20 Reasons Why The Americans Are Winning The Car-Making War

When you look back at classic cars over time, there are plenty of American marques that come to mind: an original Ford from a time when cars were thought to be dangerous if they went faster than you could walk, a red Corvette, a Mustang with go-faster stripes, a Hummer with blacked-out windows.

These days, the figures seem to suggest that the US auto industry is taking a bit of a dip. It’s worth remembering that this dip comes after years of a constant upswing–and we’re predicting that it's only a matter of time before that upswing continues. Why? Because Americans are decisively winning the car-making war. Don’t believe us? That’s fine, but we’re about to explain it all in ways that you just can’t argue with.

If you’re concerned about the current state of the industry, there’s absolutely no reason to be. This is only the start of things to come. With so many great weapons under our belts–examples of which you're about to read about–there’s no way that the US can fail to win the war of the auto industry. While countries like Japan and the UK may struggle to compete, they aren’t going to be able to keep up, and that’s a fact.

Get your patriotism on and read on–unless, of course, you’re from outside of the US, in which case, prepare to be outraged.

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20 Tesla’s Electric Is the Future

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Tesla is the first all-electric auto brand to be designed and constructed in the US for more than a decade. If you’ve been paying any attention at all, you may have noticed that the electric-car niche is pretty hot right now.

Experts are even predicting that we'll only be able to buy new cars as electric in a decade or so.

While that may make petrolheads shed a tear, the fact of the matter is that the US is leading at the forefront of this movement, with Tesla quickly becoming THE brand to own. People across the world are snapping up Teslas, and with more and more models arriving, it’s clear that they're here to stay. This will mean more production of electric cars by other brands in the US, too.

19 California Is Forcing the Auto Industry to Change

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Last year, California’s clean-air agency took a vote that will very likely be seen as a starting point for the American electric industry in the future. They decided to push through new laws which would restrict emissions for cars and trucks, and as one of the big centers for car sales in the US, that means that all manufacturers are going to have to sit up and listen. Since experts say this is the way that the whole world is going, they’re really giving the US auto industry a head start over other countries. Adapting to these new laws will mean a great boost for sales overseas as well, as everyone starts to shift to cleaner vehicles. Considering the US always finds a way to make muscle cars, trucks, and supercars fit any given requirements, you know they’ll pull it off.

18 Trump’s Regulatory Relief Forces American Builds

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President Trump has made it clear that he wants to boost American production, and that applies to the auto industry as well. In fact, he's promised regulatory relief to any manufacturer who builds cars in the US, thereby creating jobs for workers. This means that more manufacturers may be likely to create new factories and expand their workshops here in order to take advantage. With years still left in his first term and the possibility that he may be voted in for a second, this could have far-reaching consequences. The more cars are built in the US, the more of an advantage the nation will have over other countries around the globe. This is really pivotal and may be a key way for the US to continue being a winning player in the global auto industry.

17 The Government Supports Auto Manufacturers

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It’s also very reassuring for many customers that the US government has proven time and again to be happy to support manufacturers in the country. When GM and Chrysler needed bailouts, they were provided. The Obama administration promised to honor warranties from both companies. While they managed to recover with the help of the government, this shows customers that they can trust the US auto industry even when times get tough.

Trump is certainly the second president in a row to show support for car manufacturers, and we doubt that he'll be the last.

The safety and continuance of the auto industry are important for the economy, so it will always be supported. That’s not something all countries can say–for example, Australia totally ceased the manufacture of cars recently as no company could find a foothold there.

16 Consumer Reports Are Positive

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While it used to be the case that Japanese cars aced it in consumer reports, now, things have changed a little. Actually, cars from the US tend to come out at the top of the charts in a large number of the rated categories. This means that the quality of the cars, as well as the enjoyment of the customer experience, has gone up in recent years. The longer this continues, the better the US will be at beating Japan in the car wars. Consumer trust will continue to go up, and people around the world will be choosing to buy American because they know they'll get the best comfort, drive style, and value for money. You can’t do better than that. Perhaps, one day soon, we’ll see US car models coming out on top for all yearly consumer-report charts.

