20 Pictures Of Modded Mustangs Their Owners Should Totally Regret

The Ford Mustang brand is a special car in its own right. To start with, it was more like a premature kid on the block because it was brought out about 5 months before the usual and standard start of the production year. Its name is also special having been coined by John Najjar, who co-designed the Ford Mustang’s first prototype – the Ford Mustang I - way back in 1961 alongside Philip Clark, Ford’s stylist. Furthermore, when it comes to production, Mustang is the only original model that's experienced uninterrupted production in 50 years of its development and continuous revision, which spurred the design of the Toyota Celica and Ford Capri coupes. Clearly, the background of this amazing car makes it a car whose heritage just has to be preserved to protect its reputation.

However, there are a few Mustang car owners who've taken creativity out of the box, and into the dumpster – literally. We’re talking about the worst Mustang mods. Some could use a little tweaking to restore them back to glory, but others are just outright trashy. From unicorns, to alien ships, to mini-stangs, to iCarly, we've seen some of the ugliest and sickest Mustang mods ever!

It’s appalling, hilarious, sad, and reassuring at the same time, to see the stuff that’s out there in the name of creative mods, but we’ll let you be the judge. So belt up, and check out our gallery with 20 photos of modded Mustangs that their owners should regret - possibly every minute they’re alive.

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20 Pickup-stang

The owner of this car may or may not know that the Ford Ranchero already exists. The Ranchero was produced between 1957 and 1979 - that’s not so long ago. But it was actually adapted from the platform of a two-door station wagon, integrating both the cab and the cargo bed into the body of the car. Its competitor, the Chevrolet El Camino, was birthed and produced in 1959 after the Ranchero recorded very high sales.

Before you judge, the owner of this car apparently owns a few other Mustangs, and because this particular one was totally rusted out on its roof and trunk, he chose to do this to it. This doesn’t rubber stamp the ugly modification done on this Mustang, though, because he still could've salvaged it and done a super clean and professional job.

19 Steamer-stang

Is that a Mustang? First of all, it has the semblance of an amphibious car, like the WaterCar Panther that was created in 2013, which is actually the world’s fastest amphibious car. No doubt, cars that can be driven both on land and in the water are pretty cool and fun to own, but surely, it’s not every day that you get to cruise on water, so why would you create your own water car? If you don’t have the intention of creating a car that can navigate floodwater, then don’t make yours look like one.

Before doing any modifications, any automotive designer will tell you there’s the conceptual stage where sketches are drawn so you can choose the one that best fits your idea or intentions. But this takes the cake both for worst amphibious car lookalike and worst modded Mustang. The decision is unanimous.

18 iCarly-stang

We’re willing to bet Miranda Cosgrove hasn’t seen this personification of her character yet. I mean, how big a fan of a kids’ show do you have to be to go to such great lengths as destroying a Mustang? Miranda doesn’t play the role of a unicorn in the kids’ series, but you’d only understand it if you’ve ever watched the show.

These are the kind of car-mod photos that ride on all popular hashtags to get random likes on the gram, but seriously, this isn't even childish - it’s preposterous! And there’s no logical reason for it at all. But we can give the owner the benefit of the doubt and assume he let his daughter get a Disney-themed paint job on the car. However, the airbrush artwork itself is crappy, it has Florida plates (meaning the owner is probably from that state) - plus, it's just immensely tacky.

17 Bigfoot-stang

You’ve gotta hand it to the owner of this Mustang because, obviously, this build didn’t come cheap. However, he crossed the thin line between tasteful touch and too much, what with the paint and the humongous wheels which are certainly over-kill.

It's actually okay to makeover your Mustang, but not to the extent that it ruins both your car and its performance. For example, there are particular wheel sizes that if fitted on a vehicle can improve and/or hinder its performance levels, including the fuel economy. The wheel size can increase rolling resistance, which, in turn, makes the car engine work harder, thus using more fuel to move the tires. It can also affect the weight of the car and cause the speedometer reading of the vehicle to reflect errors of up to three miles per hour. So, while you may want big wheels to add aesthetic appeal, it’s generally not helpful to your car.

16 4x4-stang

If you thought the 1965 Ford Mustang station wagon was ugly, then this 4x4stang should come as a relief. It looks like one of those cars that would make it to the Japanese Bosozoku car parade - well, if you add tailpipes and big fender flares... but there’s absolutely no need to put such an innocent and excellent car through such cruelty. This Mustang mod doesn’t come anywhere close to rad or cool if that was the idea behind transforming it into a donk. It’s like the bastard child of Mustangs - if that was possible.

When it comes to modifying your Mustang, there are endless options you can choose from to make it yours. However, the owner of this Mustang definitely chose a unique path - although not necessarily a good one - for his ride.

