20 Pictures Of Cars That Were Vandalized With Paint

There's nothing more satisfying than buffing a fresh coat of wax into that brand new, just washed car. It gleams in the sunlight, not a scratch or dent on the beautiful paint, sparkling from the manufacturer, or maybe just repainted from the fabrication shop. Of course, everyone's worst fear is to have their beautiful, shiny car vandalized in some way: keyed, spray painted, windows broken, or really any kind of damage is horrifying. Even simple door dings or dents from grocery carts are a dreaded nightmare. But that's nothing compared to what happened to these 20 cars.

They've been vandalized with all kinds of colors of paint. A lot of it. Buckets, actually, dumped on windows, doors, and hoods with abandon. And sometimes that's just a small part of the damage, not including broken windshields and door windows, slashed tires and smashed body panels. These vandals couldn't be bothered with that measly spray paint stuff.

Whether they were getting revenge, angry at the world, or doing it for a dare, they decided to go all the way. And they covered these 20 cars in so much paint, most are more the vandalized color than their original color! You'll be glad these aren't pictures of your daily driver, or your brand new sports car. These 20 vandalized cars might just surprise you as to who was behind the damage, or who could've been, and why they were so angry.

20 Ex Lover or Business Deal Gone South?

Via corvetteforum.com

This picture will make just about anybody cringe at the sight of it. Especially for the actual owner of this C7 Z06 Corvette.

Just imagine walking out after a delicious lunch on a sunny day, looking forward to a nice afternoon drive with the top down in your freshly detailed, 650 horsepower V8 Corvette, just to walk up to this horrendous scene.

Your baby, your pride and joy, completely destroyed! According to reports, the paint covered the whole car, even dripping down into the intake! And the interior? Coated in layers of white paint. But the vandal didn't stop there. He or she smashed the windshield, tore the convertible soft top, broke both of the door windows, smashed the headlights, and broke the rearview mirrors. Needless to say, there's no saving this Corvette! So who do you think did it? Thugs? An ex-wife or husband? An angry business partner? Whoever it was, there's no doubt they were very, very angry, and they knew how to hit where it hurts! Looks like they left the rims in tact, at least.

19 Marking the Territory or Mindless Crusade?

via kcrg.com

You could probably say that these vandals went a tad bit overboard trying to make their point. They didn't just paint a white car with some red. They went way above and beyond the call of duty, as it were, liberally coating not only almost every inch of the car, but also soaking the driveway red, spattering the car next to it, dousing the garage, the trash cans, the side of the house. Even the grass wasn't safe from these vandals. According to KCRG, it even reached a third vehicle, the next door neighbor's! Estimated damage for everything goes past 1,ooo US dollars, which means this specific crime, if prosecuted, would get a second degree criminal charge. This happened on no other date than Friday the 13th, the unluckiest day of them all. And the owner of this Malibu would no doubt have to agree with that. With no finger or shoe prints, either, the cops don't have much to go off of in convicting the criminals. Hate to break it to you thugs wherever you might be, but you missed a spot.

18 Corrupt Police or Thugs Causing Trouble?

via echo-news.co.uk

These police officers got a bit more than they bargained for when they decided to be law enforcers and graduate from the Police Academy.

Two unknown vandals decided it would be a good idea to dump buckets of white and pink paint on the roof, doors, windshield and hood of this British police car.

They were clearly trying to make some kind of bold statement, taking the huge risk of vandalizing a cop car. This case of vandalism comes to us from "across the pond", in Essex, which is in the United Kingdom. According to reporters, it even happened during daylight hours, on an early Sunday morning. And even worse, the officers were on a call nearby! Talk about taking risks in the name of causing mischief! So what do you think? Was this a case of ruffians with nothing better to do, bitter at the law? Or was it more personal? Did these vandals have something against the police officers on call? There were no CCTV's in the area, and no witnesses, so we may never know!

