20 Pickup Owners Who Went Too Far With Their Mods

Let's take a look at 20 truck owners who went too far with their mods.

Car, bike, scooters, and truck modifications are all the rage these days and fill TV shows on a daily basis with cool new mods and amazing restorations. So what exactly is a vehicle modification? Vehicle modifications are performance and cosmetic alterations that can enhance the working performance and the overall running of a vehicle. However, most importantly, a good restoration can make your vehicle look hella cool. Yes, vehicle modifications are mostly all about looking slick and can turn your one-time rust bucket into a million dollars.

Nowadays, it seems all vehicles are customized or modified in some way with some people taking it that step too far. Sure, such modifications can be really amazing but sometimes they are either extremely unnecessary or ridiculously over the top. In fact, several modifications even actually damage the vehicle, with the mechanical ins and outs often faulted at the hands of overly customized mod jobs. Yes, there seem to be no limits when it comes to how far people will go when restoring their vehicles with some people not only ruining their cars but also endangering others.

Interestingly, pickup truck modifications are all the rage with some owners going to extreme lengths with regards to how they customize their trucks. So, let's take a look at 20 truck owners who went too far with their mods.

20 Camo Wrap

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Whether it is a car, bus, limousine or pickup truck, a wrap can really make or break your vehicle. Firstly, it is extremely important to choose a great design and not one that you will regret in a few months time. Several things should also be considered such as the body of the vehicle, the curves and the many obstructions that can be found on a pickup, yes it really is like dressing yourself. Sadly, many people don't think before they wrap and end up with stupid designs such as the one pictured above. Remember, wraps can also produce negative connotations and stereotypes and can give the wrong impression to the other drivers around you.

19 Over The Top Interior

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Some pickup drivers can get a little carried away when it comes to modifying their trucks with the outside of the vehicle receiving the most attention and the full force of their customizations. However, that's not to say that the inside gets ignored, with the interior an often integral part of a truck drivers overall modification.

Sadly, some drivers take it a little too far and end up spending a small fortune on the look rather than the actual performance.

Yes, most modified pickup interiors display flashy steering wheels, over the top break pedals and expensive leather seats and somewhat ignore the actual important features.

18 Rolling Coal Overload 

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Probably one of the most bizarre and stupid modifications on the list, rolling coal is the act of increasing the amount of diesel in the engine and then causing a large amount of pollution for the world to see. Yes, you read that correctly. The process leads to large plumes of smoke that come out of the vehicle and into the air. Not only does this ruin the environment but it also causes severe respiratory problems for those who have breathing difficulties. Furthermore, rolling coals are extremely expensive and can cost anywhere between $200-$5,000 dollars.

17 Lowered Pickup

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Seriously, what is the point in low riders? Lowering your pickup truck is seemingly one of the biggest trends of recent times and can be seen all over the world. It seems the fad originally started in Mexico during the 1920s and made its way stateside not long after.

However, lowering your truck is actually more of a hazard than an actual help and can really damage your car.

Plus, the lowering of the body also forces drivers to drive extremely slow, especially on high roads and slight slopes. And you can forget about hills, with low riders unable to drive up or down them.

16 Too Much Bass

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A good sound system is a common mod among all vehicle owners, especially truck drivers. Good bass doesn't come cheap with drivers going to great lengths to create the perfect sound. However, a number of truck owners often take it too far and end up with a sound system bigger than the car itself. Yes, bass comes in all different sizes as well price tags and can sometimes end up costing the driver a fortune. Furthermore, not only are they expensive, they are also extremely annoying not to mention thirsty. That's right, large bass systems eat away at your gas which in turn can end up costing you even more.

15  Giant Exhaust

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Some might ask, "what's the point in a giant exhaust?" and they'd be right, as they add absolutely nothing to the car or the performance. In fact, a large exhaust is instead incredibly expensive and not only burns a large hole in your pocket but also a large hole in the ozone layer.

Bigger than normal exhausts are unsurprisingly bad for the environment and also contribute to noise pollution.

All in all, large exhausts don't make your truck go faster, don't make your truck look any better and are basically tacky toxic polluting machines with no positives whatsoever.

14 Useless Tailgate Net

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Tailgate nets are designed to keep the air moving swiftly and calmy while driving. The net is also said to provide ventilation while driving which then adds to a quicker and smoother ride. However, most pickup drivers mostly use them to make their vehicles look that bit better, with tailgate nets supposedly adding style to the truck. Sadly, both are incorrect with the net actually doing nothing at all. That's right, the tailgate nets are utterly useless and also make your truck look pretty stupid but for some reason, truck owners continue to buy them and place them on their trucks.

13 Under Glow

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Under glow is by far one of the worst mods a pickup truck could have but is still surprisingly one of the most popular. The lighting is mostly available in Neon or LED and is designed to make your truck look all kinds of cool.

Sadly, this is not the case and instead makes you look like a wannabe rapper with cheap lights and zero appeal.

In fact, a number of neon colors have been disallowed in the USA as they are known to distract other drivers. Authorities have also claimed that the neon lights could be mistaken for the emergency services, adding more danger to the fold.

12 Gigantic Lift Kit

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Lift kits are common modifications on pickup trucks, with owners believing them to look cool and sophisticated. Most owners use lift kits in order to make their truck much more visible as well as attempting to look different and unique. However, these days everybody has them, so not only are you the same as everybody else but they also damage your truck. Think about it? The frame of the vehicle is much more visible when applying a lift, therefore, the gaps in the fender become exposed. This then leads to further problems down the line such as poor handling and suspension.

