20 Police Cars That Belong In The Junkyard

Many police forces have adopted the Los Angeles Police Department's motto of 'To Protect and Serve.' The police are at the disposal of citizens to ensure that everybody is safe and that criminals are kept behind bars. When on duty, most police officers spend the majority of their time in cars; hence, their cars need to be performance vehicles. The police need to chase the bad guys and need fast cars to keep up with them. The standard police vehicle is the Ford Crown Victoria, which the police dubbed 'P71.' Although a reliable vehicle, the P71 isn't the fastest or the most extravagant that the police should drive. If you thought the Ford Crown Victoria is unsuitable for the police, then you'll be surprised to discover what some officers drive.

We decided to scour the law enforcement automobile market to find out what the police drive. In countries such as the United Arab of Emirates, some policemen drive Ferraris and Bugattis—difficult to believe, but it's true. In other countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom, not only do some officers drive slow automobiles; their vehicles also look atrocious and serve no purpose. You have the right to laugh at the cop vehicles on our list, and whatever you say won't be held against you, as we understand the mockery that could emerge.

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20 Carting Around

via The Richest

New Orleans has suffered devastating natural disasters and needs the police to assist in emergency evacuations as well as keep the small town safe. Although the city isn't big, criminals are at bay, and the police need good vehicles to patrol the neighborhoods and catch up to the bad guys when they try to flee. The New Orleans Police Department doesn't seem to be taking crime seriously, as they've supplied their staff with cars that look like carts with engines. The police will struggle to catch a fast cyclist with this small vehicle.

19 Opulence

via Fiveprime

Not all of the vehicles featured on the list are clunkers. Some vehicles we featured are luxurious and expensive. It seems that the police also prefer to ride in style. The New York Police Department wanted to compete with the wealthy citizens in the city and got their limousine. The car looks lavish and is comfortable, although it serves no purpose, as the police need vehicles that can keep up with criminals. The NYPD is using this vehicle to drive around the city and collect donations. If they sold the vehicle, they'd probably have more money than what they can collect.

18 So Last Season

via Flickr

A few years ago, pink was the new black, and many people recognized the color as the pinnacle of the fashion world. Many men threw out their old, black shirts and decided to transition to pink. Most of us ridiculed them; then, we joined them. The police decided to jump on the pink wagon by painting its fleet with pink. The Miami Police are determined to keep up with fashion. Although the vehicle's color doesn't suit a police car, the cops acted in good faith, as they painted the car in support of cancer.

17 Smart Forno-one

via Drive Mag

The NYPD is full of tricks and gimmicks. The latest shenanigans of the New York Police Department include using Smart ForTwo vehicles to patrol the city. We commend its efforts, but the vehicle is slow and unreliable. The car isn't smart for anyone to drive. The policeman pictured barely fits into the vehicle. Is it possible for him to accommodate a partner? And what about arresting a criminal? The car has a 1.1-liter engine and pumps out 90 horsepower. Owners of the Smart ForTwo have complained about the cramped interior and the lack of engine performance.

16 The Farm Police

via Somerset Live

The police are ubiquitous. You can find them at the airport, the mall, and nightclubs, as well as the farm. The police in the U.K. decided to add a tractor to its fleet, as they also need to patrol the farms. We don't understand the logic of the U.K. police adding the tractor. Who are they trying to catch? Other tractors possibly? The only purpose we could think of for the tractor is for the police to help out the farmers when their tractor breaks down. Otherwise, the police tractor needs to go to the junkyard and never reappear.

15 Paraplegic Vehicles

via Swiss Economist

New York is a big city, and the police need fast vehicles to maneuver around to catch criminals. The NYPD, adding the Smart ForTwo car, is known for being creative with its fleet. One of the additions to its fleet is a car that we can best describe as a vehicle that a paraplegic would drive.

The vehicle looks like something that you'd use to deliver medications in the neighborhood. Besides delivering a slow performance, this vehicle has only one front wheel. Turning corners can be dangerous, especially if the policeman behind the wheel is bulky.

14 50/50 Chance

via Charlotte Observer

It seems that even the police have a sense of humor. Many police departments are finding it difficult to convey its message to the public of the repercussions of committing a crime. The police at the City of Kennesaw decided to spell out its message, literally. Although its intent is humorous, the police at the City of Kennesaw is serious about letting the citizens know the price to pay if they commit a crime. The effort of the police is commendable but makes the vehicle look ridiculous and allows citizens to poke more fun at the police.

13 Unreliable

via Pinterest

Every year, Consumer Reports releases its list of the most unreliable vehicles. For the last few years, the watchdog featured the Fiat on the list. Owners of the vehicle complained about the transmission problems, engine failure, and the lack of room in the cabin. The Italian police are the unfortunate force to have a Fiat in their fleet. Apart from dealing with the unreliability and the slow performance, the policemen who drive this Fiat will have another problem when they make an arrest. The car has no room to seat a criminal; the car barely has room to seat two policemen.

12 The Russian Laughter

via Flickr

The car is the Russian Lada, which the Russian police force embraced for numerous years but many ridiculed. The Russians introduced the vehicle in 1970, and the Lada became the national pride, which the police had no choice but to embrace. The car is as unreliable as a Fiat or an Alfa Romeo, yet the Russian government insisted that the police remain true to their roots by driving a locally manufactured vehicle. After the police failed numerous times to catch the bad guys, the Russian government noticed a flaw in the Lada and decided to replace the fleet.

