• 20 Reasons Why Every Driver Should Trade-In Their Car For A Motorcycle

    Any person who owns a car should make an effort to learn how to ride a motorcycle. Your life will never be the same again. There has been an ill misconception about bikes, which has been the narrative in mainstream media for a couple of years. The thrill of learning to ride and riding a motorcycle is the same as when you learned to balance a bicycle when you were a kid. You couldn't wait to take it out for a ride. Riding a motorcycle will improve your self-confidence and image, and you'll start appreciating life more.

    The age-old debate on the safety of motorcycles isn't something that'll go away soon. Statistics usually don't factor in bad drivers on the road, which account for a big number of road carnage. You should be well drilled on motorcycle safety to reduce the chances of fatal road accidents. Other than the negative publicity, you should definitely learn how to ride a motorcycle. It will change your perspective on life and how you see the things on the road. The goal isn't to completely get rid of your car but to offer an alternative to transportation. You might decide to ditch your vehicle altogether because the experience is surreal, and you get to feel it on a daily basis. Here are 20 reasons why drivers should trade in their cars for a motorcycle.

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    This is a fact that's very hard to argue against. Motorcycles are way more economical than cars. The main purpose of any automobile is transportation, and a motorcycle offers it without breaking the bank.

    A full tank in the US costs around $100 and can last you a week tops if you're driving in the city. $100 for a motorcycle could take you 3 weeks if you're just using it for commuting.

    Saving $200-300 every month could make a difference in your finances in the long run. Motorcycles are also not as expensive to buy compared to cars even if you're going for the high-performance ones. You get affordable monthly payments that won't strain your pocket.

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    High-end motorcycles offer the same or better performance you'd normally find in a supercar. It wasn't the case some years ago when cars had an edge over bikes. There are motorcycles currently on the market that can produce up to 200 hp.

    Motorcycles are generally faster than cars when it comes to initial acceleration and perform even better when taking corners.

    Given perfect conditions, bikes will beat cars any day. The problem with bikes is traction on the road, which is easier with cars. You can't add 'big wings' on a motorcycle for downforce and aerodynamics. The best way to experience the performance of a motorbike is getting yourself one and comparing it with your vehicle. You're more likely to be inclined to the 2 wheels.

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    The Freedom that comes with riding a bike is riveting. You get to experience the breeze down your face and you can decide to go places, which wouldn't be possible for a car. You're more likely to find joy and contentment when riding a motorcycle than you would a vehicle. The freedom of exploring new paths and roads is what makes riding a motorcycle exciting. A car might be limited because not all of them can go off-road, and some roads are inaccessible. With a motorcycle, you get to choose which roads you take to work, which isn't possible with a normal car. The freedom should be exercised with caution, though, because some people take it to the extreme. Wear your helmet even if you're tempted to experience the breeze hitting your face.

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    Motorcycles emit fewer emissions into the environment than normal cars. Emissions have been a big problem with diesel engines, and Volkswagen, one of biggest car manufacturers, was at the heart of a scandal that saw the company fined over $3 billion. The company's diesel vehicles were emitting 40% more than what was required by law. This caused an uproar in the US with many Volkswagen enthusiasts returning their vehicles. The possibility of such a scenario happening with motorcycles is almost null. Bikes produce 1/3 of what normal cars produce and are environment-friendly. If you're conscious about the environment and want to take action, getting a bike could be seen as a good first step. It doesn't cost a fortune, and it's more economical in the long run.

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    Can't Be Hacked

    A motorcycle can't be hacked, at least not in the near future. In 2015, hackers remotely accessed a Jeep Cherokee and stopped it while it was being driven on the highway. Modern cars are bundled with a lot of tech and may require connectivity to fully function. Any kind of system that's connected online is susceptible to hacking, and cars are no exception. Car hacking can be used by your enemies to cause an accident, which might kill you.

    Motorcycles have simple electronics, and it's going to be a while before they get fitted with technology that will leave them vulnerable to hacking.

    There are bikes that can be controlled by smartphones, but the technology is not yet that advanced to accommodate hacking.

