20 Pics Of Abandoned Truck Stops From Days Long Past

Let's take a look at 20 eerie pictures of abandoned truck stops.

Truck stops, otherwise known as service stations (shout out to the Brits), is a facility for truck drivers who can rest, refuel and grab some food. Such facilities also offer parking and ready-made food, as well as a variety of other services and are usually found near busy roads and highways. The truck stop has a surprisingly interesting history in the United States and first came about during the early 1940s. The spaces provided trucks with diesel grade fuel stations and bays wide and large enough for sizable trucks and pickups. In fact, some stations had the room to accommodate over a hundred trucks and larger vehicles with parking bays going on for miles and miles. The truck stop caters for trucks and trucks only, with rest areas and highway service areas mostly for cars and smaller vehicles. Therefore, a truck stop is often an eerie place packed with looming machines and lone drivers.

In some states, truck stops are there own little worlds, with on-site casinos and a variety of restaurants. In fact, some spaces are so big that they cover acres of land and supply truckers with on-site showers, telephones, TV lounges and even a laundry service. However, these days truck stops have seemingly garnered a bad reputation and have been connected to petty criminals, prostitutes, and aggressive drivers. The media has also played in part in painting the truck stop with a seedy atmosphere, embroiled in crime and dark activities. Due to these creepy stereotypes and uneasy vibes, a variety of truck stops have closed and faded into obscurity. So, let's take a look at 20 eerie abandoned truck stops.

20 Michigan Truck Stop

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The state of Michigan, USA, is famous for its large lakes, snowy weather and most interestingly, the wolverine. That's right, the rare animal is the state animal and was last spotted in 2004 only to turn up dead six years later in 2010.

However, amongst the pools of water and beautiful sightings lies a number of abandoned truck stops, with this particular closed location one of many.

The abandoned truck stop is often visited by curious travelers who just so happen to be passing by and those who like an adventure, even if there are signs that read "no trespassing."

19 Western Texas

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Western Texas generally surrounds the west part of Texas between Wichita Falls and Del Rio, but there are no official borders or recognized boundaries. Western Texas is not as populated as the rest of Texas and also receives less rainfall, therefore life is rather sparse. The area is also noted for its numerous ghost towns and abandoned buildings, with the deserted truck stop in Sierra Blanca one of its most famous. Sierra Blanca was once a busy town, packed with residents and workers. However, the town became abandoned when it was bypassed by the newly built interstate in Hudspeth County.

18 Rio Pecos Ranch

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The Rio Pecos Ranch is an abandoned truck terminal located along the old and extremely famous, Route 66. The ranch sits just inside the town of Santa Rosa, New Mexico and dates back to the early 60s.

In fact, the stop was once heaving with tourists and travelers who would excitingly make the popular route.

The truck stop was also one of five small complexes run by Bessie and Ira Boren of the Fort Summer-based Rio Pecos Oil Company. These days the truck stop is more of a tourist attraction, welcome to those who are attracted to the old route 66 and the memories that it holds.

17 Desert West Motel, New Mexico

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New Mexico is a state in the Southwestern Region of the USA and is known as one of the Mountain States. Because of its unique geographical location, New Mexico experiences extremely different weather patterns depending on the area with the North and East much colder than the Southern and Western parts of the state. The south, in particular, is extremely dry and sparsely populated. Furthermore, there are also a number of abandoned buildings and ghost towns located here. For instance, the Desert West Motel was part of a larger complex which included a truck stop, a motel, and a mini-mart. The motel still stands almost completely intact but hasn't been used in almost a decade.

16 Highway 70

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U.S Route 70 is an east-west United States highway that runs a whopping 2,395 miles from the east of North Carolina all the way to east-central Arizona.

Upon its opening, the highway was once referred to as the "Broadway of America" due to its status as one of the most popular roads in the country.

The road runs through 7 states including, Oklahoma and Tennesse, and is also noted as being one of the most enjoyable routes to takes when driving coast to coast (ish). Unsurprisingly, there are a number of truck stops (abandoned and not abandoned) along the way, as well as gas stations, motels and places to eat.

15 Pine Bluffs, Wyoming-Nebraska

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Pine Bluffs is a town located in Laramie Country, Wyoming but it also considered to be part of Nebraska due to its location on the state line. These days the population is limited and mostly serves as a stopping point for on the road drivers who are driving coast to coast. However, most drivers prefer to stop in busier towns and cities, therefore, this is also dwindling. Pine Bluffs displays some of the best abandoned buildings in the country and it looks more like a museum than a real-life town. That's right, not only is there an abandoned truck stop but Pine Bluffs also has an unused diner, old trailers and numerous other relics from the past.

14 Grandmas's

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For many Grandmas's Kitchen conjures up memories of long road trips and all American grub. Yes, this food joint was once a huge establishment and offered its customers home-cooked comfort food, large portions, and unnecessary calories.

However, these days the restaurants are a rare breed and can only be found in the deepest darkest corners of the country.

Instead, you are more likely to come across an abandoned Grandmas's Kitchen, like this one located in Rensselaer, Indiana, along with a disused truck stops and cheap motels that haven't had a customer in years.

13 Geary Hydro Truck Stop

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The Geary Hydro truck stop was once named the Hinton Junction and is located at the intersection of highway 281 and the famed Route 66. In its prime, the truck stop was a happening place and was full of long-distance drivers driving coast to coast. The station was owned by the Little family, who also owned a number of other stops along the old Route 66. However, these days, the junction between Hinton and what is now known as Bridgeport, where the truck stop is placed, is a lonely place with large coastal trucks a rare sight.

12 Westbrook, Texas

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Westbrook is a city in Mitchell Country, Texas and is famous for its more than tiny population. In the 2000 census, the population was at a minuscule 203, making it one of the smallest towns in Texas.