15 Banana-stang

This isn’t a car wrap, and we’re so sure Halloween doesn’t extend to cars - unless you plan to trick-or-treat on the highway. The owner of this Mustang may not have quite modded it as it were, but to the naked eye, it looks like a ripe banana, I may be wrong, but the color and the black marks are reminiscent of one. What’s worse is the ‘Sexy Stang’ sticker on the windscreen, which is out of place, to start with, and it's so jaded. Let it go!

On the bright side, though, this would make for a great beater car, if you yanked off the logo and took it for a good rinse at the local wash. It doesn’t take much to touch up your car or do a paint job overhaul - just let it look as good as you do. Image is everything. Really.

14 Wreck-It Ralph-stang

We’re not sure what the owner of this Mustang wanted to achieve - maybe a show of might on the road or superhero status? But it didn’t pay off for sure. From the color, to the build, to the overall look, it doesn’t even indicate what car it is at first glance. In fact, the photographer who stumbled upon this hideous thing (posing as a buffed Mustang), says it was built by one Eddie Paul, who's touted as a famous customizer. Tell me about it!

If you’re reading this and you know Eddie or have heard of him, tell him to stop already and find a new hobby. It may have made you famous (for all the wrong reasons), but the customizer bit just isn’t working.

13 Bumper-stang

At first glance, this Mustang looks like those bumper-car rides at amusement arcades that kids throw tantrums for just so they can have a go. The bonnet looks like it has the two tablets with commandments on how to use the car, while the front bumper is so over-extended (so to speak), you can actually use it to plow the snow off your front yard on Christmas Eve.

What this owner got right are the tires, the rims, and the color of the car. However, it looks cluttered, and it’s hard to tell whether it's a Mustang or not. So, friends, be reminded that when it comes to car mods, simplicity is everything. Yes, you may have an avalanche of ideas to transform it into your dream car with all the accessories and parts of a supercar, but you may go overboard and create something you may not even be able to drive.

12 Messed-stang

Have you ever looked at a modified car and thought to yourself, “This is overdone”? Well, the owner of this car did just that. Granted, the color is fantastic, but everything else makes the car seem uptight and makes it lose its original Mustang look and feel. It’s like wearing a neckband when you haven’t twisted your neck, and you walk out of the house on a really hot day. So uncomfortable, right? There’s a lot to regret in such a modded Mustang because with time, the fad wears off and restoring it back to its classic Mustang nature will cost you more bucks.

Here’s some free advice when thinking of modifying your car: research, do a few sketches, and keep it simple. Resist the temptation to apply all of your ideas in one car.

11 Mini-stang


There’s something about the look of this car that makes one assume the owner is stingy. I mean, why would anyone want to shrink a Mustang to the size of a Mini Cooper? Or maybe the owner just wanted to drive less, who knows? The two cars are worlds apart if you think of build, performance, and price. But if you look at the modification done on this Mustang, it gives you the impression that the car may not have enough leg room, and in case of a problem with the engine or some issues with wiring, the effects may get to you faster than you can open the car door to save yourself. The color isn’t anything to write home about either, so if this is your car, demand a refund!

10 Caramel-stang

This may very well be one of the ugliest Mustang mods on the road today. It seems the owner of this car is a lover of caramel cakes if the design and color combinations are anything to go by. What’s worse, the additional parts like the side vents on the rear of the car, the double spoilers, and the frames around the taillights are totally uncalled for. If you want to do such a modification, it's best to leave it at that without adding the word "Mustang" on the bumper.

Here’s a free tip on car paint and color combinations you can use next time: before you execute the colors you’ve conceived in your mind, check search engines for Pantone combinations that work well together, and consult with your automotive spray painter if those colors exist.

9 Flying-stang

For a modified car, this may take a lot of getting used to, especially if you're not accustomed to driving cars with non-standard doors. Non-standard doors come in different varieties such as scissor, butterfly, canopy, gullwing, sliding, suicide, swan, and dihedral types. Most non-standard doors, though, are found on luxury cars like the Lamborghini and the McLaren or racing and concept cars.

This owner picked the scissor-type of doors, which rotate vertically at a fixed hinge on the front door, but there's something about such doors that just doesn't feel right on this particular Mustang. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It certainly isn't the number one worst modded Mustang on this list, but we bet the owner will definitely regret this decision.

8 Bronco-stang

We’re not sure what the owner of this car wanted to achieve, but it seems like a fusion of two Ford car models: the Ford Bronco and the Ford Mustang. What he or she may not know is that both the Bronco and the Mustang are brainchildren of Ford’s product manager - Donald Frey, whose ideas were later pushed through to production by Lee Iacocca. The Ford Bronco was, however, discontinued in 1996, over two decades ago, when Ford made the announcement. So, why would anyone want to bring the dead back to life - and in the most monstrous of Mustang mods ever seen? There’s absolutely no way the Bronco and the Mustang can be one car; it’s a disaster in waiting. And while it may feel good to have actually created it, the best thing would be to tear it down and sell the parts. Don’t create anything else after that.

