20 Photos Of Pickup Modifications That Weren't Professionally Done (And Clearly Homemade)

Homemade things are usually always better. There's just something that can't be beat about something that's made at home, with love and care. Some of the incredible things that come to mind when you think "made at home" are probably things like homemade apple pie, homemade pizza, homemade bread, mostly food things come to mind. But everything that makes homemade good translates well to things usually labeled as handcrafted, like handcrafted jewelry, handcrafted leather or handcrafted furniture. The idea of something that is made at home means it's done with with care, crafted with skill, knowledge, experience and definitely with love.

But sometimes "made with love" doesn't translate very well if it doesn't include the skills and experience to back it up. This becomes especially true in instances that involve vehicles. There's a lot of people who modify their cars in their own garage, builds that come straight from the hearts of their owners, but modifying a car takes a significant amount of skill, much more than it requires love. Not to be ignored, there are a lot of homemade car and truck mods that are incredibly well done, clearly done with great skill. But that's not what this article is about.

This article is about those modifications that you can instantly tell aren't done professionally, not even in the least, the kinds of modifications that are unmistakably homemade. This article will be featuring, not just homemade mods of any kind, but more specifically 20 photos of pickup modifications that weren't professionally done, and most definitively made at home.

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20 SpongeBob?

via pinterest.com

It's clear that no professional has touched this car in a long time. The cheap paint, stick on purple lumps, strange eyeballs on stalks, and teeth lined grille all points to someone who had an idea while sitting on their couch watching some kind of cartoon and decided they were going to execute that idea all by themselves.

The end result is this: a homemade homegrown atrocity that, to be perfectly fair, could have turned out a lot worse, but at the end of the day is still quite outlandish and strange.

19 Solid Steel Custom

via curbsideclassic.com

The front of this Ford is really pretty scary, all things considered. Someone who is pretty good at fabricating metal has decided to craft an entire front end for the truck, which is a pretty involved process, especially making sure it's attached to the rest of the car in a safe manner.

The general look of it isn't exactly appealing, it looks like some kind of misshaped Jeep that started rusting aggressively.

What has me the most confused is that they put forth the effort to do all of that, but can't bother finishing painting the side panels? Or finding ones that match?

18 Seems Safe, Right?

via ebaumsworld.com

Not sure what the person responsible for this build could have been possibly thinking when they decided it was a good idea, but it definitely isn't one. Just because there's a booster seat, doesn't mean it's safe, not even in the least.

I'm really not sure why it was necessary to remove the entire truck bed, either, as a small booster seat would fit in the back of that just as easily, and you could secure it. I guess I just don't have the same kind of logic. But it's clear that this was most assuredly not professionally done.

17 Hot Rod Pickup Hybrid

via osmhealthy.com

This strange Frankenstein car build comes to us from the heart of Oregon. The front is a hot rod, complete with flames and everything, yet the back is what looks like a Ford Ranger, or a Toyota of some kind.

Despite the vast differences between the front and back, the wheels are still the same, matching perfectly. The color is a close match, too, which is a bit surprising. It still doesn't dissuade the fact that no professional would bother attempting something like this. Pretty outrageous, and definitely homemade. I can't imagine it drives very well, either.

16 Zombie Apocalypse Prop

via pinterest.com

I call it a prop because it's not practical at all, not even in the least. That and it's covered in fake dirt and other things, just to make it more "convincing," which it really isn't at all. It looks junky and illogical.

Why would you need such a big square thing on the front? It's not nearly reinforced enough to actually stand up to much, and it won't stop zombies from getting onto your hood. The wheels are still stock, so this truck can't go very far off road, and I don't think the barbed wire is really that effective. I would say nice try, but. . .

15 Pickup Van

via reddit.com

This is a pretty strange homemade combination of not only two completely different types of cars, but two completely different car companies. We have the tail end and bed of a Ford pickup, married to an old Dodge van. Seems like a really scary combination, and just as much of a Frankenstein as our truck at number 17, though this one is a little more toned down due to the monochrome paint and that it's not really loud, over the top creation.

Just something that could prove to be surprisingly practical. That is, if it's been crafted well, which is always a worry with homemade builds.

14 From Lowes, At Lowes

via werktrucks.tumblr.com

Refinement is pretty much one of the very last words that would come to mind when you see this pickup camper setup. It's not exactly nuanced, styled, or finished at all. Just practical. Can't say it was well built, but it was built.

It almost seems like they went into Lowes, bought the parts they needed and assembled it on the spot in the parking lot. It's not exactly poorly done, it's just very much function over form, with no form at all, no paint, not curves, no finishing work. Plywood and windows and hinges and nails. That's it.

13  High Rise Addition

via imgur.com

I can safely say I've never seen such a broad amalgam of parts from The Home Depot assembled onto one truck all at once before.

There's 2X4s, house siding, skylights, an actual truck topper, corrugated metal sheeting, tin, and any number of strange hardware to attach it all together.

The end result is a surprisingly imposing thing, extremely tall and extremely unprofessional. It's clear that this person isn't exactly a master carpenter, more of a jack-of-all-trades, around the house handyman kind of guy. But if his homemade loft camper is waterproof, then good for him (though I have doubts).

12 Do You Hemi?

via reddit.com

There's a lot of in your face communication happening with this truck, on several different levels. First off, the accessories. With a stick on spoiler, cheap aftermarket rims, plastic chrome trim everywhere, Hemi labeled mud flaps, and a Raiders trailer hitch cover, this truck is decked out.

Then we get to the graphics, the gratuitous Hemi stickers all over, "DO U HEMI" and a strong command telling anyone who reads it, "don't hate," which, people are allowed to think whatever they want, as long as they're respectful. However, if you're assuming people hate your truck, does that mean you're actually just acknowledging that it's bad?

