20 Pictures Of Abandoned Pickups That Are Rotting Away

Here are 20 Pictures Of Abandoned Pickups That Are Rotting Away

Pickup trucks have become the car market's first choice. The F-series pickup from Ford has been the best-selling vehicle in the US for many years. Car buyers are choosing a pickup not only for work use but as a lifestyle choice. Besides hauling heavy loads, a pickup truck can provide safety for your family during the commute that a sedan cannot. The bulky frame and the elevation off the ground, which is inherent in a pickup, ensure that injury during collisions is minimized. Pickups also grant men the masculinity that they would otherwise not have. Women love a man who can handle a big piece of machinery; therefore, being behind the wheel of a large vehicle makes you appealing to women. Although pickup trucks have a tremendous amount of appeal, human nature dictates that we, eventually, get bored with our possessions and take them for granted. When we reach that stage, we want to replace the current pickup with a new toy. The car has become redundant, and we want to move onto something more exciting. The problem that some pickup owners face is that they cannot sell their pickup. Some leave the vehicle in their yard, while others take more drastic measures such as crushing the vehicle at the junkyard or abandoning their vehicles. We discovered twenty pickup trucks that'll break your heart, as the owners deserted their vehicles.

20 Drown In Sorrows

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Some pickup owners will go to great lengths to get rid of their vehicles. They are unsatisfied with parking the vehicles in a forest or an open field; instead, they have to tarnish the vehicle.

The owner of this pickup drove the vehicle off-road and parked it in a ditch.

Heavy rains flooded the ditch and filled up the bed of the pickup. The bed snapped and dipped deeper into the puddle. The harsh weather also shattered the windshield, as well as all the windows, and peeled away the fender.

19 Hidden Gem

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The '80s were a magical time for pickup manufacturers. Chevrolet has spent the last century building a reputation for manufacturing reliable and long-lasting full-size pickup trucks. The Silverado is the most prominent pickup that the US manufacturer has released, and the owner of this pickup is aware of that but unwilling to take care of the vehicle. He parked it behind a storage facility and marked the vehicle 'not for sale,' as he probably realizes that the car will be a classic in the future, which he can use to make a generous profit. The pickup's paint rusted from being parked uncovered for years.

18 Alone In The Wild

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Chevrolet produced the CK pickup from 1960 until 2000 in North America. Chevy Silverado replaced the aging CK Pickup.

The owner of this magnificent 1969 CK10 felt that it was time for something new and had to get rid of the old.

He drove the vehicle to a dry, deserted field and abandoned the vehicle. Someone saw the abandoned vehicle and stripped off the tires. The CK10 has a drop-center ladder frame and an independent front suspension, enabling the cab to sit lower, which makes the driver experience a car-like ride in a truck.

17 Stuck In A Tree

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If you want to own a classic pickup, then the 1950s Ford is a must-have. The US manufacturer changed the design of the vehicle significantly from 1950 to 1954. The pickup's grille was a series of horizontal bars, and Ford had set the headlights into the fenders from 1948 to 1950. The owner of this magnificent pickup was unsatisfied with the changes that Ford made to the vehicle and decided to abandon his ride. The owner abandoned the vehicle several decades ago, and a tree has grown straight through the bed. The exterior is in excellent condition, proving that Ford builds timeless vehicles.

16 Long Forgotten

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Some people have no problem with parting with their possessions. When the possession is cheap and irrelevant, it's easier to part with it, but this guy parted with a pickup truck. He abandoned the powerful truck in the mountains and let it rust. The trees fell on the vehicle and damaged the hard bonnet. The brutal conditions encouraged the rusting of the vehicle. Nobody damaged the vehicle, as the windshield and windows are in perfect condition. The tires are still on the vehicle. The owner parted with a vehicle, which could've brought him years of pleasurable driving.

15 Sinking Deeper

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The saddest part about the pickups on our list is that most would function had the owners maintained the vehicles. The owner of this pickup decided it was time to purchase a new pickup and left this one by the cabin in the forest. The vehicle managed to maintain the condition of the exterior through the blizzards and proved that the owner had made a mistake of letting it go. The tires had sunk into the ground from the debris that had gathered after the harsh weather. If someone finds the vehicle, he can restore it and will own a great machine.

14 Left And Forgotten

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The 1950 GMC FC101 pickup inherited the styling that the manufacturer introduced for its 1948 trucks. The vehicle is a powerhouse that has a tough exterior as the pictured truck has evidenced. This yellow GMC was steadfast when trees and metal poles fell on the bonnet. Although the vehicle is more than sixty years old, it proved that US pickup manufacturers are the best in the world at building trucks. If you're unable to find this particular truck, you can buy a 1950 GMC FC101 for an average price of $20,000.

13 A Work Of Art

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What makes this story so heartbreaking is that nobody showed any respect to the aging pickup. The owner wanted to get rid of the old jalopy and drove it to a ramshackle building. Then, he stripped all the parts to squeeze the last drop out of the vehicle. If the tale weren't sad enough, graffiti artists couldn't resist the urge to spray the vehicle with ugly colors. The only thing left of the vehicle is the tires. Unfortunately, the owner and the graffiti artists didn't show any respect for the vehicle and made it an atrocity.

12 Hide And Seek

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This is another GMC classic that its owner felt wasn't worth the time. The only positive we can mention about this abandonment is that the owner had the decency to hide the vehicle in the bush.

Although its paint has faded, the GMC tanker truck has shown that it can last for decades, as the body is barely damaged.