17 Bad Car Sale or Wanton Destruction?

via dailymail.co.uk

This one comes to us from the UK as well. Except these vandals got more than a little out of hand. They decided to cover over 60 cars in this dealership with paint, smash panels, break windows, slash tires, paint foul language and offensive signs, tear and rip the roofs of convertibles, and generally destroy the entire inventory of a poor man's car dealership. Many of the cars were damaged so badly that the cost of repair well out-priced the value of the car. Which essentially means his used car dealership has turned into a junkyard. Car parts anyone? We've got plenty! No exterior parts, though. According to the news article, damaged totaled over 80,000 British Pounds, which equates to almost 108,000 US Dollars. Ouch, right? "At least he has business insurance, at least," you might be thinking. But the worst part of this story is that the owner, named Shane Gordon, had just relocated his business and hadn't had a chance to inform the insurance company of his change of address. Which means they didn't cover a single penny of the damage. Talk about a total catastrophe! So do you think it was an angry customer who was sold a car that broke down? Or a couple of no-good kids with a desire to rebel? Police arrested two youths in possible connection with the crime, but they were released while the police conducted further investigations.

16 Vengeful Girlfriend or Horrible Accident?

via hyperactivz.com

Maybe the person who did this has a thing for abstract art, maybe they're a big fan of Picasso, or they aspire to be the new Jackson Pollock. Or maybe they've just been playing way too much Splatoon. In any case, they destroyed the interior of this BMW, and not pictured here, the entire exterior as well, smashing the windshield and back window. But art is subjective, right? Maybe the owner of the car wanted a spruce up, wanted to try something new and fresh. Or maybe their favorite color is red! Of course the owner was no doubt devastated when they found their car in this state, no matter what their favorite color is. At least the fast food cup and can of pop can be thrown out! As for the quilted, hand stitched leather seats, not so much... So what's the verdict? Was it an art enthusiast? A professional painter got into an accident with a gallon of red paint in his car? Or was it a vengeful ex-girlfriend who had to get back at her cheating boyfriend? In any case, at least put up a wet paint sign!

15 Time Traveling Police Car or No Good Thugs?

via express.co.uk

I personally think this looks really cool. It's extremely chic vintage-modern. We've got an old Land Rover, painted in futuristic, shiny silver paint. How artsy. Sort of, but not really.

Vandals coated every single inch of this British Police Land Rover in paint, even taking the time to paint all four wheels and tires.

If you notice, they had quite the eye for detail, making the effort to even paint the light bar on top. They even got the rear view mirrors. And let's not forget the avant garde silver designs on the asphalt! The police in West Yorkshire, UK don't have a dedicated parking lot for the vehicles in their force. According to the article in express.co.uk, they hadn't had any issues parking this Land Rover there in the past. Which means the vandals probably had been planning the act for quite a while, brainstorming the most shocking way to vandalize a police vehicle. While it looks futuristic, maybe a post-modern statement piece if it were in a museum, the fact of the matter is this was a vital police vehicle used to reach remote parts of the countryside around Yorkshire, and it was out of commission while it had to be repaired. Unfortunately, no time traveling police officers here!

14 Angry Paint Contractor or Spiteful Neighbor?

via ranchomurieta.com

The owner woke up to find this on his driveway. "Who's car is that?" he might have been thinking. "There's no way that's my car!" Sadly, as he walked outside, despite how much he wanted it to be someone else's, this white Mercedes was indeed his. Covered hood to bumper in an even drizzle of grey paint. He also found a can of porch and floor paint with holes punched in the lid, and sneakers a few blocks away. The owner said the shoes matched the footprints left in the paint that also ruined his driveway.  He estimates the damage to his beautiful Mercedes Benz with slick aftermarket rims to be over 5,000 US Dollars. Yikes! No doubt he took great care of his car, too. Making sure it was serviced impeccably, detailed regularly, washed and waxed every week. The unnamed owner sadly doesn't know who committed the crime. According to news reports, the local police had a 1,000 dollar reward out for information regarding a host of vandalisms that included this Mercedes Benz. So what do you think? Contractor with an anger problem? A lingering feud between neighbors? Just a couple of thugs? Your choice!

