20 Secrets Even The Biggest Fans Don't Know About Diesel Brothers

Diesel Brothers is a bit of an unlikely hit television show, but a hit television show is exactly what it is. The two main stars of the show are Heavy D and Diesel Dave, and their thing is working on and modifying some of the most ridiculously powerful diesel trucks in the world. To make it even odder, while they look like tough guys, these guys are from Utah and have a Mormon background. They put together some of the trucks just for the fun of it—they're true diesel artists after all—while others are custom orders.

For a couple guys who look like bikers, they sure do have the whole social media thing down. They started by putting out videos showing their supercool trucks while also pulling pranks on each other and doing some wild stunts. They ended up appearing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and then got a show on the Discovery Channel. How cool is that? Not as cool as their awesome trucks but still pretty cool.

While they're now incredibly popular, there are still a lot of secrets about them that even their biggest fans don't know.

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20 Heavy D Used to Fake Seizures

via YouTube

Some people really go through a lot to try and get out of a ticket. Have you ever thought of pretending that you were having a seizure to get out of trouble with the law? No? Well, we haven't either. But Heavy D sure has.

After his father passed away, Heavy D took to Instagram to talk about how cool his dad was, and one of the examples that he came up with was how his dad taught him how to fake seizures to get out of speeding tickets.

Now personally, I'd rather pay 150 bucks for a speeding ticket than pretend I was having a potentially life-threatening seizure, but then again, I'm not one of the Diesel brothers.

19 Heavy D Has Some Views On Immigration

via Discovery

Heavy D isn't someone who worries a lot about immigration. At one point, Heavy D was looking for a new painter, and he posted a video that was in Spanish in search of one. A lot of people got upset about it and left a bunch of nasty comments on the video.

He ended up posting a follow-up video calling out all the commenters who said nasty things; some of them, he even mentioned by name. Whether you agree with his views on immigration or not, it's nice to see someone who has some pull standing up for what he believes in. It's also cool to see people called out who are "mean behind the keyboard," as Heavy D put it.

18 They Play Pranks On Each Other

via Discovery AU

One of the reasons that The Diesel Brother became famous in the first place was their online videos, a lot of which featured pranks. One of the biggest pranks they like to play on each other is hiding trucks. So basically, someone on the show comes to work, and someone else basically kidnaps the truck and hides it until the owner actually finds it.

Obviously, these guys get along pretty well. How do I know that? Well, I can tell by the simple fact that if you steal and hide someone's truck that you aren't good friends with, they probably will get really mad and act in a way that you aren't going to want to videotape and show to people.

17 Environmentalist Doctors Sued Them 

via Autoevolution.com

So obviously, any couple of guys who build huge trucks and call themselves "The Diesel Brothers" aren't going to be the biggest environmentalists around. They're all about huge tires and rolling coal, not the ozone layer. It is what it is. Or it would be if a group of doctors going by "Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment" didn't decide to sue them. According to the suit, the Diesel brothers modify or remove exhaust systems to get all that super cool black smoke to come out—in other words, "rolling coal."  It's obvious the group of doctors is trying to make an example of the Diesel brothers. We'll see if it works.

16 They've Been Accused of Getting Parts and Labor Illegally

via Pinterest

If you have a shop like the Diesel brothers do, you're going to need a lot of parts, and you're also going to need some labor from time to time. There have been a fair amount of comments on their website where people allege they've used illegal labor and also have purchased parts for their custom builds illegally.

The Diesel brothers have denied this, and it's important to say there's no real evidence to support it.

We all know by now that people will say anything to troll Internet comment sections, and quite often, there's no truth behind what they say, so this one is pretty up in the air when it comes to being valid.

15 They've Been Accused of Using Foreign Parts

via dieselsellerz.com

The Diesel brothers spend a lot of time, on the show and off, rocking the American flag. Ig is featured prominently on a lot of their merchandise, and they have lots of family who were in the armed services. This is why when they started selling something called "Patriot Tires" that were actually made in Taiwan, a lot of fans gave them a really hard time for that.

