20 Pictures Of Female Drivers Who Forgot How To Drive

Women don't necessarily have the best reputation when it comes to driving. It isn't true that all women are bad drivers, but there's definitely a fair share of females who shouldn't be allowed on the road.

Between the poor judgment, lack of awareness, and just plain stupidity, these women caused some serious damage to other people's' vehicles and their own. For instance, one woman forgot to take the gas nozzle out of her car before driving away and started a gas-station fire. Another lady turned into a one-way street, only to be met by another car heading right for her, so she decided to try and back up into oncoming traffic.

We can't help but laugh at some of these outrageous fails. One woman who tried to park in a lot ended up with her car literally sitting on top of two other cars. How does someone let something like that happen?

Another lady forgot to put her car in park and left it in neutral to drift into oncoming traffic, so she ran out to try and catch it! One woman sped up to make a turn and ended up driving off a curb, falling 50 feet, and landing on a fire hydrant... we can't make this stuff up.

Others ignored traffic signals or didn't look into oncoming traffic before making a turn and ended up paying the price. Hopefully, these female drivers have learned their lessons because otherwise, they'll rack up a very expensive insurance bill.

Take a look at these 20 Pictures of Women Who Forgot How To Drive.

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20 The Woman Who Started A Gas Station Fire

women driving fail 20
via: youtube.com

Perhaps, this woman was new to pumping her own gas because she forgot to do the most important thing. This lady attempted to drive off without removing the nozzle from her gas tank! When she gained some speed and the nozzle hose ripped out of her car, it ignited a fire in the gas station.

Any smart person would've just gotten out of his or her car and run away, calling 911 for immediate help because gasoline is obviously extremely flammable, and the gas station could've been seconds away from an explosion. This woman, though, got out of her car, along with a man who was in the passenger seat, and they realized the grave error she had committed. Hopefully, they sought out some help afterward.

19 This Woman Chasing After Her Car Drifting Into Oncoming Traffic

women driving fail 18
via: youtube.com

This woman probably pulled her car over and intended to park it on the side of the road. She put the hazard lights on and got out of the car, only to realize that she hadn't actually shifted to park and instead left the car in neutral. Once she was out of the vehicle, it began drifting into oncoming traffic.

She can be seen to the left of the white vehicle chasing after it, but it was too late. Her SUV slammed into a car in the opposite lane. However, that crash at least stopped the car from going any further, and she was able to hop in and maneuver it out of traffic. She'll definitely learn from this expensive and stupid mistake.

18 This Woman Who Slid Right Into This Truck

women driving fail 19
via: youtube.com

It was obviously a cold, snowy day when this woman decided to go out for a drive, but the slippery roads aren't all to blame for this car accident. This lady clearly didn't leave enough space between the truck and her own car before she decided to jut out into the road to make a right turn. It looks like she barely allowed the truck to pass by the intersection before she attempted to get out onto the road.

The result was her slamming into the back corner of the truck and spinning out of control. The front of her car is undoubtedly damaged, and the truck may be as well. It just goes to show that hazardous driving conditions are dangerous, and this woman's poor judgment just enhanced the severity of the crash.

17 This Woman Who Didn't Look Before Turning

women driving fail 15
via: youtube.com

Whether you're at a traffic light or just at an intersection in general, you should always look ahead at oncoming traffic before crossing over and making a left turn. This is Driving 101. However, this woman clearly didn't get the memo because she sped up to make a left turn without looking to see if anyone else was coming, and a silver sedan was already headed her way. Fortunately for us, someone recorded the entire incident on a dash cam.

The silver car was going too fast to stop and ended up slamming into the front right corner of the woman's car. The sedan's hood flew up in the air, the bumper was completely disheveled, and the woman's car wasn't looking too good either.

16 This Woman Who Forced Her Way Into This Parking Garage

women driving fail 2
via: youtube.com

This woman seemed to be in a hurry to get into this parking garage and couldn't be bothered to wait until the barrier gate was lifted, or maybe they just didn't feel like paying and drove right on through. The soft gate didn't do much damage to the front of the car, but the woman had sped up so fast to anticipate going through the gate that she went right ahead and slammed into the wall directly in front of her.

The whole thing was caught on video by the parking garage's security camera. Not only did she barge through their security barrier, but she also damaged their property. Her car was likely damaged enough to the point where she needed to call a tow truck to come and take her car out of the garage.

15 This Woman Who Should've Looked Before Changing Lanes

women driving fail 17
via: youtube.com

This woman in the white sedan in the right lane was obviously off in her own world when she decided to change lanes in the middle of traffic. She didn't look behind her or to her left to see if anyone was coming before doing so either. Two people riding a moped or a small motorcycle were riding in between the two lanes to bypass some of the traffic when she pulled out in front of them.

