20 Superhero Rides We Wish We Could Buy

Who hasn’t wished for superpowers from time to time? Whether you would use them for good or for evil, the thought of having abilities that no one else has is pretty darn cool. But if we can’t get caught in a science experiment gone wrong and walk out with some superhuman talents, then we wish that we could at least get hold of some of the ways they get around! A whole lot of heroes have vehicles with as many powers as they have - or at least, with a lot more to them than most things on the road. Weaponized, packed with gadgets, gizmos, and everything a hero might need to fight crime… or just have a little fun.

It’s not just limited to cars either. The pages of comics are filled with other nifty ways for heroes to get around, from jets to vans to motorbikes, and all of them are ten times better than anything we could pick up from a dealership. Whether you want a ride that’s invisible, super fast, literally flaming, or just coordinated to a superhero costume, there's something for absolutely every superhero. From the slightly modified rides that aren’t that far from reality to the totally new builds that are stuffed with tech that hasn’t even been invented yet, we’ve got the top twenty comic book vehicles that we wish were in our garages.

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20 Fantastic 4's Fantasti-Car

Marvel’s first family comes with their very own ride and have even used multiple models of their Fantasticar over the years. Most of these beauties have been designed and built by the team’s resident genius, Reed Richards, and come with a range of useful tech. Each of these cars was also built with the ability to split into four separate cars, one for each member of the Fantastic Four. As Richards improved on the original ‘bathtub’ (as unimpressed fans called the first Fantasticar), adding a bulletproof windshield, multiple onboard computers, and, of course, the ability to fly (something that every version of the car has). The later versions also got faster until the team could travel across the US incredibly quickly, thanks to a top speed of 1,000 miles per hour.

19 TMNT Party Wagon

No one wants to live in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' pad in the sewer, but they’ve got a pretty enviable ride: the Party Wagon. Also colloquially known as the Turtle Van, this vehicle started life as just an ordinary van belonging to Baxter Stockman but was revamped time and time again by the Turtles until it became an armored, weaponized rolling superhero lair. Various versions of the van included extra modifications, leading up to the Battle Shell, which was entirely armored. Various versions of the van have everything from hidden cannons to (in the live-action movies) the ability to shoot sewer grates at enemies on the streets. Guns, onboard computers, and a range of other gizmos make this the coolest panel van in comics.

18 Ghost Rider’s Hell Cycle

The Spirit of Vengeance wouldn’t be much of a rider without something amazing to ride… and that’s where the Hell Cycle comes in. Created by Mephisto himself, the Hell Cycles are powered by Hellfire and have absolutely no interest in the laws of physics. A Hell Cycle can fly, can drive up the side of a wall (or any other vertical surface), can go across water, and can even fly. Ghost Riders who appear in Marvel’s greater galactic universe can even fly their Hell Cycles in outer space. They move faster than any mortal motorcycle, although they aren’t particularly useful for stealth missions, thanks to the ever-flaming wheels. However, these cycles do more than just speed around as physics-defying flaming cycles. They also have a connection to their riders and are able to obey their mental commands, even from a distance.

17 Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet

This iconic vehicle has yet to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the Wonder Woman of the comics world used to speed around in her invisible jet for years. Eventually, Diana Prince gained the ability to fly, but in the Golden Age, she needed the jet to get from place to place. As well as being utterly undetectable (and truly invisible), the Invisible Jet (also known as Invisible Plane and Robot Plan) was more than just a hidden aircraft. At times, Wonder Woman had the ability to control it telepathically, with the help of her tiara, but eventually, it became something so much cooler… an invisible, shape-changing object that could become the flying Wonder Dome. This was Wonder Woman’s hovering palace, a sentient Fortress of Solitude.

16 Spider-Man’s Spider-Mobile

Despite being one of Marvel’s best-known heroes, Spider-Man isn’t famous for having a car… but there's one in the comics! Spider-Man agreed to use the buggy not because he needed to (he doesn’t have to deal with traffic swinging from building to building, of course), but because a car manufacturer paid him to! Peter Parker, being more than a little bit broke at the time, built the car for Corona motors (with a little help from Johnny Storm). The initial Spider-Mobile didn’t last too long, but Peter later built a new version when Parker Industries took off. As well as sporting a bitchin’ paint job to match his suit, the Spider-Mobile also had web-fluid airbags, the ability to drive upside down or vertically, and wheels that unfold into spider legs.

15 She Hulk’s Flying Car

Another hero who isn’t necessarily known for her wheels, She-Hulk got herself a flying car for a brief moment in the late ‘80s. After being stranded ten thousand light years away from Earth, She-Hulk needed a little help from her friend US Archer and an alien AI. The two were able to modify a ‘59 Dodge to let her get home. Unlike some other supercars, She-Hulk’s flying muscle car didn’t have a whole lot of different powers, though. It didn’t even have enough power to let her keep travelling the galactic universe. Instead, this flying car had just enough juice for a single intergalactic flight… but still, we’d love to have the ability to take just one flight to explore the galaxy!