This has caused a lot of talk on the Internet about whether Taiwan is part of China or not and if the guys really have a right to act all patriotic when they're selling tires that were made in another country. Who knew these guys would start so much controversy?

14 Their Truck Giveaways Aren't Really Giveaways

via Pinterest

As we've mentioned before, these guys give away some trucks that they've customized. They do this from time to time, usually every month. But do they really? The thing is, you have to buy something from the Diesel brothers to be eligible to get the "giveaway."

So is it really free if you have to buy to get in on a giveaway?

Not really. That's more just like a lottery ticket where a bunch of people spend a little bit of money to have the opportunity to get something that's worth a lot. There isn't really anything wrong with the Diesel brothers doing this; it isn't like they're trying to scam people. But they also aren't really giving anything away.

13 Production Pulls Some Tricks

via Diesel Army

When it comes to so-called reality television, we all know that things usually aren't that real at all, but that doesn't mean that shows don't keep trying to fake us out, and The Diesel Brothers is no exception.

According to Heavy D, at one point during the show, a truck caught fire when no cameras were rolling.

They thought that would be pretty cool on film, so they ended up trying to recreate the truck fire, which obviously isn't a very good idea. According to Heavy D, the fire got out of hand. Luckily, no one was hurt. Here's a pro tip: don't ever start a fire to try and get a cool shot for the camera. Those things are dangerous!

12 They Did Mormon Missionary Work

via Deseret News

There's a stereotype that most of us have about Mormons, and I might be wrong, but to me, the Diesel brothers are totally not it. But it's true—even though these two don't advertise this a whole lot, they're both devout Mormons, and both even did some stints as missionaries, spreading the Mormon word throughout the world. They spent much of their time in South America and Portugal.

Talk about not judging a book by its cover, these two both look way more like Southern rednecks than Mormons, although if you're paying attention at all to the show, you'd know that it was shot in Utah, which is where most Mormons live.

11 Fans Always Try to Get Free Trucks

via Dieselsellerz.com

The guys give away free trucks regularly. While this is a nice thing to do, it also is something that helps keep their brand front and center and gets them a lot of attention.

Just like with anything that's of value that's being given away for free, people go nuts bugging the Diesel brothers, the producers of the show, and even people at Discovery Channel to ask for their free truck that the Diesel brothers have customized.

While some of these people are just trolling and messing around, others actually think that if they tell really sad stories, the Diesel brothers will hook them up with a free ride, which is pretty unlikely.

10 Their Website Crashed When the Show Started

via Twitter

No one expected the show to be quite as popular as it's turned out to be, and the Diesel brothers themselves have to be included in that. When the show first premiered, their website crashed for two weeks. All sorts of people who saw the show wanted to check them out and see what kind of work they did, and their website just couldn't handle it.

I guess one could say that that's a good problem to have, though, if you think about it. Sure, they didn't make a bunch of potential sales for the first couple weeks the show was on the air, but on the other hand, it certainly showed that they were on their way to being a success.

9 They've Sold Aftermarket Exhaust Systems

via Pinterest

The complaint formalized by the Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment says that the Diesel brothers have sold aftermarket exhaust systems. In other words, they're claiming that the business makes exhaust systems that are supposed to bypass vehicles’ existing state pollution regulations.

What does that mean in plain English? Well, it means they modify exhaust systems so that they let off all that super cool smoke! The Diesel Brothers basically say that just about everyone in their type of business does that, that they're just being picked on because they're successful, and that the suit is trying to make an example of them.

8 They're Astute Businessmen

via ReelGood

These guys don't mess around when it comes to making money and promoting themselves. They have three separate entities that they pull money from, including DieselSellerz, Diesel Power, and Sparks Motors.

While the other two have to do with vehicles, Diesel Power is actually a lifestyle brand through which people can purchase all sorts of things from office supplies to men's grooming products, just so you can be cool like the Diesel brothers—that is, if you think the Diesel brothers are cool. Point being, you might think these guys are just a couple of dubs working on trucks, but underestimate them at your own risk.