The woman hit the bike with the front of her car, sending the people flying into the air. The two people on the bike were obviously injured from such a traumatic fall. The woman then got out of the car to see if she could help, but they don't want her anywhere near them, and we don't blame them!

14 This Woman Who Took An Extremely Wide Turn

women driving fail 3
via: youtube.com

This woman was out driving in her white Toyota minivan one day when she took an extremely wide turn that ended up totally wrecking her car. The whole thing was recorded on a street camera, and the vehicle can be seen speeding to make the left turn but failing to turn enough, causing the vehicle to run into the curb at the edge of the road.

The problem was, just over this curb was another road, about 50 feet below. When she went over the curb, her minivan went up in the air, flipped, and landed on its roof. As if that wasn't bad enough, the car landed on a fire hydrant, and water immediately began shooting off into the air. She'll probably be making much more cautious, slow turns from here on out.

13 This Woman Who Forgot To Brake

women driving fail 13
via: youtube.com

The person driving the vehicle behind this Kia must've known something bad was going to happen to the Kia and its driver. The exclamation-point bumper sticker really could've served as a warning that the Kia meant nothing but trouble, as the sticker resembled a 'Caution' symbol.

The Kia was at an intersection, sitting on a hill, the driver waiting to turn right. While the driver of the Kia was waiting for the cars to pass by, she seemed to have forgotten that she needed to keep her foot on the brake because the car suddenly jolted back. The driver readjusted her car's position, but then, the Kia began sliding down the hill altogether, slamming into the car behind it. Fortunately, there was footage caught of the whole thing, and that video probably came in handy to whoever investigated the incident.

12 This Woman Who Went Down A One-Way Street

women driving fail 4
via: youtube.com

This woman mustn't have learned to look at street signs before turning down roads because she headed down a one-way street in her little black sports car. Much to her surprise, she was met by another car heading directly for her. The driver hit the brakes for a moment, as it appeared she didn't know what to do.

The lady then proceeded to back out directly into oncoming traffic to get away from the car that was coming right at her. However, the drivers of the cars on the road that she was backing out into got annoyed and began honking their horns because she expected everyone to move out of the way so that she could back out. After the maneuvered her way out of the mess, she simply waved her hand out the window as if to say "Thanks!"

11 This Woman Who Opened Her Door Into Oncoming Traffic

women driving fail 16
via: youtube.com

Maybe this woman wasn't used to driving in the city, but rule number one is that before you open your door to get out of the car, you look to see if there's any oncoming traffic. This woman had just parked her car on the side of the road when she decided to get out without looking in her side mirror.

A biker who was approaching her in the right lane slammed into her car door and flew off of his bike. She quickly got out of her car to see if he was okay, but the damage had already been done. He was probably furious and in pain because of her carelessness. Needless to say, she learned her lesson here.

10 This Out-Of-Control Mom In Her Minivan

women driving fail 14
via: youtube.com

Who knows if this woman in her minivan was intoxicated, extremely exhausted, or just a bad driver? She can be seen drifting in and out of her lane before hitting a curb in the far-right lane. Once her car bounces off the curb, she starts heading into the middle lane where a sedan is and completely rams into the side of the car.

The minivan knocks the sedan out of the lane and sends it into the middle island. The driver of the minivan continues to speed along the road until she eventually realizes that she has to pull over. There was likely some significant damage on her driver's side, while the passenger side of the other car involved in the accident probably didn't end up in great condition either.

9 This Woman Who Had Too Much Trouble Parking

women driving fail 5
via: youtube.com

This woman needs to get herself one of those cars that have assisted parking because she clearly cannot get the job done without doing some damage to her car. She was in a parking garage and attempted to back into a tight spot, but there was also a wall in front of her that made the maneuvering even more difficult. She moved her car around quite a bit but couldn't seem to get in at the right angle.

After backing up and pulling into the spot a number of times, she eventually ran directly into the wall! The front of her car was most likely dented from hitting the hard concrete wall, and who knows if she even ever got to park in the spot?

8 This Woman Who Tried To Turn Left On Red

women driving fail 8
via: youtube.com

This female driver was definitely not paying attention to the traffic-light signals when she decided it would be a good idea to go across two lanes to make a left turn. Meanwhile, her signal was red, so this other driver, who was recording a video, was driving directly towards her when she decided to jut out into traffic. She didn't seem to remember that a driver should always look before entering an intersection, even if the light is green (which it was not).