11 Blast From The Past

via Hemmings Motor News

The '70s and '80s were a good era for television. Police programs such as Starsky and Hutch and Miami Vice flaunted police vehicles, resulting in cars such as the Ford Crown Victoria emerging into the mainstream. Those days are long gone and so should the vehicles that the police drove. The NYPD, giving some of its officers the old mobiles that it used in the '80s, is unable to let go of the good old days. The Plymouth was the most popular police car in the late '60s, but times have changed.

10 Taxi

via Pinterest

While the police in Kennesaw painted half of its vehicles in yellow color to indicate that part of the vehicle is for taxi use, some police have decided to paint the entire vehicle yellow.

Maybe the police painted the vehicle yellow as a strategy to remain under the criminals' radar. The only reaction that the vehicle will prompt is bystanders whistling to get a ride. The vehicle is old and won't help the police catch any criminals. Since the vehicle is slow, the police should use it as a taxi.

9 Repossessed

via Reddit

Selling narcotics is a serious crime. When the police raid a drug dealer's property and make an arrest, they're allowed to seize all the assets that belong to the drug dealer. The Milwaukee police were proud of capturing a local drug dealer and decided to seize his vehicle.

Apart from repossessing the vehicle, the police also wanted to inform the community of their deed by labeling the car with the message of the repossession.

The Milwaukee police wanted to notify the community of the consequences of crime. Anything that belongs to a drug dealer should go to the junkyard.

8 Dodge A Bullet

via Hemmings Motor News

The Dodge Ramcharger was in production from 1974 to 20o1. The police thought it would be a good idea to patrol the highway and use the vehicle off-road. Most civilians who owned the vehicle regarded it as unreliable and experienced numerous headaches with breakdowns.

After the U.S. manufacturer failed to improve the performance and reliability of the vehicle, consumers stopped demanding the vehicle, and Dodge discontinued production.

The problem is that the U.S. government still feels that the police should use the vehicle. The Ramcharger is outdated, and the highway patrol unit needs faster vehicles.

7 The Golden Age

via The Pinsta

Most police forces are notorious for having a lackluster vehicle fleet. At the turn of the century, many police departments decided to upgrade their vehicles to performance cars that are capable of catching up with criminals. Several police forces haven't kept up with the times and are still holding onto their fleet from decades ago. One of those departments is the Los Angeles Police Department. The California-based police department believes that change takes time and hasn't transitioned to the new vehicles that most departments have adopted.  Maybe the crime in California would decrease if the police had good vehicles.

6 Green With Envy

via Pinterest

The international color for a police vehicle is blue. The police in Cleveland decided to get creative and painted its vehicles in light green. Apart from the terrible color of the vehicle, the cop car is old and cannot catch up with any criminal. If the Cleveland police decide to stick with the light-green color, it should upgrade to newer models to ensure that its task force can perform the required duties. The police force is on a tight budget but could employ the same tactic as the NYPD of receiving donations from the community.

5 Exhibitionist

via Flickriver

Since 1938, the Volkswagen Beetle has been in production. The Beetle is a two-door, rear-engine vehicle that VW manufactured until 2003. The German manufacturer sold more than 21 million units in the almost 11 decades it made the vehicle, making it the longest-running and most manufactured vehicle of a single platform. The Beetle is slow by anyone's standards.

The first generation had an engine that pumped out 25 horsepower with a top speed of 62 mph.

The German manufacturer later boosted the power of the engine to pump out 40 horsepower. The policemen who drove this vehicle struggled to keep up with the average civilians, never mind absconding criminals.

4 Drive-Thru Donuts

via Barrett-Jackson

Cops love coffee and donuts. Many years ago, we had to walk into a retail store to purchase dessert. Then, retailers realized that most people are lazy and don't want to leave their vehicles, so it offered a drive-thru. The problem with the drive-thru is that you have to wait in line, thereby delaying gratification. Automobile manufacturers realized that cops are busy and need their donuts on the go, so a car manufacturer decided to design a car especially for the police. It has a donut rack, a coffee machine, and boxes. The cops can get a bite while patrolling without stepping out of the vehicle.

3 Ariel Police Car

via Wallpaperup

Motorcyclists in the U.K. think that they own the fastest vehicles on the road. The police in English Avon and Somerset Constabulary feel that motorcyclists have become a nuisance, as they don't abide by the law. To show bikers that the watchdog won't tolerate their behavior, the police manufactured a vehicle that they call 'Ariel Police Car.'

The car is an Ariel Atom 3.5R, which the policed dubbed 'PL1.'

The vehicle has a Honda supercharged engine that pumps out 350 horsepower. It reaches o to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds. So, what's wrong with the vehicle? The cops are using it for education and demo purposes only. The safety features are below average.

2 Yugo

via Modul Kuche

If you do a poll amongst drivers to ask them what the worst car in the world is, the majority will answer "Yugo." The manufacturer originally made the vehicle in Yugoslavia, and the Yugo trekked to the North American shores. The car was in production for more than three decades. The manufacturer sold more than 141,000 vehicles in the United States from 1985 to 1992. The demand for the vehicle diminished, and the manufacturer pulled the plug in 2008. Owners of the vehicle will attest to its unreliability and slow performance. The police in some European countries were the unfortunate victims to drive the Yugo.

1 Electric Car

via Imgur

Maybe the NYPD will place an order, considering the department's eccentric choice in police vehicles. The vehicle is the Zijing Qingyuan Armored Spherical Cabin Electric Patrol Vehicle. The manufacturer unveiled the vehicle at the Security China show in Beijing and designed it for police use during riots. The reasoning behind the 'armored bubble cockpit' design of the vehicle is to enable police to have a 360-degree unobstructed view. I'm not certain how the so-called armored bubble cockpit will help the police when rioters can flip the vehicle onto its side. This vehicle belongs in the junkyard.

Source: Autowise

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