13 Party Gone Too Far or Insurance Fraud?

via thebronxchronicle.com

According to The Bronx Chronicle, no police report was filed for this rather flashy case of vandalism. As is clear, a bucket of pastel pink (or maybe "blushing princess pink"? or "creamy rose"? or "cloudy champagne sunset"?) paint was splattered across this almost impeccably clean black SUV. Looks like it went all the way across the roof. The street got a healthy dose of it, too. The damage is undoubtedly severe. Wouldn't you call the cops if this happened to your car? Unless, of course, you were the one to blame... because you could use the insurance money... Or maybe it was just an accident. Did the car owner's kids do it? Maybe they got carried away with friends at a wild Friday night party and decided to have some fun? A little too much fun. What do you think? In any case, it's clear that this shade of "pastel passionfruit glow" complements the black quite well. I might just have to paint accents on my car just like these! We'll start a new trend!

12 Ex-Officer or Revolt Against Local Police?

via ktvz.com

No one ever complained about the Portland Police force, did they? I didn't know anyone in Portland did much besides drink coffee and ride bikes. Of course more than that happens, but I can't help but think of "Portlandia" when I hear about this Oregon town. A lot more than that happens, actually. Over two dozen police troop vehicles were vandalized with the purest and opaque white paint I've seen in a while. Although I doubt the perps were pure at all. This specific act of vandalization happened just before dawn, early Tuesday morning. It also happened to be May Day. Which would make the police speculate that perhaps it was by local groups of Anarchists, as they tend to butt heads with the police on days like May Day. It takes a lot of gumption to do something as fearless as vandalizing police cars parked right outside the police station. Maybe it was someone from the inside! And that rose on the side of the car--it's a nice touch.

11 Political Uprising or Dangerous Social Group?

via thewhig.com

This act of vehicular vandalism is actually a case of extremely targeted violence. Canadian Police suspect that the vandalism of this car, including a burned Canadian flag underneath the car, was committed by members of the Idle No More movement, a group of people who fight for the rights of the indigenous local people of Canada.

The vehicle is owned by a politician by the name of Art Milnes, who was organizing a ceremony for Sir John A. MacDonald in celebration of his birthday.

This isn't the first case of vandalism as a response to the political entities of Canada, and the police know it. The car of another MP Mark Garretsen also had its tires slashed as part of the vandals statement.  So what do you think? Was it warranted? Or another case of dangerous social behavior? Either way, this man's car will need some serious fixing! The Canadian Police, and Politicians, state that they have no problems with peaceful protests and marches, but once the acts become criminal, it warrants investigating and is no longer acceptable.

10 Personal Vendetta or Teen Angst Taken Too Far?

via twincities.com

We've got another case of someone vandalizing a car because it was related to the local police. This time, though, besides vandalizing the squad car, the perpetrators even went a step further, by vandalizing the Police Chief's personal pick up truck! As you can see, they took at least two buckets of paint and doused the front hood, grill, and windshield of this Dodge Ram pick up truck.

Aside from the gallons of paint, they heavily scratched the vehicles. These crazy thugs were so hellbent on vandalizing, they did this to the cars even though they were parked outside the Police Chief's house! Do you think it was just a couple of teens up to no good? Or something more personal? A wrong conviction from the Justice System? In either case, this truck is totaled! And the worst part? Taxpayers will have to foot the bill for this one!

9 Racist Act or Angry Admirer?

via euroradio.fm

This one comes from Belarus, where an unknown attacker decided that "bird excrement paint" was the newest and hippest form of art. The car wasn't even parked illegally, which bars suspicion towards any traffic or parking vigilantes. According to the news article, the owner of this vehicle had a Russian flag inside the car, which was visible through the windshield.

Unfortunately, it isn't uncommon for vehicles with patriotic symbols to be intentionally damaged out of spite or racism.

Was it a stranger with a strong distaste for Russia? Or perhaps this was yet another case of an angry admirer trying to find some means of revenge. I suppose it's one of the more hurtful (and illegal) acts a person could do to feel justified when they are turned down by a potential lover. Whatever the reason, the owner must have been devastated to see their once shiny black BMW turned into a melting Dalmatian. He immediately took his car to the shop to see what could be done. After a few thousand dollars, most of the paint was able to be removed, with only small specks remaining. I think it's safe to say the owner won't be parking on the street again without first installing a camera near his car!