The other driver was already going at full speed and slammed into the driver's side of the woman's car. Her airbags were deployed, and the other car's windshield was cracked. Fortunately, the other driver caught the whole thing on video so there's no question that this reckless lady driver will be paying to repair the car the victimized.

7 This Woman Who Definitely Didn't Make The Turn

women driving fail 7
via: youtube.com

This woman in the white sedan attempted to make a left turn but forgot to look and see if there was another car coming from the opposite direction before doing so. It's also possible that she did look and thought she had enough space to make the turn, but she was oh-so-wrong. The black sedan came directly at her because it had the right of way with a green light. The car slammed into the back of her car and pretty much almost took the bumper off completely.

The person recording the video of the incident decided to follow the white car, which had sped away instead of pulling over to exchange insurance information with the driver in the black car. The woman attempted to drive away with the bumper hanging off the back of her car and dragging on the ground.

6 This Woman Who Drove Into A Bus

women driving fail 12
via: youtube.com

This is another example of a female driver who wasn't aware of her surroundings and ended up paying the price. The driver in this black car must not have realized that the bus was taking up part of the lane that she was trying to drive into because she continued along her merry way at full speed until her car slammed right into the back of it.

The woman immediately slammed on her brakes, paused for a moment, and then attempted to back up. She didn't really look where she was going and even almost hit the red Hyundai behind her, but luckily, the driver of the Hyundai saw what was happening and backed up to give the black car some room. Although the bus and its passengers are probably fine, the Hyundai's front bumper was likely damaged by the crash.

5 This Maniac Who Plowed Through A Car Wash

women driving fail 9
via: youtube.com

It's hard to know whether this driver was intoxicated or just insane, but she entered a car wash at full speed. One of the attendants who worked there chased her down, attempting to get her to stop her car, but she put the pedal to the metal and floored it through the car wash, knocking everything over and damaging the parts of the carwash in the process.

The white sedan can be seen flying through the automatic wash, which is intended to have cars sit on tracks in neutral. In a matter of seconds, she's through the car wash and can be seen on video coming out the other side, but she doesn't stop there. The woman continues driving at full speed and ends up smashing directly into the fence on the opposite side of the parking lot.

4 This Woman Who Was Oblivious To The Car Parked On The Side Of The Road

women driving fail 21
via: youtube.com

This woman was driving along and apparently didn't take note of the car that was parked on the side of the road. Granted, the white car was technically in the right-hand lane and was sticking out into the road a bit; however, the driver of the red car should've waited for the truck on her left to pass by in order to allow enough space to pass by.

Instead, she kept driving at full speed in her lane and slammed into the back-left corner of the car. Her red car went flying in the air, slammed into the truck next to her, and then fell down hard onto the road. There was likely some significant damage to her car, which she could've easily prevented if she had just been more aware of her surroundings.

3 This Parking Lot Nightmare

women driving fail 11
via: youtube.com

Parking and getting out of your spot in a parking lot can be tricky sometimes; you have to look out for other cars backing up, cars driving up on the side, and pedestrians walking by. This driver of the white sedan appeared to be waiting for the red pickup truck in front of it to pull out; however, what the driver of the sedan wasn't anticipating was for this SUV to back directly into the side of his car.

The female driver in the SUV clearly didn't take the time to look behind her before she pulled out of her spot. Meanwhile, when she hit the sedan, it caused it to move and hit the truck that had been backing out. Talk about a nightmare situation in a parking lot!

2 This Woman Whose License Should Be Taken Away

women driving fail 22
via: youtube

This woman probably shouldn't be driving on the streets if this is what happened after she attempted to park. The parking lot had more than enough space for her to comfortably park without a problem. After making an extremely wide turn around the bend, she attempted to pull her car into a spot, but instead of braking and putting her car in park, she just kept going.

She ended up driving the car over the top of a teal sedan and a white sedan that were directly in front of her. Not only did she obviously damage these two cars, but she also probably caused some serious damage to the underbody of her own car. This is probably one of the worst park jobs in history.

1 This Woman Who Needs To Invest In A Backup Camera

women driving fail 1
via: youtube.com

This woman was headed down the street in her BMW SUV when she decided she needed to back up on the curved road. She could've certainly benefited from a rear camera because she would've been able to prevent what happened next. The woman backed up around the bend but didn't turn her wheel enough and drove directly into the old Volvo behind her!

Her back bumper hit the passenger-side door, rearview mirror, and front tire of the car. After she hit the car, she got out of the car to see the damage and waved her hands around in the air like she was so frustrated and couldn't believe that she had just driven into another car. She probably shouldn't drive in reverse from now on.

Source: youtube.com

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