15 There’s No Replicating American Style

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When you see an American car, there’s no doubt about where it came from. The blocky yet stylish 4x4s with tough detailing, the trucks built for rugged outdoor life, the muscle cars that look like someone injected a normal car with testosterone—no one else around the world can produce cars that look exactly like these. In fact, industries and manufacturers in other countries have tried, and none of them have ever come close. In fact, their efforts tend to look a little bit ridiculous.

Whenever anyone wants to buy a muscle car, they're always going to think about the US first.

There are no two ways about it. Don’t think that the electric revolution is going to change that either–there are ways to make an engine sound great even when it doesn’t make any noise naturally.

14 They’re Cheaper Than Other Manufacturers

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Big marques in America know that they face stiff competition from other countries, so they try harder to get the loyalty of their compatriots.

The Detroit 3 often price their cars down compared to similar models made by manufacturers from other nations in order to make them more appealing to buyers.

They also come with financing deals and breaks that make them even more attractive. This means that there will always be buyers for American cars in America, which is a really good start to the battle. If you’re going to win, you really have to start at home. Going forward, selling to buyers outside of the US is just as simple—though import taxes can raise the price, they may still be of better value than the vehicles of other manufacturers.

13 Reliability Improves Over Time

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Studies have shown that US cars tend to get more reliable as time goes on, up to the ten-year mark. This means that if you're looking for a car that you want to keep for the long term, they have you covered. There’s something nice about having that old truck you can always rely on to get you from A to B, even if you want to have a second car that you change more often. After ten years, the reliability does tend to drop off, but this is something that's seen with manufacturers across the globe. In case you were wondering, the 8- to 10-year mark tends to be the age at which American-made cars have their real peak reliability. After that, you can consider selling to start again.

12 History is On the US’s Side

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Of course, the US is always going to be a major player in the car industry. Why? Because this is where the car industry was born. The very fact that Henry Ford started his business here on American soil is why so many manufacturers, choosing to be based right near where he started it all, will continue to open car plants in the US. This history isn't just in the past; it also affects business even today.

When you buy American, you’re buying tradition.

And when you choose to build American, you’re also putting yourself into that tradition and history, which is why new manufacturers find it to be an attractive prospect. That’s why it will always continue in the same way.

11 Patriotism Is Worth Billions

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Another reason for the American auto industry’s continued success is the fact that Americans tend to be patriotic, at least in some small way. A Harris poll conducted on car owners found that “87 percent said it’s important or very important to buy American-made cars to ‘support American companies.’ And 76 percent said they buy American because of ‘patriotism.’” When such a large percentage of buyers are looking to show their patriotism with where they put their money, it’s obvious that the car industry will remain strong. This tends to increase during times of conflict, when it feels even more important to support the country from within. During times of peace, this way of thinking may cool off a little. If you want to see a silver lining in everything, you could say that, at least, war brings American dollars back into the economy.

10 Powerful Engines Are Attractive

via Ford

When buying a car, one of the big things that many buyers look at is the engine. American auto manufacturers tend to go for very powerful engines, which is one of the aspects of muscle cars that make them so attractive.

When it comes down to it, these cars have some of the best straight-line speeds in the world, especially when comparing like for like.

So, if you want a car that gives you a bit of oomph when you put your foot down, the results are conclusive: you’re best off buying a US brand. This means that those who do differentiate based on engine power will be able to keep the US auto industry afloat. There are a lot of car enthusiasts out there like us who prioritize the important things.

9 American Cars Are Usually Larger

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If you’ve ever compared American and foreign-made cars side by side on a car lot, you may have noticed something.

Cars made in the US and for US markets tend to be wider and larger, offering more room for shoulders and legs as well as more passenger space.

This is because they're built for comfort, not to cost the least possible to manufacture. If you're a little on the larger side yourself, you'll definitely want to buy American. On the other hand, if you just like to stretch out, then US cars are a good bet as well. Generally speaking, people like to be comfortable when they drive, so this is a big plus point in favor of US-made vehicles.

