20 Pictures Of Mod Jobs That Went Wrong

From Batman mods to watermelon mods, we've got it all in 20 Pictures Of Mod Jobs That Went Wrong.

We don't buy things just for their usefulness and practicality. We also want them to look cool and be unique. We live in a monotone world full of uniformity, so it's important to have your own style to be different from the other people. For the car enthusiast, this means not allowing his car to stay in its stock version. When it comes to car mods, you're only limited by your imagination. Well, money is important, too. But if you're creative, then a lack of money isn't a problem. What's important is that your car doesn't look like it did when it came out of the factory. You have to give it your personal touch and show everyone your taste - make the car reflect your personality and your desires.

There are different types of car modifications. Some want their car to have more speed and louder sound. Some people are more concerned about how their cars look. This is the best way to present yourself. However, you shouldn't make mistakes that can ruin your car - and not just your car but also your reputation. You'll let everyone see what kind of an incompetent idiot you are, you'll show the world that you have no taste even when you thought you were so cool when you made the modifications. This is mostly the types of mistakes we'll see on our list.

20 Batman Beetle

We're starting with a classic. Despite being an incredibly cheap everyday car, Volkswagen Beetle achieved a legendary status. Just having a well-preserved and drivable Beetle is fantastic. It makes you stand out from the crowd. Such a cute and iconic car, but you need to be extra careful when modifying such a car.

This guy had a good intention. He probably did this for his kids to make this old car more fun for them. I completely understand that. However, he did such a bad job. Lack of money is no excuse for a bad taste. There's simply no need to use wood as a material. I guess he had to use ropes just to keep it on the roof. And the less said about the cat thing upfront, the better.

19 Mini Wants To Be Something Bigger

Most people love the Mini Cooper. It's great for driving around the city. The Mini is also beautiful and sophisticated and has a great heritage. BMW gives you a lot of mod-ing options. You can make endless combinations of different colors, types of stickers, accessories, and wheels. However, for some people, that's not enough.

This guy obviously doesn't even like having a Mini Cooper. He dreams of owning a Corvette, apparently. And he's willing to share his dream, as well as his disappointment of not having enough money to buy Corvette, with the world. Or maybe, his wife doesn't let him buy one. In any case, it's a bad taste to have a picture of another car - especially a better one - on the one you own.

18 Watermelon Car

This is a watermelon car. If you can't guess, its owner loves watermelons. They're pretty tasty - I give him that. This was once a Jaguar. However, instead of adding some luxury items or making it more powerful, the owner of this car decided to change its design. Sadly, the yellow and green watermelon-stripe combination looks very ugly. It can hurt your eyes if you watch it long enough. But the true horror is waiting for you inside. It's a watermelon-red nightmare. Every single thing, save for a few features (which could be meant to be the seeds?), is orange. How can he drive? It looks very distracting. Everyone has a different taste in fashion, so it's hard to argue about it. However, I find it hard to believe anyone likes this.

17 Barbie Mobile

We have another person who prefers to tell the whole world about his or her favorite fictional person. Good thing, it's only a paint job. Therefore, it's not as bad as it could've been. It's hard to judge what car model this is. However, it doesn't look like a feminine car. So, it's a very strange choice for a Barbie Mobile. The design looks very cheap - a simple paint job with two stickers. Like with a Beetle Batman mobile, I understand the intention. The owner is trying to give a facelift to an old car to make it look fun, for kids, maybe. Nevertheless, it should've been done with more taste and subtle fashion. Moreover, this car really doesn't fit the profile of a Barbie-inspired car.

16 A Lamborghini Wannabe

We have another car enthusiast who'd love to have much better and expensive car than the one he has now. Unlike anyone before him on our list, he exerted pretty good effort to make his original car, which looks like a Honda City model, have a body that matches that of a Lamborghini. Instead, it looks like something plastic was put on it. That makes it cheap looking. Also, it's in bad taste to show you want another car by abusing the one you already have. I hope at least some tuning had been done, so, it wouldn't look like the slowest Lamborghini on the road.

15 Batman Is The Coolest

Batman is the most beloved superhero character ever. It's no wonder so many badly modified cars on this list are inspired by his Batmobile, which is the most famous and desired fictional car. Who wouldn't want to own one? I'm sure it's possible to make a quality Batmobile mod. If done well, it can make you very popular. But on the other hand... there's the owner of this car.