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    It's been the subject of many a raging debate, but it's actually been proven that you burn calories when you ride a motorcycle. Just imagine how many calories you stand to burn if you use it as your daily means of transport! It's estimated that an adult who weighs 180 pounds is likely to burn around 40 calories in an hour's riding.

    If you commute an hour a day, you could burn up to 200 calories in a week.

    This is a strong argument why you should ditch your comfortable vehicle and jump on a bike. You should, however, not expect a miracle. Riding should be used as an additional measure to your exercise routine. Riding has also been proven to be good for brain development, too.

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    The riding community is one of the biggest in the United States. Almost every city has a meetup where riders connect and share experiences. The community is a support system for members. For car owners, the best you can join is a car forum where people just interact online. It gets weird when you own a car with a strange name that doesn't have a community online or offline. Motorcycle communities rarely discriminate. There may be a specific group for a particular make of bike, but it's rarely the case. The larger groups accept just anyone who has a bike. You meet new people and can help with your confidence if you're 'socially awkward' and have issues with self-esteem. There are no judgments in such meetups.

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    Insurance Costs

    Insurance costs can be a nightmare for car owners. There are some cars that attract insurance rates in excess of $3,000, yet they're not very expensive. Such a cost can have a big impact on your savings and finances. A motorcycle isn't only economical to run but has the cheapest insurance you'll get. The monthly plans available are flexible and very affordable, and you won't feel a pinch when you're paying. Motor vehicles, on the other hand, can be expensive, depending on the make and model that you're driving. Getting a motorcycle in addition to your vehicle will mean paying for two separate insurance costs. The goal is to eventually trade in your car for a motorcycle.

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    Easy to Resell

    Cars have a high depreciating rate because of their high costs. A new car can depreciate by almost 40% in the first year. It gets worse as the years pass and can be at 70% in the fourth year. Motorcycles, on the other hand, aren't as expensive as cars, and you are likely to sell it at the initial price even after a year of riding. Depreciation is one of the things that make car ownership suck, and a majority of people are better off buying second cars. Any budget-conscious individual would pick a motorbike over a car if all factors were held constant. Some motorcycles are collectibles and fetch higher prices when they're resold even if they're still being used regularly.

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    Urban migration has made it a nightmare to live in the big cities. Housing has become a problem, and traffic is the norm of the day. Getting a parking slot even in the local grocery store has become a problem. You have to drive around with the hope that a parking space will become available.

    This is a big problem if you spend a lot of time in traffic and still have to wait up to 30 minutes for a parking space to become available.

    Having a motorcycle will completely get rid of this problem. They're not as big as four-wheel vehicles and can fit in very tight spaces. Having a bike is convenient if you're always commuting during the day. It'll save you the stress of getting a place for parking.

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    Ample Room for Customization

    A motorcycle is easy to customize compared to a vehicle. There's a big DIY community that's always ready to help should you get stuck. Some car modifications might not be possible if you're doing them on your own. They can be expensive, too, especially if they involve tweaking the performance of the vehicle. A motorcycle is a compact piece of an automobile that offers a ton of options when it comes to modifications. The customization is what makes the motorbike truly yours. The number of options available can be intimidating, and it might be hard knowing where to start. The styling and accessories should be complementary to the bike. Chrome-parts modifications can be a nuisance because they scratch easily.

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    Easy to Clean

    Car owners are often lazy when it comes to cleaning them. Some people can go months without cleaning their cars, and you'll find all kinds of junk in the rear seats. Motorcycles are very easy to clean and don't take a lot of time. It's even easier if you use your bike for city commuting, as it doesn't get as dirty as a car would normally. You can decide to be cleaning it once every 2 days, which is almost impossible with a car unless you're willing to spend money and time at the washing bay. It's illegal in some countries like China to wash your car in the driveway, which makes owning a motorcycle a convenient option.

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    Mental Therapy

    Anyone who's been driving for a long time knows how stressful it can be, especially if you're always in traffic. There's nothing therapeutic about it even if you have classical music playing on the stereo with a state-of-the-art interior.

    A motorcycle isn't the same as a car because you get to experience open air, which is good for relaxation.