7 Cobra-stang

Unless you operate a mobile snake park from the comforts of your car, which we doubt you can do anywhere on this planet, never do this to any car, not just a Mustang. The Ford Mustang Cobra has got to be one of the most beautiful cars on any road and is touted as the pinnacle of performance among its peers. Its name was first introduced in 1962 with the Shelby Cobra line of Ford models, which were known to be powerhouses on the road. If the manufacturer didn’t find it necessary to add stickers of cobras and an extra stuffed-animal cobra for emphasis, then you also don’t need to. In fact, there’s a cobra emblem on the front fenders of this Mustang, its main function at the time it was added being to build the Cobra brand of Mustangs. And now that you know a bit of history, do the right thing!

6 Sheikh-stang

When a man of the cloth wants a modified car, the first impression would be a clean but very spacious vehicle like the custom-made one used by the Catholic Pope. This particular modded Mustang was created for a Sheikh in the Middle East, an area renowned for its sleek supercars and top-notch customization, but sadly, this is the black sheep of the family.

It was created by Hussain Al Bagali, a 3D artist and automotive designer who built it over seven months especially for Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan al Nahyan aka Rainbow Sheikh. Hussain shared a few concepts that got the Sheikh elated, and so the project took off. This unholy mashup saw an innocent Mustang mounted onto a 2015 Dodge Ram pickup chassis with a 6.4-liter HEMI V8 engine. Other modifications include body extensions and front fenders for enhanced cohesiveness on the car’s appearance. What a waste!

5 SpongeBob-stang

“Who lives in a pineapple under the sea, Spongebob SquarePants! Absorbent and yellow and porous is he, Spongebob SquarePants!” Spongebob is a cool cartoon character, and so is his theme song, but when you extend this to your car, then we have a problem. In fact, there’s a part of the song that says, “If nautical nonsense be something you wish,” and we think that’s the part the owner of this modded Mustang picked and ran off with to the auto designer.

There’s not much to write home about this car’s modification; we’re just overly concerned about the overdone elements of the Spongebob and Nickelodeon theme. If the owner had just placed a Spongebob sticker on the fuel door, that would’ve already said a lot about his favorite toon, but the rims, doors, taillights, and bumpers? That’s too much! We can only imagine what’s on the bonnet hood and the interior.

4 Despicable-stang

This is perhaps the closest anyone can get to re-creating the Grumobile, minus the minigun and the concealed missile launcher. It may not be the most bizarre Mustang mod in the world because the number one worst modded Mustang on this list holds that title, but it certainly comes a very close second. "Disastrous" is an understatement. This has been completely turned into something else; we don’t even think it’s a car anymore. There’s some semblance of the spare-wheel compartment, but we’re willing to bet it's more than that - probably a foldable space dish that latches onto the back via magnets.

Apparently, this thing was spotted in Dubai! Why, Dubai? Why? Someone tell Gru to pick it up and take it away already.

3 Feel-at-home stang

If you’re a sensitive soul, you might want to end it here because we’re at the peak of the worst modded Mustangs whose owners are past the regret stage by now. There are thousands upon thousands of great car interior décor designs, but transforming your car into your own living room could only mean one of two things: you plan to move into your car, or you’re not the controller of the remote at home. This Mustang mod is utterly perturbing. It's even hard to tell whether it’s a Mustang or not by looking at the exterior. The ground clearance on this one is non-existent; it's lost the soul and conscience of a Mustang. In fact, it shouldn’t be referred to as such. Indeed, there’s no substitute for good taste.

2 Unicorn-stang

Let’s get one thing clear - unicorns are mythical creatures. They aren’t real, but having imaginary friends is well within your rights. This is the worst modded Mustang whose owner should pack up and move to Mars or give it to someone who understands the true meaning and spirit of a Ford Mustang car. The color itself is already a put-off, but the large horn stuck on the bonnet hood and the ugly wings close to the car’s derriere bring the vehicle to a whole new level of corny. Overall, the car’s demeanor oozes sorcery and black magic, more like a bad omen. Its revolting look blinds you from the strong tires fitted onto the car, and the only things that let you know that this is a Mustang are the bumper, the headlights, and the grilles. This is car abuse and should be declared illegal. In fact, laws should be passed to prevent any such future violations of car rights.

1 Disturbia-stang

It's official! This is the worst modded Mustang in the world and has earned its place in La Galerie des Horreurs. The owner of this distinct thing offered it for sale at an initial asking price of $32,500 (lol), but today, it’s selling for $5,995, with a total mileage - if you’re interested. It has the soul of a Mustang V6, but its body and mind are borrowed from different cars. Let’s not even discuss the paint job. The headlights are taken from a Lotus Elise, the taillights are stolen from a 1989 Cadillac, and the grille is inspired by a second-generation Camaro, with a Panoz Roadster intake lookalike and Testarossa side strakes. It also has a Vortec supercharger, remote-operated door latches, and a clamshell nose that pulls out, and every part of its body - except the door, the roof, and the skins - is made of hand-formed steel.

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