This old Volkswagen got one of the laziest mod jobs ever. Few Batman signs and two spoilers - that's it - not even a new paint job despite the fact that he took the trouble of painting a bat signal. It's just an old worn car and an owner who doesn't know what to do with it. This is the saddest car on this list.

14 Autumn Mod

This is one of the BMW Z models. At least, I think so. It's hard to see due to the many leaves. It's a great sports car, incredibly fun to drive. It looks great as well. You have to work hard to make it ugly and uncool. And this is exactly what the owner of this BMW did. Having a picture as your car's paint job is rarely a good idea. Your car looks like a comic book, or worse, a wallpaper on wheels. This BMW is a perfect example of a wallpaper on wheels - a bad wallpaper with an autumn motif. I would be embarrassed that design on my desktop. Yet, this guy put it on his expensive sports car. The reaction of the guy in the picture says it all!

13 Dog Lover

The bond between a dog and his owner is something special. Your pet is like another family member. Sometimes, he's even your best friend. Swedish scientists recently discovered that dogs could help their owners recover from mental problems. Therefore, it's completely understandable that some owners want to show their appreciation and gratitude. There are many different ways of doing that. However, painting a picture of your dog on your car is a strange one. Maybe it can work if done properly. However, this is definitely not a good example of one being done properly. This painting of the dog is more appropriate for a painting in the dog owner's house. It looks very ugly on a car. In addition, a car owner isn't likely to keep his car forever in your possession. Therefore, it's better to have this kind of painting on something else.

12 R2-D2 The Co-driver

We continue with the fascination with fictional characters. This time, it's one of the most recognizable Star Wars characters. The owner of this car did put some serious effort into this mod. Aside from the color, it does look like R2-D2. I guess he wanted a color to fit the overall car-color palette. R2-D2 looks very cheaply done, though - just a little more work and it would've looked good. But why not make the whole car to be in Star Wars theme? There's seemingly no effort made to make this car any better looking aside from R2-D2 on the back. Moreover, R2-D2 look so out of place on this old car. At least wash it once in a while...

11 Facebook Car

This looks like an old police car. Compared to some other cars on our list, a decent effort is put into mod-ing. I guess the idea is to make a Facebook police car. Why would anyone need a Facebook police car is a good question for the car owner. I don't see any humor in it. Maybe it's a comment on our obsession with the social networks, the need to be constantly online and available to the world?

Anyway, the paint job is a bit cheesy. However, the biggest problem with this mod is the wheels. They're too big. In addition, their shape is in a poor taste. The wheel mod gives this car an even cheesier look. However, it does get you noticed in a crowd of boring-looking cars.

10 Batman Forever

Would you believe it? Another Batman-inspired car mod on our list. Like I said, everyone dreams of owning a Batmobile with its fantastic look and its massive number of gadgets. It's the coolest and most useful car ever. So, it's understandable why some people will try to transform their old car into a Batmobile - a worthy cause but rarely successful. Where should we start here? Up front, there seems to be some kind of a "tin and duct tape" job on the headlights. The roof is likely cut, and then, the owner improvised something. It looks like it's barely holding in one piece. At the back, there are some wooden planks as wings. The owner of this car did a terrible job without any taste or sense.

9 Fuzzy Mobile

We love to feel comfortable in our car. Interior design is one of the most important features when you buy a new car. It's great when you can give the interiors of a car your own personal touch. When I buy a car, I always try to improve something in the interior. But what this guy did is just hilariously bad. There's probably some kind of mod-ing theme that we can't see. Some kind of textile material or cloth is visible outside. But whatever the overall car theme is, inside, it looks awful. It probably feels awful, too - way too fuzzy for my liking. I probably couldn't even sit normally as a passenger, let alone the driver of this thing. This is simply a fantastic way to ruin your car.

8 Fabulous

People often say that money can't buy good taste. And this car's owner really pushes the boundaries of good taste. The car in discussion is a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta - an incredibly powerful car with a 6.3-liter V12 engine. The owner is Rashed Saif Belhasa. Or he will be when he turns 18. His father is a billionaire, and he bought his son this car as a birthday present. For most people, owning a Ferrari would be more than enough prestige. However, he insisted on having printed monograms of famous fashion house Louis Vuitton on the car. Ferrari alone is a fantastic piece of design and engineering. Now, sadly, this poor Berlinetta looks beyond tasteless. The car maker probably wishes that these mods had never been made. Some people obviously have more money than sense.

