20 Problems GM Won't Admit About Their Pickup Trucks

General Motors has been at the top of the automobile world for some time. It is quite apparent that they have made some excellent cars over the years but their trucks are what seem to get the most attention. There is no question that they have some truly powerful models in the histories of their many brands. However, over the last few years especially, it has to be noted that their trucks seem to have taken a step back in terms of quality.

Due to their strong history and reputation, people seem to ignore this clear fact and they, therefore, tend to jump into buying the company's new trucks each and every year. With all that has been stated thus far, in this article, we will be looking 20 problems GM won't admit about their trucks.

It is important to note that these issues will be coming from both the past and the present trucks that GM has released. This will display the fact that they have some serious issues that they absolutely need to address to ensure that they stay at the top of the automobile world. However, when looking at the direction in which they are going with their latest trucks, it is clear that they are in jeopardy of dropping off fast unless the company as a whole makes some major changes to its designs and the overall build quality they deliver.

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20 Rocky History

via Hemmings Motor News

Something major that General Motors is desperately trying to hide is the fact that they have made a plethora of bad pickups in their history. Perhaps the biggest lemon that they wish they could take back in the Chevy LUV, as it would go down as one of the worst vehicles ever, according to Edmunds.

There are plenty of other pickups that definitely deserve a ton of criticism, as well. In fact, some of their best models have had a handful of absolute monstrosities in their histories, so it just shows that they never can find true consistency. The mistakes of their past are never going to disappear entirely.

19 Similar Trucks From Different Brands

via The Fast Lane Truck

A significant problem that seems to constantly come from this car corporation is that their pickups are far too similar. By this, I am referring to that their pickups from different brands virtually have no differences. They are essentially the same trucks with different nameplates, according to Motor1.

The lack of originality from both Chevy and GMC is downright laughable, and it honestly needs to change. Different stylistic decisions need to be made for each and every model from both car manufacturer. Until this is done, General Motors is going to continue to see their number of sales decrease each and every release year.

18 Airbag Delays

via Jalopnik

There is no question that the invention of the airbag has been one of the most important in the history of the entire world. It is quite clear that this feature has been able to save the lives of a huge number of individuals and this is going to continue to be the case for the rest of eternity.

However, according to Car Complaints, GM trucks have been going through an ongoing issue where their airbags are experiencing delays. This is completely inexcusable and it honestly needs to be fixed right this second. The fact that they are releasing pickups that lack this feature in a reliable manner is downright despicable.

17 Faulty Brakes

via Car and Driver

Throughout the last decade or so, it has been quite apparent that GM trucks have been experiencing a plethora of issues when it comes to their brakes. It has been such a noted problem that, according to Car Complaints, a lot of individuals have begun to avoid pickups from General Motors entirely.

It is understandable if one or two pickups have small problems with their brakes, but the fact that it appears to be occurring with all of them is less than stellar. There is no question that this feature needs to be perfected, as people could end up in serious danger if they end up not working at a time when they are desperately needed.

16 Parking Is Unpredictable

via Ross Downing Chevrolet

According to Car Complaints, one major flaw that has been presenting itself with pickups from General Motors is the fact that they are prone to rolling away. This definitely makes parking unpredictable, especially if it is done on a hill. This seriously needs to be eliminated, as this is dangerous for pedestrians and the vehicles themselves. It also seems like a waste of money for its owners.

When seeing how the vast majority of trucks from this corporation come at relatively high prices, this is entirely inexcusable. These trucks always seemed to be praised by people, but it is clear that with problems like this one, criticism is not only warranted but actually needed.

15 Bluetooth Malfunctions

via YouTube

One of the coolest aspects of modern-day vehicles is the fact that they are Bluetooth accessible. However, when it comes to pickups from General Motors, Car Complaints has noted that malfunctions with this element are quite common. It honestly can get quite annoying when this occurs.

It is important to note that Bluetooth is not a necessity when it comes to cars. However, if one is to offer it with their vehicles, it absolutely needs to be dependable. GM trucks should not cost extra for having this feature if it is going to continue to be so irritating with its issues.

14 Premature Engine Failures

via Car and Driver

Pickup trucks from General Motors are always deemed as being reliable by people, but this is not always the case. In fact, according to Car Complaints, one major problem that we seem to witness with each and every release is the fact that they have premature engine failures.

When looking at reviews of just about any GM pickup, the primary problem seems to be with their engines. This cannot be occurring with trucks that are supposed to be built at an elite level. At the end of the day, this only makes the frustrations of its owners increase immensely. It needs to be fixed with their future models.

13 Bad Paint Jobs

via Chevrolet Forum

According to Car Complaints, another irritating problem that seems to come with every truck from GM is the fact that they are painted very poorly. This results in these trucks losing their paint rather quickly. When seeing how people are spending thousands on their trucks, this is completely unacceptable.

It is not very challenging to use longer lasting paint. The car corporation is likely aiming to save money by using cheaper materials and this is the result that will always come from this. In all honesty, this is essentially a complete letdown for their buyers. They deserve far better than what they are getting from their paint.

12 Older Trucks Were Better

via Wikipedia

General Motors saw most of its success in the pickup game with their older trucks. This is largely because of the fact that their creations completely changed the automobile world thanks to their insane amount of power and the new advancements that were brought forth by them.

Their new trucks are not as dominant as the ones that were from the past, according to Car Complaints. They are not finding a way to create new changes for the automobile world. In fact, when looking at all of the issues that seem to be coming from these trucks today, a lot of them can be deemed as quite poorly conceived, not just built.