The windows and lights are in perfect condition. The owner had hidden the vehicle, but the sad part is that nobody is likely to seek and find the vehicle. This is another powerful machine on the list that its owner took for granted.

11 Bigger Is Sometimes Better

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Ford has made many trucks that the car market loves. The F-series is the best-selling vehicle in the US, and the Raptor is destined to become a classic. Since Ford started manufacturing the first pickup, the Ford TT, in the early 1900s, it has carried the tradition of building solid pickups. This Ford pickup may be more than sixty years old, but the owner could've driven it had he taken care of the vehicle. The pickup needs a paint job and mechanical repair. The owner got tired of the vehicle and parked it behind his house to use as storage.

10 Rust In Peace

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The owner of this 1964 Ford F100 drove his pickup to an open field and parked it behind caravans to hide it from bypassers. Some people, unlike the owner, saw the value that the pickup could offer and stripped the engine and some of the tires. Bad weather shattered the windshield, as well as rusted the paint. The pickup has a beautiful light-green paint that makes this vehicle a classic. Considering the vehicle is a few decades old, the exterior isn't badly damaged. Had the owner taken care of the mechanical parts, he could've still driven the pickup.

9 Blown To Smithereens

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Instead of taking the vehicle to a junkyard to sell the parts, the owner of this pickup parked the vehicle on the side of the road and walked away to look for a new toy. Some graffiti artists saw the vehicle and thought they would practice their skills on the pickup. The tree branches topped the vehicle and caused further damage. Somebody stripped the vehicle off all the mechanical parts and the back tires. The pickup doesn't have even a roof. The only part left of the vehicle left is the front tire. This vehicle should be crushed.

8 Out Of Business

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What could be better than owning a pickup? The only thing I can think of is owning a pickup that has a double cab with an extended bed. Unfortunately, the owner of this vehicle didn't agree and decided to abandon the vehicle, which he used for business. When he no longer needed the pickup for his business, he parked the vehicle in the forest. The exterior of the vehicle is barely damaged, so he could've used the vehicle for many years to come had he maintained it. The owner took the engine out to pawn at the junkyard.

7 Dodged That Bullet

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Formerly,  we knew the brand as 'Dodge Ram Pickup,' now called 'Ram Pickup.' Ram used to be part of the Dodge line of light trucks. Motor Trend named the Ram Pickup 'Truck of the Year' five times in the magazine.

The owner of this Dodge pickup didn't think highly of the vehicle and parked it on the side of the road.

As the owner hadn't returned to the vehicle after abandoning it, someone from the community thought he could make a quick buck by stripping the engine and the tires off the pickup.

6 Against All Odds

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When an owner of a vehicle wants nothing to do with it, he or she will go to great lengths to ensure that the vehicle is out of sight.

The owner of this classic Ford pickup drove the vehicle to the middle of nowhere and left it to rust.

The exterior of the vehicle has deteriorated. What's remarkable is that the vehicle's body has no dents despite the toppling trees and the inhospitable environment. The 1950s Ford pickup is one of a kind and proved that it could stand the test of time.

5 End Of The Road

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Regardless of how tough pickup manufacturers make their vehicles, there comes a time when the vehicle sees the end of the road. The years of wear and tear from being on the road caused irreparable damage to this vehicle. When the owner saw that the vehicle couldn't carry on, he drove it for the last time and into the depths of the forest to let it rust in peace. Whoever is capable of restoring this vehicle to working condition deserves a prize, as this vehicle has seen its last days. The vehicle will be worth a decent amount once restored.

4 The Weather Is Unpredictable

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While cruising in his vehicle, the owner of this F-150 FX4 ran into some trouble. The neighborhood he drove into flooded. Seeing no way out of the situation, the owner decided to abandon the vehicle to save his life. The harsh weather didn't deter thieves from removing the tires from the vehicle.

The F-150 is a tough vehicle that can handle all terrains but has its limits.

The owner of this vehicle did the right thing by evacuating but shouldn't have abandoned the pickup. Maybe he'll return when the water has vanished.

3 Burnt Out

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Holden may not be one of the most recognized pickup brands in the world, but it's provided its owners with reliability and durability for many years. The owner of this pickup disregarded the vehicle once he saw that he couldn't get anything out of it and parked the vehicle beside the road. Instead of leaving the vehicle in the sun for years, the owner should've taken it to a junkyard. The vehicle is burnt out. I wonder if Chip Foose can restore the vehicle to working condition.  I wouldn't be surprised if he can.

2 Camouflage

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When you stay long enough in one place, you blend into the environment. The owner of this Chevrolet parked the pickup in the forest decades ago. The leaves covered the vehicle, making it blend into the green pasture. The owner stripped the vehicle of its engine and the rear wheels. The windshield is smashed. Although the owner abandoned the vehicle, maybe that's the right environment for this pickup, considering nobody can see its dismal condition. Nobody should remember these classic pickups as worn-out vehicles that have no use. The vehicle looked so beautiful in this environment that National Geographic snapped a picture.

1 Greener Pastures

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This is the most heartbreaking picture of all the trucks on the list. This vehicle has been in that spot for so long that its environment has absorbed it and covered it with its debris. The owner of the vehicle parked it far from the main road; hence, nobody can discover the vehicle and try to restore it. Unfortunately, this vehicle is all alone in the woods and will not see the road anytime soon, if ever again. I wonder if anybody will recognize that it's a vehicle under all the debris if he walks past it.

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