7 Body-Mod Disaster

It's hard to describe this mod-ing job. Adding massive spoilers to certain car models can be effective. Sadly, this isn't the case with this car. Its spoilers are too long, and they don't fit this car at all. I also presume this car is a nightmare to park and, quite possibly, to drive as well. It looks so impractical. Moreover, what are those yellow things on the top? They look like bent pipes. What's their purpose? Are they helping the aerodynamics? Or are they just making this car harder to drive? They certainly don't add anything to the overall design. Just what is the point of this modification? The owner probably put a lot of effort into this creation. Sadly for him, it looks completely pointless - the worst car mod I've ever seen.

6 Favorite Band

We've seen a lot of bad prints on this list. Showing your love and appreciation for a certain band is nice. Most people do it by buying the band's album, t-shirt or table figurine. Most people know better than to put their favorite band's print on their car. This guy certainly doesn't think so. Also, while arguing about musical taste is pointless, Blink 182 is clearly a horrible band. Seriously, though, the problem here starts with a cheap print. Even worse, there's a rabbit in the illustration for some reason. The worst thing is that the owner added an emoji that looks like it was written with a fingernail. It's just an incredibly cheap and lazy-looking mod job.

5 Metal Back

You were involved in a car accident. The rear end of your car got smashed. You don't have the money. Therefore, instead, you decide to do the repairs yourself. It turns out you're not a very talented mechanic. Therefore, you decide to cover the damage with a mod job. This is probably the story of this car and its crazy owner.

It's hard to say just what this mod should represent. One of the transformers, maybe? One of the cars from the Twisted Metal video game? Your guess is good as mine. The point is that it looks horrible. The owner didn't bother to even paint his mod work - another lazy person on this list. I wonder why he even bothered with the spikes, too.

4 Toilet Truck

Sense of humor is a strange thing. Some people have it naturally. Some are painfully unfunny. We all like to be considered easygoing and fun to be around. We desperately try to present ourselves that way. Sometimes, though, some people just try too hard. Some people don't even realize just how bad their attempts at humor can be. The guy in this picture looks like that kind of a person. He decided to lighten up an ordinary pickup truck. His intentions are good. However, this toilet print is incredibly juvenile - toilet humor, literally. In general, putting a print on this kind of a truck (a serious "working man’s’’ truck) is in bad taste. The poor guy probably thinks he's the neighborhood joker. What he doesn't realize is that people are laughing at him, not with him.

3 Flamingo

A hood ornament should be the easiest car mod to make. All you need to do is find something interesting and tasteful to put on the hood - usually a small figurine or an interesting sign, something that naturally fits the car. However, a huge plastic pink flamingo isn't even remotely close to that. It's huge, and it looks like a child's toy. In fact, it probably is a toy or was taken (stolen) from some lady's garden. But that's not the worst part. The fact that the owner had to duct tape it to the hood is. He's not even subtle about it. There's a piece of duct tape on the flamingo's head as well. I cannot imagine what could possibly possess the owner to do this.

2 Fun-loving Hummer

The Hummer is a muscular and powerful vehicle. It started its life as a military SUV, and the mass-produced street version enjoyed the same tough reputation. It's presumed that a Hummer is driven by militaristic tough guys. However, the mods on this Hummer ruin everything that the vehicle should represent. What's the motive behind this creation? Is it the result of cocaine being a hell of a drug?

We have silver swans everywhere. Then, we have silhouettes of naked girls on the bumper. In addition, there's a massive bronze bulldog in front of the car. This massive SUV is already hard to park in one spot as it is but all the more now that it has a huge bulldog bust on the front. This is a spectacular way to ruin an SUV.

1 Whose Hybrid Is This?

Driving a hybrid is the environment-friendly and responsible thing to do. Of course, not everyone agrees with this. Drivers of hybrid cars have a bad reputation with some people because nobody likes to be around stuck-up people with a ''better than you'' attitude. And most hybrid owners are like that. They like to rub it in that they're responsible and that you're carelessly polluting the environment. The worst among them are Toyota Prius owners. Therefore, it's no wonder that this guy wanted to make cool modifications on his Prius. To me, it does look cool even if maybe, the wheels could've had some other color. However, the real problem here is rebadging. Why did he put Lexus badge on it? It completely ruined the otherwise good mod-ing job.

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