14 Lobo’s Spazfrag 666

This most phenomenally cool, heavy metal intergalactic bounty hunter obviously needs one of the coolest vehicles in comics to get around on. This massive space-faring bike features a skull on the front, as well as a miniaturized 17-liter powerplant with 3x Turbo and full Hands Off facility. What all that means is that it can go from 0 to 60 instantaneously and boasts top speeds of hundreds of kilometers per hour. The SpaceHog doesn’t come packing a whole lot more because Lobo himself is usually the one who prefers to carry the weaponry, but even without a load of guns or gadgets, this is one awesome bike. (And of course, you could tool around any part of the galaxy on it, as long as you had enough unleaded…)

13 Tank Girl’s Tank

Not only is this a mode of transport, but it's also a home for the incredible Tank Girl (which is where she gets the name, shockingly enough). Not just a normal tank, this one has been added to and decorated, with punk-style buttons and designs and even a couple of deck chairs and a parasol on the top (where else are you going to relax?). Of course, no matter how cool a tank looks, the most important thing about it is the weaponry! Tank Girl’s tank is packed with missiles and guns (many of which have their own decorations, too), and even if it’s not the most practical vehicle for an average neighborhood, there's no doubt that very little would look cooler in the driveway.

12 Mermaid Man’s Invisible Boatmobile

It may not be particularly useful unless you live in Bikini Bottom (or maybe Atlantis), but we’d still be on board with having our own Invisible Boatmobile. Belonging to Bikini Bottom’s favorite superheroes, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy, the Invisible Boatmobile is based on a 1959 model Cadillac Eldorado and usually looks like any other boatmobile. However, it has a surprisingly impressive number of other abilities, including Torpedo Mode (an ejection system), Origami Mode (that allows it to fold), and of course, Invisible Mode! The Invisible Boatmobile is a parody of two of the best-known superhero modes of transport in the DC universe, the Batmobile and the Invisible Jet. Of course, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy are far from being Batman and Wonder Woman, but we love ‘em and their invisible Boatmobile just the same.

11 The Punisher’s Battle Van

Frank Castle may not have any superpowers himself, but that doesn’t mean that he's not a major threat - or that he doesn’t get an absolutely epic vehicle. The Punisher has had a series of Battle Vans over the years, as well as a few black muscle cars with the skull on the hood. The Vans themselves are armored and packed with special features. From the turbocharged Ford V-8 engine to the heavy armor and four-wheel drive (for that essential offroading), as well as the weaponry and computer systems, these vans acted as a mobile base of operations for the Punisher. Different versions included everything from basic guns to a grenade launcher and even sonic weaponry, augmenting Castle’s already impressive armory.

10 The Mist’s Mist Mobile

The heroes of Kick-Ass don’t have any more powers than Frank Castle - and (with the obvious exception of Hit Girl) are nowhere near as capable as the Punisher either… but one does have a car cool enough to rival the Battle Van. The Mist Mobile is the red Mustang belonging to wannabe-hero-turned-villain the Red Mist (later the Mother F**ker). In the comics, the Mist Mobile is described only as a ‘tricked out sports car,’ but the film version got a little more specific. This red Mustang was a custom one-of-a-kind ride developed and built by Galpin Auto Sports, with a 550-horsepower 4.6-liter V-8 engine, and two nitrous oxide tanks with purge capabilities (for that signature red mist). Based on the 2008 Mustang GT, the car is the epitome of rich-hero cool, and it’s not that far from the realms of possibility.

9 Agent Coulson’s Flying Car, Lola

Agent Coulson’s 1962 Chevrolet Corvette is a pretty phenomenal car as it is, but of course, Agent Coulson wouldn’t have just any classic sportscar. The director of the new SHIELD has added quite a few modifications, and the biggest one is to make it hover capable, with wheels that rotate and use mini propellers like those that allow the Quinjet to fly. In addition, Lola has a bulletproof windshield, guns behind the headlights, and even a flamethrower. Not all the tech works all the time, of course, but Phil Coulson, his father, and the Stark men are sure to continue improving the sportscar as time goes on. Lola is something of a cross between a supercar and a Bond car, and that means that it's definitely an enviable (and easily concealed) addition to any garage.

8 Avengers Quinjet

Speaking of Coulson and the SHIELD tech, no list of superhero vehicles would be complete without a mention of the Avengers Quinjet. Well known for appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Quinjet has a long comic history. Originally designed by the Wakanda Design Group and Black Panther, various versions of the Quinjet have been modified by Tony Stark and other tech-head members of the Avengers. The Quinjets have been used to take the Avengers around the globe and even into outer space, and each of the jets has VTOL capability, turbojet engines, and the ability to reach Mach 2. In the MCU, the jets are kept on the SHIELD helicarrier and look very similar to those in the comics, although, of course, every Quinjet is different, and extra capabilities may be added (or revealed) depending on the mission at hand.

