’s snowing where the car is, but he’s ready for the heat of India.

Sources: drivetribe.com; Wikipedia.org

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