8 Are These Firefighters Helping or Mass Vandalizing?

via dailymail.co.uk

This car looks completely destroyed by neon pink paint, and if you notice, everything in the background is too. The driveway, bricks, vegetation, and practically every inch of this Lexus is covered in hot pink dye! While this may look like paint, it's in fact fire-retardant. Crop dusting planes dumped this "non-toxic" material on hundreds of acres of land, including neighborhoods, houses, and cars, in an effort to stem a local wildfire that was getting severely out of hand. While you can't say they weren't doing something very important and helpful, you can speculate that the pilots probably had a lot of fun dumping this vibrant concoction onto the rich and famous alike. I know that I would be completely outraged if I came outside to see my car covered in this stuff, almost as angry as I would be if it was actually paint. And who knows how much this mixture eats away at the finish on the paint, what could get inside the car and engine bay and wreak havoc. There's no telling the potential damage of this stuff, even if it isn't paint!

7 Extra Latex Paint or Not Enough Latex?

via nbc-2.com

Bright blue paint was only a small part of these vandals scheme to ruin cars. It's easy to see the copious drizzles of blue latex paint smeared across this Lincoln Navigator, but it's not as easy to see the ketchup and eggs dotting the rest of the car.

This group of miscreants vandalized five different cars, all along the same street, using Latex paint to douse the cars as well as scrawl obscene language and swastikas, and throwing eggs and ketchup across them as well.

At least they didn't smash all the windows or cut any tires. You have to look at the positive side of things sometimes. Even if that means driving what you tell your friends is the next coolest fad in car design. Looks like an angry ex-lover is out of the equation for this rash of vandalism, although the cops have not apprehended anyone, according to the local NBC news agency. I think maybe a guy was cheating on his girlfriend with five different people, and the girlfriend found out. So she went on a rampage, going and exacting vengeance on all of his lovers. Or not. It's up to you, really.

6 Claim To Fame or Sloppy Execution?

via motorauthority.com

If you were going to vandalize a bunch of cars with buckets of robin egg blue paint, you'd think you'd be at least a little careful while doing it right? The last thing you would want is to get caught in the act. You'd want to make sure no one could identify you, or even better make sure there aren't witnesses. And you'd double check that your shoes didn't have paint on them, right? How about making sure that you closed the paint can when you were done? Or maybe double checking that it wasn't leaking onto the sidewalk on your way home...? The ruffian responsible for this outbreak of vandalism was found by police, not because of eyewitnesses, nor because of video footage. No, this criminal was caught because the police followed a literal paint trail back to his house. Could he have made it any easier for them to convict him? You'd think not, but he actually did, when the police found empty paint cans and clothes with matching paint residue on them. So what do you think? Do you think he was a crazed lunatic looking for infamy, so he wanted the cops to find him? Or was it a sloppy, careless thug looking for cheap thrills?

5 Rowdy Teens or Evil Scientist?

via wnep.com

Six cars, including this Jeep Wrangler Sahara Edition, were spackled with yellow goo in the Pennsylvania town of Ashley. Vehicle owners awoke to see unfamiliar bright streaks on their beloved cars. When they went outside to investigate, they discovered that the streaks were not simply paint, as they feared it would be, and as it appeared to be. Rather, it was some kind of "unknown substance" splattered on their cars, something that even the police were unable to identify.

The article on ABC 16's news website says that the mystery goop could best be described as "mustard foam", though I doubt anyone is willing to do a taste test to confirm this accusation.

Although the ungodly foam showered multiple cars, windows, and plants, it was luckily able to be mostly washed off. So was it the work of a group of rowdy teens who were mad from boredom? Considering that there was also a stick of butter found nearby, the theory I choose to embrace is that an evil scientist was attempting to take sandwich making to the next level, and things got a little...messy. Whatever the case, at least food paint washes off easier than spray paint. It probably tastes better, too. (Not that I would know.)