7 They Aren't Brothers

via Diesel Tech

You probably know this one, but for those of you who don't, we had to put it in here because, in one way, it's the biggest secret of all.

These two aren't brothers. Heavy D and Diesel Dave might call themselves "The Diesel Brothers," and they sure do look a bit like brothers with the big beards and all, but these two aren't related at all.

In fact, they met at a church event for young singles and ended up becoming really good friends. Isn't that the cutest thing you've ever heard of in your entire life? Anyway, even though they aren't brothers, the name sure is pretty cool—way cooler than "Diesel Friends" or "Diesel Buddies" would've been.

6 Heavy D's Dad Had to Leave The Army Because of a Brain Tumor

via Diesel Army

The Diesel brothers aren't shy about letting people know how much they support the military—and with good reason. Heavy D's father was a Green Beret in the Marines. Sadly, he was discharged because he was diagnosed as having a brain tumor. When he was first diagnosed, the doctors gave him only two weeks to live.

But according to Heavy D, he beat cancer and managed to live for another couple of decades before finally passing away. Talk about tough! It's obvious that Heavy D's dad had a really strong influence on him; he sounds like the type of guy who would have a pretty strong influence on just about anybody.

5 It Started on Facebook

via Hard Working Trucks

The Diesel brothers really got it all started on their Facebook page way back in the day. They had a page called "Diesel Trucks For Sale" where they used to list some trucks for sale and put up some funny prank videos. Before too long, a lot of their stuff was going viral.

The Internet has changed everything when it comes to business, music, and entertainment; back in the day, you really had to have a lot of money behind you and a lot of experience. Now, you just have to have a social media account, some good ideas and a lot of energy, and you can get yourself a good following and make a whole lot of cash.

4 Redbeard Is a Family Man

via Discovery

We've talked a bit about the two main Diesel brothers, but what about good old Redbeard? Even though he looks a bit like a goof, in reality, he's the businessman of the show who keeps the so-called brothers in line once things start to get out of control. He tends to pump the breaks when the pranks start to go too far.

He also manages the bottom line and helps keep the money flowing in.

Although he doesn't look it, he's a family man. He says he has a “super hot” wife and four kids. I mean, we guess we believe that whole "super hot" thing, but back in my day, a guy who looked like Redbeard wouldn't be someone whom you would guess had a good-looking lady at home.

3 They Were on Leno

via The Mint 400

At one point, the Diesel Brother started getting so much attention with their videos that they went on The Jay Leno Show. As it says on their portion of the website of the Discovery Channel, they would "post videos of themselves doing driving stunts, pranks, short skits, etc."

Heavy D, Diesel Dave, Redbeard, The Muscle, and the entire Dieselsellerz crew have fun on the job and turned that fun into marketing for the business. One video became so popular that Jay Leno asked the duo to appear on his show during the segment "Prank You Very Much." For a lot of people, that would've been the end of the story, but for the Diesel brothers, it was just the beginning.

2 They Actually Know a Lot

via YouTube

While these guys are funny and give off a vibe that they aren't to be taken that seriously, what with the way they dress and their big funky beards, these guys really know what they're doing and are known to drop a little science on the viewers from time to time. They don't do this in a boring way; they do it in a fun way. But it's science nonetheless.

You can learn a lot about the history of the diesel engine and how to work on your truck in a way that gets results, both in helping it run better and making it look cooler from these two dudes, but the viewer doesn't learn in a way that's hard to follow or dull. I guess that's partly why they're big successes.

1 Their Brand Is Growing

via Dieselsellerz.com

It doesn't seem like they're going to be going away anytime soon. Even though they're celebrities, they're still running their business, which, at its base, is taking a beat-up truck and making it a beautiful and powerful beast of one. They also are increasing sales when it comes to different lifestyle products that have "The Diesel Brothers" name on them. You can love these guys or you can hate them, but you can't deny that they're players now, both in the television market and the automotive market.  Actually, why would you hate these guys anyway? They're just a couple of good old boy Mormons with nice beards working on some trucks. You know, the Diesel brothers.

Sources: discovery.com; screenrant.com

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