11 Enormous Wheels

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For some reason truck owners can't get enough of big wheels and large tires, but why? It is said that increasing the size of your wheels can help with the overall performance of your pickup. Plus, most drivers believe that it looks pretty cool.

Sadly, both are false, with big wheels actually more of a hindrance than a help.

Yes, the bigger the wheel the bigger difficulties you'll have with your suspension with the increased weight also eating into your gas mileage. And, if that wasn't enough, the excess in weight can cause faulty brakes, faulty bearings and yes you guessed it, faulty spindles. Plus, it looks stupid, seriously.

10 Colorful Tyres

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Sometimes pickup drivers like to be different from everybody else and modify their trucks to be the best when compared to the rest. However, although these customizations might be unique they can still be extremely tacky and make your car the center of attention for all the wrong reasons. Take colorful wheels, for example, a trend that has somehow caught on with truckers across the globe. The trend is a very recent thing and like all truck modifications, costs a small fortune. Furthermore, the colorful addition in no way enhances the performance of the truck so is not only costly but also utterly useless.

9 Fake Hood Scoop

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Hood scoops are probably one of the most useless modifications out there with truck owners seemingly obsessed with the trend. So what exactly are they supposed to do? Hood Scoops are designed to fit on the hood of the vehicle and are said to provide a better airflow for the pickup.

Plus, a large number of truck owners feel that the scoop adds a somewhat "sportslike" element to their pickup which contributes to the overall cool factor.

But guess what? They don't do anything and are completely and utterly useless. Instead, the scoop is more of a nuisance than a positive and allows dirt to enter your engine bay which then results in more damage.

8 Tacky Murals

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Many pickup owners have their own spin on their trucks and like to make a statement with their own personal touches. For some reason, murals seem to be one of the most unique ways to portray this. However, sadly the mural is usually over the top, ugly and extremely tacky and is always almost a distraction. For instance, take the above mural, a cheap design that portrays a flying eagle in the woods. Not only is this picture entirely void of all meaning but it is almost certainly the theme for a number of other pickups with exactly the same mural. Yes, murals really are that bad.

7 Useless Wings

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For some reason, pickup drivers are insistent on adding wings to their trucks even though they do absotively nothing whatsoever. Yes, they might save you a tiny amount of fuel costs and yes they might redirect the air upwards instead off forwards but the wings themselves are more of a hindrance than a help. Firstly you have to buy the thing which costs a small fortune and are extremely irritating to find. Then, if that wasn't bad enough, you have to fit the stupid thing which is actually more difficult than you would think. Wings really are more trouble than they are worth.

6  Scissor Doors

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For some reason, scissor doors are associated with flashy sports cars and expensive rides. But here's the truth, scissor doors don't look good on any car, nevermind a pickup truck, and are actually more of a hindrance than a help. That's right, the Lamborghini was the first automobile to have scissor doors and required some major modifications to have them complete. Plus, they are extremely expensive to fit and are often prone to breaking, snapping and in some cases falling off their hinges. Yes, scissor doors are a pretty hardcore modification and should be considered long and hard before committing to such a humungous customization.

5 Chrome

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Chromed vehicles are all the rage at the moment and have become a humungous trend on the celebrity circuit. The craze insinuates that your vehicle is much more expensive than it actually is and also forces others to assume that you rolling in the big bucks.

The process is extremely expensive and costs those who undergo the treatment a small fortune.

Furthermore, the chroming procedure is also exceptionally toxic and requires a number of layers for it look at least half decent. And that's not all after the process is done it is important to keep the car shiny, therefore, that's another extra couple of hundred each month to keep it shimmering.

4 Tinted Windows

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Window tints are designed to make you feel like a celebrity, hiding from the paparazzi and living in the shadows. However, the majority of people that have them are regular everyday folk and are in no way related to the celebrity lifestyle.

Yes, most drivers have tinted windows in order to look cool, with a small amount installing them to protect themselves from UV light amongst other things.

Sadly for them, tinted windows do not protect you from the sun at all and are basically useless. In fact, tinted windows are actually illegal in some places across the globe and can act as a distraction.

3 Racing Strips

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Let's face it, pickups are designed for carrying heavy loads, difficult terrains and a sturdy kind of life. Although they might be fast (sometimes) pickups are certainly not racing cars and in no way should pretend to be one. However, some pickup drivers insist on pretending that they are and therefore paint racing stripes onto their vehicles in order to convince people. Sadly, this does not work and instead makes you look like a bit of a poser. Plus, some owners actually believe that painted on racing stripes can make your truck go faster, yes seriously they really do.

2 Bad Paint Job

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There really is nothing worse than a horrible paint job, with pickup drivers showcasing this look across the globe. Paint is the first thing we notice when looking at a vehicle, therefore it is important for it to look good.

Sometimes pickup trucks will have paint that does not match the rest of the body. This can be extremely apparent on a sunny day.

Additionally, there can be dust and dirt clogged up in the paint which makes the truck look cheap and unkempt. Then, if it's really bad, drips can be seen lodged in the paintwork, which is the worst of the worst when it comes to painting vehicles.

1 Hot Tub Pickup Truck

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Adding a hot tub to the back of a pickup truck is a sign that you might have taken it a little too far. Yes, for many, hot tubs seem like a luxury and can be difficult to afford, however, they belong on the ground and not in the back of a truck. Think about it? Fitting the stupid thing would end up costing a large amount of money and would be extremely difficult to build. Plus, filling it with water would become a major hassle not to mention more money. And if that wasn't bad enough, most pickups can't handle the weight which would then end up damaging the suspension as well as the body and frame.

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