11 Untrustworthy Salespeople

via YouTube

The salespeople who end up finishing the deals for General Motors' pickups are not very honest. In fact, according to Motor1, they can be deemed as completely untrustworthy. A lot of them are quick to fib to the customers in the hopes that they will get them to spend far more on their trucks than they actually need to.

There is no question that when it comes to salespeople in the automobile world, a lot of them are not necessarily thinking about the customer entirely. However, it is almost as if General Motors is actively trying to be dishonest and that ultimately should make them have far fewer sales than they are getting.

10 Not The Best Used Trucks Out There

via Dublin Ford

There is a lot of talk saying that buying GM's used pickups is the best way to go. This is largely because of the fact that many people are blinded by their bias towards manufacturers like Chevrolet. Instead of seeing their products for what they are on the secondhand market, they are quick to defend them.

For the record, there are definitely used pickups from GM that are worth investing in. Some release years of their most popular series are quite nice, especially the beginning models for the Silverado. However, according to Autowise, it is a mixed bag lately and this likely is not going to change at all in the future.

9 Wheels Are Loud

via CarGurus

According to Car Complaints, a constant issue that seems to be thrown the way of trucks from General Motors is that their wheels are prone to making a strange ringing sound. This can end up being quite annoying to the individuals who are in the car, as it progressively gets worse as time passes by.

This is not necessarily the biggest of problems that these trucks have, but it is common enough to get some criticism. It just seems a bit fishy that newer trucks seem to possess this issue if they are from General Motors. In time, this should be fixed by them, as it has no right to actually happen as often as it does.

8 Unreliable Compared To Other Manufacturers

via Car and Driver

With all the problems that we have discussed so far, it is quite fair to state that there are far more reliable car manufacturers out there. Now, this may not always have been the case but it is quite apparent that this is absolutely the truth at this present time.

The one manufacturer that truly comes to mind the most is General Motors' biggest rival, Ford.  According to Car and Driver, the F-150 series is constantly dethroning trucks from GM's brands and this seems to be the norm now. Even Toyota and Nissan seem to be outclassing them lately, as well, and that is just depressing.

7 Bad Headlights

via XL Race Parts

A major issue that always seems to show up with trucks from General Motors is the fact that their headlights are just bad, according to Car Complaints. It is quite clear that depending on the specific model, they are either far too bright or way too dark. It just is something that they need to change.

The importance of headlights is astronomically high, and that is absolutely why the corporation desperately needs to improve on them. With it being the year 2019, this should not be too much trouble. Technological advances have reached their highest point, so it is time to up to the ante.

6 Suspension Problems

via Gear Junkie

According to Car Complaints, suspension problems seem to always present themselves when it comes to GM trucks. This definitely is not convenient in the slightest, as it ends up hurting the performance of these pickups in working conditions. It absolutely is something that annoys many of the owners of these trucks.

This can definitely be fixed but it will require the car manufacturer to structure their trucks in a far better manner. It needs to happen at this present time, as it seems that today's models now are prone to failing far quicker than before. They simply go through far too much wear and tear.

5 Transmission Shakes

via Edmunds

One very irritating element of modern trucks from General Motors is the fact that they are prone to transmission shakes, according to Car and Driver. This occurs from the very start of people owning them, but it displays itself slyly. Once one reaches higher speeds than 60 miles per hour, they begin to notice these shakes far more frequently.

This is something that can damage the trucks over time. When seeing how these pickups are advertised as being long lasting, this is just not a good look for them. It is quite annoying because their older models did not have this issue as badly, so one has to wonder what they are doing now.

4 Air Conditioning Issues

via CarGurus

When it comes to the summer, it is quite clear that we all are living on our air conditioning. However, if you are an individual who owns a GM truck, it is quite clear that this is not always possible. According to Car Complaints, these trucks are notorious for their AC issues, and it seems to be the case for each and every model.

When seeing how they often do not bring upon enough cool air to its passengers, it is understandable that people get fed up with them. In fact, the same thing applies when it comes to GM's heaters, as well. These trucks just are not built to provide enough comfort when it comes to this area.

3 Electrical Accessories Are Lackluster

via GMC Pressroom

Everyone knows that electrical accessories in cars are far more important today than in the past. However, when it comes to trucks from GM, it is pretty clear that their electrical accessories are lackluster and, as a result of this, they need constant repairs. Car Complaints states this affects a number of trucks from General Motors.

This is a major headache to deal with, as people tend to spend thousands of dollars attempting to repair them. Of course, these issues also never seem to be fully fixed, so it essentially is a waste of money. This is something that needs to change or they will see their sales drop off dramatically.

2 You Never Know What You Will Actually Get

via Hennessey Performance

Consistency is something that all car manufacturers need to have. It allows for the growth of their series, and this is what ends up bringing them the vast majority of their sales. However, when it comes to GM, it is quite clear that their models differ in quality each year. According to Autowise, 2014 and 2015 were especially clear cases of this.

This makes it a major gamble to buy the latest pickups from them, as one never knows what they are actually getting from it. The perfect example of this is the Silverado series. They have had some absolutely amazing pickups but at the same time, there are also vehicles that have been complete lemons from model lineup.

1 Issues From The Start

via Chesrown Chevrolet Buick GMC

The worst aspect of GM trucks is the fact that they enter the automobile world with a high amount of issues from the very start. Although a lot of these problems end up being small, this is still inexcusable. Trucks that first hit the primary market should be flawless.

This makes it clear that GM rushes the development of their trucks. This is likely because of the fact that they are looking to make their money as quickly as possible. However, this takes away from ensuring that their pickups are good enough to be given to the public. Overall, it's just such a bad look.

Sources: Car and Driver, Car Complaints, Motor 1. and Edmunds

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