8 Insurance Rates Are Better For US Citizens

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If you’re a citizen of the US and you’re looking to insure a car, you'll generally find that a car built in the US gives you favorable rates. This is because of the way that the industry works and the various breaks that the government has given in order to ensure that more people buy home-grown products. Buying a car is just the start–after that, you still have to pay to keep it going, to get it checked over and repaired whenever necessary, and also to tax it. Being able to cut down on the cost in at least one area is always going to be a plus point for consumers, which means there will always be people snapping up this offer. That’s a great way to keep the industry strong.

7 Even Foreign Cars Can Make The US Profit

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There has been plenty of debate in recent years about what “American-made” really means in the car industry. As the global auto industry rises, there has been a lot of trading in between countries. Some parts of a car may have been made in Mexico, for example, and some in Japan, and some in Korea. These can all go inside a car which is designed and put together in the US. On the other hand, the reverse is also true. Some parts are made in the US and then sold to other countries. This means that even when consumers think that they're buying a foreign car, they may still be causing the American industry to profit. The same is true of foreign cars that are sold at US dealerships, as some profit stays home.

6 Taxes Help the Auto Industry Succeed

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Even in the years when foreign-made cars seem to be doing better, the US can use taxes to ensure that the auto industry remains strong and successful. Bringing in a car to the US requires an import tax, and on top of this, buyers will also pay a sales tax. In other words, a small percentage of each foreign car sale is going directly to the US government. A car doesn’t have to be made in the US to be a profitable part of the US auto industry, it seems. All of this means that the auto industry can easily weather years of downturn and wait for something good to come around again in due course. This is also one of the reasons why the government is able to intervene and lend a hand.

5 Special Editions Appeal to Americans

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When cars bring out special editions, they usually do so in order to appeal to people in that specific country. The great news about the US is that there's a strong love for car racing in the form of NASCAR and similar series. Should an American auto company bring out a special livery for a car in keeping with a US favorite that they sponsor, then it’s a great opportunity for fans to support their teams and drivers as well as get a stylish new ride. You might say that other car industry countries can do the same. The trick here is that the US has far more people to sell to, and this means far more people will snap up special editions. It’s simple maths.

4 NASCAR and Other Races Push Innovation

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The very fact that NASCAR and other forms of racing, such as the Indy 500, are so popular helps to boost the American car industry in more ways than one. For a start, someone needs to build those cars racing around the track–often more than once in a weekend—as they can tend to get pretty smashed up.

A lot of innovation also goes into creating a car that's best suited to the race conditions and will get the best results.

The more you innovate for one scenario, the better you are at understanding what you're working with as a whole, which means US cars get better as a direct result of all those racing fans out there. In other words, thanks, race fans.

3 Silicon Valley Is Here to Stay

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Will the US auto industry keep winning the car-making war in the future? Yes, and here’s why: Silicon Valley. The minds working on innovation here have so much to offer, and a lot of them have started turning their power to the humble car. Take the self-driving car, which may turn out to be something we'll all end up within 50 years if it ends up being successful. These new ideas are being born in the heart of innovation and future-thinking in the US. This means that when the next big thing breaks, it’s going to break out of the US–and that means a lot of profit as people from overseas scramble to place an order and other manufacturers struggle to keep up.

2 US Cars Are Loud and Proud

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If you've ever chuckled at the sound of a throaty engine roar or lusted after a big V8, then you have American car makers to thank.

US manufacturers tend to go for loud and proud vehicles, which may seem brash compared to sleek and sophisticated European cars.

But, you know what? Not everyone likes sleek and sophisticated. Some people just want an engine that roars more convincingly than a big cat. When that’s what you like, you can’t get it anywhere better than the US. Since this is something that's not available in other countries, it’s clear that car makers in the US have a big advantage here. There will never be a shortage of people who love a loud engine noise under acceleration.

1 They’re Simply the Best

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With all of the points we've made so far, you can hopefully already see that American cars have a lot of advantages over those made in other nations, including their price point, their looks and sounds, their space and comfort, and so many more things. When you add all of these together, it’s clear that American cars are simply the best. And you know what happens when something is the best? It beats everything else. That means that Americans aren’t simply winning the car-making war–they’re dominating it, and they’re going to take home the final trophy, too. If we ever reach a point where cars are only made in one nation on Earth, we’ve got a good bet going as to what that place will be.

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