Due to its small size and stuck in the middle of nowhere location, Westbrook is much more like a ghost town than an actual city.

However, it wasn't always that way and was once a busy metropolis. Ok, well maybe not a metropolis but it was heaving with trade. The city also sat along one of the biggest highways in the US and offered passing truckers a place to rest and eat.

11 Arizona


Arizona is a state in the southwestern region of the United States of America. In fact, Arizona is the sixth largest state in the country and one of the four corner states. The state is known for its dry and desert climate and often has extremely hot summers and mild winters. The city of Kingman sits on the eastern edge of the state and has a long and interesting history. Kingman is also lucky enough to be on the old highway 66 route and has a number of abandoned buildings that were once bustling with trade. The picture above details a once busy truck stop along with a breakfast joint.

10 Winnemucca, Nevada

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Winnemucca is located in Nevada, the United States and has a population of just 8,000 people. The town is famous for a number of things and is most noted for Butch Cassidy's gang who robbed the First National Bank of Winnemucca in 1900.

Winnemucca is also home to several abandoned buildings and nearby ghost towns.

The above picture portrays an old disused Union 76 truck stop with the remnants of an old neon sign and a building for ice. The ice was probably a huge favor to traveling truck drivers passing through who were probably battling with the Winnemucca heat.

9 Allendale, South Carolina

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Allendale is located in Allendale County, South Carolina and was once described as a "ghost town, poor, neglected, hopeless-looking, a vivid failure" by author Paul Theroux. In fact, Allendale County is one of the poorest places in the U.S with a whopping 40.2 percent of its inhabitants living in poverty. The above picture depicts an old truck stop that was once the heart of the U.S Highway 301. The truck stop now sits empty along with a restaurant and public bathroom. Sadly, the introduction interstate 95 put the truck stop out of business along with a number of other roadside establishments.

8 The Mojave Desert

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The Mojave Desert is one of the driest deserts in North America and is located in the southwestern area of the US. It is famous for a number of things such as a large variety of plants and the Joshua Tree, which is only native to the Mojave Desert.

The desert is also home to a number of forgotten buildings and places that have long gone into disrepair, plus one or two ghost towns for good measure.

The eat lo-gas abandoned truck stop and diner sits along Interstate 15 and has become somewhat of a tourist attraction.

7 Arizona/California 

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The Californian-Arizona border is basically just the Colorado River, which is one of the main rivers located in the South of the United States. The river is a whopping 1,450-mile-long (2,330 km) and passes through seven U.S states and two Mexican states. The river mostly flows southwest through the Grand Canyon and Lake Mead, which falls on the Arizona-Nevada border. The border is also famous for a number of other cool and exciting things, such as this abandoned truck stop which has been here for over forty years. Sadly, the truck motel and truck stop is no longer and use and sits empty along the silent highway.

6 Overgrown Auto Stop

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Sometimes truck stops can be hidden amongst the undergrowth and away from the prying eyes of the interstate or the highway. This one had been abandoned for some time and was concealed under a large amount of greenery which added to its eerie look.

Furthermore, the truck stop was accompanied by a dinner and a motel, which had also been masked by large trees and overgrown hedges.

The complex, which opened around the mid-20s, was once a busy stop point for truckers who were looking for a bite to eat and a pillow to rest their head at night.

5 Bertrand Truck Stop

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Bertrand truck stop is located on Interstate 57 towards Charleston. Interstate 57 is a highway in Missourite and Illinois that parallels the old and legendary Illinois central line for most of its route. The highway was originally opened in 1965 and linked the already running interstate 70. The final section of the interstate in Illinois opened in 1971 and allowed drivers better access to the rest of the state. Along the way a number of abandoned truck stops opened, hoping to cash in on the passing truckers. The Bertrand truck stop was one of them which also had a motel and a restaurant.

4 Motel And Truck Stop

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This motel and truck stop has been abandoned for a number of years and was once a busy and lively place to be. The truck stop is a favorite with tourists who often go out of there away to visit the eerie abandoned building.

But why do people enjoy empty places so much?

Abandoned buildings allow those to be lawless, they allow people to trespass without permission and explore places that are supposed to be off limits. Abandoned buildings give people a thrill, and what's better than a once hustling truck stop that's now void of any life whatsoever.

3 Hamilton, Ontario

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Hamilton is a busy port city in the Canadian province of Ontario and is located at the west end of the beautiful and extremely popular Lake Ontario. The city is rather large and has a population of just under 750,000 thousand people. This abandoned station and motel, which is located at Fifty Road between Hamilton and Grimsby, was closed in 2012 and remains abandoned to passing drivers. The site is said to become a Costco in a few years but for now, it just sits by the side of the road looking creepy and exceptionally eerie.

2 Lexington, Kentucky

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Lexington is the second largest city in Kentucky and is the 60th largest city in the whole of the United States. The city is also known as the "Horse Capital of the World" and is famed for its Bluegrass roots.

The picture above details an abandoned truck stop with a restaurant, a motel and gas pumps.

The motel is still mostly intact with used beds, broken furniture and moldy shower making up the remnants of a past that has been erased from history. The Lexington abandoned truck stop is probably one of the creepiest on the list.

1 M&M

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The M&M truck stop was a once popular truck stop, restaurant, convenience store and gas station. The stop was located on U.S Highway 491 and was extremely busy back in its heyday. Sadly the M&M stop closed in 2001 after a tax default and has been abandoned ever since. These days, plans are being made to turn the building into a new restaurant with the hope of reigniting its past success. However, the truck stop still sits peacefully by the side of the road, abandoned and extremely eerie with no sign of any change.

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