11 Clearly Not Done By The Pros

via steemit.com

There's no way around the fact that this is a homegrown tow truck, with jank bodywork, a suspect crane, and a very fascinating bumper arrangement. There's technically two bumpers up there, a steel one, and then the original chrome one attached right over it.

Why? you might be wondering. Well, the clear answer is so that the beautiful ironwork sculpture has a place to set. Obviously. I think I'd call another tow truck if this is the one that came to my rescue first. No thanks, sir, I'll just walk ten miles back to town instead.

10 Two Extra Tons Of Metal

via rebrn.com

As Rebrn was quick to point out, what could possibly make more sense than finding a way to make one of the most practical vehicles out there, a truck, and completely eliminating all of it's practicality?

I'm really not sure why anyone would do this to their truck, the front end doesn't match at all, not even with a theme, so the back end just looks like a giant hunk of steel. It doesn't even have a purpose, you can't keep anything in the back and it has to weigh so much. Clearly someone had a bunch of metal sheeting lying around and nothing to do.

9 Custom Paint Job

via everystockphoto.com

It's clear that this truck has quite a homemade paint job, covered with a combination of rust, primer, red, blue, and a severe smattering of spray paint scribbles. Seems like this poor truck has never seen a professional paint job since it came out of the factory.

The wheels aren't even left safe, either, with the back wheel painted completely differently than the front, with some white spray paint maybe accidentally on it.

But this person doesn't really worry about the details much, they're more practical than that. They have a point, because you never have to worry about keeping it nice.

8 Frankenstein Duality Mod

via reddit.com

This is a very interesting truck mod, one that clearly has no shreds or pretenses of professionalism. Not only are they mismatched in color and model, they aren't even the same brand of car.

The front end is a GMC, no doubt the drive train and frame, too, and then the bed of the truck has been replaced with the rear end of a Chevy Silverado.

Though in all respects the truck isn't actually ruined, so that's a big plus. Unlike a lot of the pickups in this list, this is still basically just a truck.

7 Is That A Spoiler On The Roof?

via reddit.com

Yes, as a matter of fact, that is indeed a spoiler, haphazardly installed in the middle of the roof of this dually Ford F150. At first glance this truck doesn't look very noteworthy, beyond being obnoxious, but then it only gets worse the closer you look.

The paint is obviously bad but so are the gratuitous light bars on both the bumper, on the hood and above the windshield. The strange apparatus underneath the bumper with an excessive amount of chains attached is bad and worst of all the giant metal spoiler that literally has zero benefit. No professional with any amount of sanity would attempt something like this.

6 Bedazzled Flames

via reddit.com

There's nothing about this mod that would make anyone think that it's professional. Quite the opposite, it's clear that someone did this in their spare time, with minimal money, skills, or patience, probably in their garage. Not a small amount of beer was more than likely involved in this build.

The flames look more like coral, the entire hood of the car is covered in plastic rats, I really can't tell what's all over the roof (probably don't want to know), and the topper is some kind of strange plaid patterned atrocity that really doesn't match the rest of the truck at all. This is homemade at its finest.

5 A Semi-Semi Truck

via reddit.com

I think almost everyone has the same sentiments when they see this homegrown truck build: "How on Earth has it not split in two yet?" This truck has an entire sleeping cabin from a semi truck welded in between the cab and the bed.

The physics behind this kind of length means they better have reinforced the chassis a hundredfold. Especially if they want to use the truck for towing and driving across the country. I understand exactly why they would do this though, and it sounds like a lot of fun to take this thing across the country. Much better than an RV.

4 Not Exactly A Pickup, But. . .

via reddit.com

I couldn't help but adding a pickup truck conversion to this list. Someone decided to chop off the back of their Honda Civic, roof, rear window, trunk lid and everything, and install a much more practical truck bed. Good for them, I suppose, though the job doesn't exactly look entirely professional. Because it isn't, clearly.

But I guess that's not what they were going for, because if they wanted professional, they would have bought a truck. The wanted rugged, straightforward, no frills practicality. And they did it themselves. In their yard. For free. Hopefully it holds up.

3 Looks Familiar

via reddit.com

This build looks familiar doesn't it? It shares a stunning resemblance to the homemade truck build we featured at number four, but this one has a lot more restraint. There's not an extreme amount of extended body length between the wheels, three or four feet maximum.

With minimal reinforcement, something like this is pretty practical, actually. There's plenty of room for him to have a pretty luxurious sleeper cabin, in his Dodge Ram. So props to this builder for their ingenuity. Though it does look pretty outlandish. Well made, but clearly homemade.

2 Home Grown At Its Finest

via imgur.com

This Ford Ranger is a shining example of homemade homegrown building at its very finest. The huge, cheap aftermarket rims are the furthest thing from professional, so are the stick on engine vents and decals, the massive mud flaps, suspect exhaust stacks (are they even real?) and the other pipes which I assume is some kind of extremely obnoxious semi-truck horn.

At least the paint is in good shape, but beyond that there's nothing about this build that is professional or even practical.

But it is expressive, so props to this builder for fearlessly being themselves. I guess.

1 Poor Man's Batmobile

via reddit.com

This Dodge pickup truck has been modified, in a very homegrown, low budget kind of way. That is, except for the spray painted purple wheels and the plastic aftermarket wings glued to the back trailer bed. Those aren't very professional, not even in the least. Maybe this is Robin's retirement vehicle?

If so, retirement hasn't been going very well for him or Batman. The dents across the body further reinforce the fact that it's homemade and not professional. Seems like this car is trying to fly under the radar, as it were, there's no emblem in sight.

Sources: imgur.com, reddit.com & curbsideclassic.com

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