    You can take it out of the city and experience the lush countryside. The experience cannot compare to being inside a vehicle. If you're stressed and need to unwind, a ride could be what you need to relax. It creates mental sharpness and awareness, and your brain is well coordinated and balanced as a result.

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    There's nothing as romantic as having your lover clutch on you when you're experiencing an exhilarating ride. You'll never get this level of intimacy on any automobile that's not a motorcycle. Buying a motorcycle can save your troubled marriage or relationship and improves the level intimacy for couples, which is said to help with relationships. You could also use it as a strategy to get close to girls who would otherwise not talk to you under normal circumstances. You can organize road trips with your significant other where it's just you and her on the freeway with lots of adrenaline rush to spice up your love life. You can never get the same feeling of closeness if you use a car.

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    Easy to Maintain

    A motorcycle can average around 50 miles per gallon, which is great for your pocket. Maintenance costs can be under $200 a year if you take good care of it. The average price for replacing the tires is around $300 after 11,000 miles. The gears are all one-time costs, and you don't have to buy them all at a go if you don't have the funds. A customized helmet can cost around $150. Most motorcycle owners are mechanics, naturally, and tend to do the maintenance on their own. Motorcycles may require regular checkups and maintenance compared to cars, but it should be something you're able to do on your own. Getting your hands dirty isn't such a bad thing if it's a motorcycle.

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    In a world where everyone is trying to be the same, a motorcycle could be your way of standing out. The advertising industry has affected the way people consume products, and 'bigger' is always seen as the best option. FOMO (fear of missing out) has affected so many young people across the globe, and they only buy what's hot and trending. A motorbike is a unique automobile and is more likely to stand out if it's been customized to your individual taste and style. Don't conform to societal pressure and buy a car that you don't really need, which will bore you after 3 months of driving. A motorcycle gives you a channel through which you can trickle your personality onto the road in amazing ways, which wouldn't be possible with a car.

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    Ease of Commuting

    The basic purpose of transportation is getting you from one point to another in time. Humans have complicated this logic over the years, which has led to traffic nightmares in the cities and suburbs. It's easy to maneuver through traffic with a motorcycle, and it can be used as a substitute for daily commuting. Motorcycles are allowed in vehicle occupancy lanes. In some states like Texas, you motorcycles are permitted to ride in between lanes, which can save you hours each week in traffic. Commuting is more fun if you know shorter alley routes that are only accessible via a bike or a motorcycle. You'll end up saving a lot of money and time that could be put to productive use.

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    You Look Cool

    People who are motorcycles usually stand out. You'll see them in their black leather jackets and light boots. There are lads who've switched to motorcycles for the sole purpose of impressing the ladies. It works in most cases because riders appear rugged and manly, which are the traits that woo the ladies. Some guy confessed on Reddit that he's usually not a confident person but gets in his element when he wears his gear and steps on his bike. People aren't concerned with what goes on under the gear, and the confidence can be uncomfortable at times if you don't know how to own it. With a motorcycle, you can appear cool and confident without necessarily being corky.

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    There has been a never-ending debate on which automobile is safer between a motorcycle and a car. The variable used in the studies fails to paint the whole picture. Motorcycle riders usually come off worse when it comes to accidents, but the reports are usually out of touch with reality on the ground. Motorcycles can easily evade potential accidents, which can be a lot harder with cars.

    The field of vision a rider gets is wider than that of a driver because of the confines of the vehicle.

    You're able to avoid more dangers if you can see more, which could mean the difference between life and death. Motorcycle riders are also more careful on the road because they know they don't have a protective metal cover over them.

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    Less Drain On The System

    Motorcycles not only reduce the carbon emissions but also relieve pressure on the system. There are so many vehicles being manufactured every year and a lot more being crushed. This cycle will continue to get worse as the human population grows in number. The roads can't handle the vehicles, and city commuting is becoming more of a challenge by the day. There are no parking spaces available, and it'll soon not be viable to own a vehicle. A motorcycle is a suitable alternative that costs way less and doesn't drain the system like cars do. As a taxpayer, the money is better used for more important stuff than repairing roads, which is necessary because of the high number of cars.

    Source: motorsport.com; jalopnik.com

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