4 Ancient Lost Love or Centenarian Hater?

via sudbury.com

A poor 91 year old man from Sudbury was subject to a particularly senseless case of car vandalism when his white Buick Rendezvous was covered in thick black paint (or was it his black Rendezvous with white paint? Is a zebra white with black stripes or black with white stripes? I think I'm confused.) In addition to the paint vandalism, his tire valves were cut, and windshield smashed. The particularly interesting part of this story is that the victim, who was 91 at the time of the incident, was actively involved in his community, volunteering time to help as many people as he could. Everyone he knew loved him for his selfless, outgoing attitude, and people were lining up to help him after the incident. His son was so upset and baffled, he decided to do some investigating of his own. Vigilante justice, anyone? What he found out was that the man was involved in an incident of road rage a few days before, the accused apparently was quite upset at said victim, flipping him off and even following him home. The almost centenarian said he was quite afraid after the incident. Or could it have been a long lost ex of the 91 year old? I personally think it was the road rage guy, although there sadly wasn't enough evidence to convict anyone.

3 Outraged Handyman or Cunning Criminal?

via motor1.com

Paint stripper is the culprit here, not paint. But it has the same devastating effect on this slick black Corvette Stingray with sweet cherry red brake calipers. What a beautiful machine! Or it was, anyway.

This particular 'Vette was owned by Renee Hughes, who had the misfortune of walking out to see her car in this sorry state. She called the cops immediately, but there were no eyewitnesses and no recordings.

The paint stripper was highly concentrated, eating away the paint job on the sides down to the primer and past, literally melting the paint off the sides of the sports car. You can actually see that once deep, beautiful black paint dripping onto the asphalt parking lot. What a tragedy. The police put up a 3,ooo dollar reward for any information given regarding the culprit behind this senseless act of destruction. At the time the article from Motor 1 was written, they had yet to find anyone to convict. How crazy do you have to be to ruin such a beautiful, fast sports car like this? At least that 6.2L V8 will still make that baby soar down the freeway! Although the body is probably less aerodynamic now... So who could have done this? Was it a criminal who liked thinking outside of the box? Or was it an angry ex-boyfriend who worked with paint? In either case, fixing this stunning car was probably cost a pretty penny!

2 Barbie Lover or Crazy Girlfriend?

via gmauthority.com

Looks like a four year old got hold of her favorite color of paint while her parents weren't looking. Maybe she just wanted a taste of that glamorous Malibu life Barbie always gets to be a part of. Or maybe she had a thing for Hello Kitty. Whatever the case, this girl, even though she isn't four years old, was mad. Really mad. Crazy nuts mad, actually. I wonder what her boyfriend did to cause her to react so irrationally. She didn't stop with the pink paint, either. All manner of kitchen food items ended up in the cab of this GMC Sierra pickup truck in the middle of summer. And a lot of it. You can actually watch the video yourself on YouTube. On top of the rotten food inside, she went out of her way to pour concrete mix into the cab also. How nice. What do you think he did to her? Cheating? Or worse? Who knows, but all I can say is you have to be pretty psycho to go to this extreme when you're wronged and upset. So whatever he did, shame on him. But shame on her for throwing such a tantrum. Seriously.

1 Jealous Ex or Rebellious Duo?

via sthelensstar.co.uk

Mysterious vandals poured white paint all over this car in zebra stripe fashion in the early hours of the morning, as captured by CCTV footage. Dressed in dark clothing with hoods and long pants, they were unable able to be identified, much to the dismay of the vehicle owner. Oddly enough, the black car directly beside the vehicle that was vandalized was untouched by paint. So was this a jealous ex seeking revenge against the car owner? Or was the vandalism performed by a rebellious duo who forgot to bring another can of paint? Just days after this incident, multiple other vehicles were also damaged in the same manner, which suggests that perhaps the defiant duo was on a rampage of revolt. Or, it's also possible that they had many, many exes and a lot of anger to fuel their painting shenanigans. The vehicle owner said it's a special kind of paint that won't come off, and turned to social media in hopes of finding someone who recognizes the culprits-- with no luck. Perhaps this really is just the work of serial vandals trying to cause an uproar. Of course, it's almost impossible not to uproar when cars are involved.

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