7 Teen Titans' T-Car

The Teen Titans' T-Char was built by Cyborg and functions as the young team’s primary way of getting around. Because Cyborg designed and built it, he can also interface with it, which means that he has the ability to literally ‘feel’ the road when driving. The car also has some pretty impressive super specs, including a 100,000 horsepower plasma turbine engine, a nitro booster (for those times when even 100,000 horsepower isn’t enough), and hover jets to allow the Teen Titans to travel across water or excessively difficult terrain. The car is also packing heat, with a proton cannon, sonic blasters, and the ability to create a smokescreen as well as lay out an oil slick behind it. Cyborg is also continually improving the car, adding more gadgets as time goes on.

6 Speed Racer’s Mach 5

If Japanese comic supercar racers can be considered heroes (and why not?), then Gō Mifune is definitely a superhero… and everyone wants his Mach 5! As well as being supercharged, super fast, and absolutely gorgeous with an aerodynamic design that helps Speed Racer win, the Mach 5 includes a series of add-ons that are activated with buttons on the steering wheel. These include jacks that lift the car, for anything from maintenance and repairs to literally leaping over obstacles, retractable tire grips for icy terrain, retractable rotary saws to cut through obstacles (especially forests), a bullet-proof deflector that protects the driver, super-powered headlights (used in tandem with an infra-red visor), a homing robot that can carry messages and is controlled remotely from the cockpit, and even an underwater mode.

5 Moon Knight’s Mooncopter

Moon Knight may not be the best-known superhero (in fact, many superhero fans may have never have heard of him!), but there’s no doubt that his way of getting around is pretty darn fantastic. His Mooncopter (we didn’t say that the name was the fantastic part) is a near-silent flying vehicle that lets him speed through the skies virtually undetected. It can seat up to four people (three passengers as well as the pilot), which makes it ideal for team-ups and rescue missions, and has a top speed of 220 mph at a ceiling of 19,000 feet with a range of 1000 miles. Weaponry includes forward-mounted cannons, and both a white-noise system to disguise the sound of the rotary blade and a noise-free capability, making it almost silent.

4 Blue Beetle’s Bug

Blue Beetle’s bug is definitely designed to match his moniker, as it looks like an enormous bright blue beetle floating over the city. Designed and built by Ted Kord and improved by Kilowog, the Bug is continually being improved, like most of the super vehicles created and driven (or flown) by super smart heroes. The Bug features solar panels that provide most of the power, reinforced armor, automated deflection shields, and the ability to shoot thermal boosts (converted from that handy-dandy solar panel). It flies using anti-gravity units (no rotary blades here!), which help keep it near silent, and it can fly at up to 1,600 km per hour. It even works underwater, and just in case all that isn’t enough, the Bug doesn’t just have a driver’s seat but a portable crime lab - and even a TV.

3 Judge Dredd’s Lawmaster

Judge Dredd’s Lawmaster is not just a really impressive-looking futuristic motorbike. It’s a really impressive-looking futuristic motorbike controlled by limited AI, and it has robot brains (in the comics) allowing it to actually function on its own and even respond to radio commands. As well as being the smartest bikes in comics, the Law Masters carry advanced weaponry, including machine guns and Widowmakers (a specific kind of shotgun from this universe), and are heavily armored to protect the rider. Finally, they have communications capabilities, so that the rider can communicate with HQ while on the streets. In the comics, there's even a flying version of the Lawmaster, although this isn’t given quite as much attention as the street version.

2 Green Hornet’s Black Beauty

The Green Hornet is actually a superhero who started out in radio before the success of the show inspired a run of comics (as well as TV and film adaptations). In all of these different formats, changes were made, but the core concept remains the same, as does the Green Hornet’s beloved car, Black Beauty. A customized 1966 Chrysler Crown Imperial sedan, Black Beauty is (somewhat obviously) black in color, with green accents and headlights (in the most recent movie, the car is a 1965 version, although in the original TV series, it was a 1966). The car also has ‘infrared’ headlights (which appear green), hood-mounted machine guns, and rockets behind both the front and the rear bumpers. We’d also love the garage setup that hid the Black Beauty - under a rotating floor with a secret back entrance.

1 The Batmobile

And of course, the one supercar that's first in any fan’s mind when he or she thinks about comics… the Batmobile. Unsurprisingly, for a car that made its comic debut in 1939 (although it wasn’t named the Batmobile till 1941), it’s been through plenty of changes over the decades, but in every incarnation, it’s packed with every gadget and weapon that the Dark Knight could need. Turbo-charged, armored, bulletproof, hydraulic shocks, diplomatic plates, puncture-proof tires, advanced radar, machine guns, remote guidance system, non-lethal weapons (for crowd dispersion), a jet engine, a sliding roof entrance, smoke clouds, oil slicks, self-destruct modes, and even flight capability in the later models. In addition to all that, each Batmobile has a direct line to the Batcave and, of course, to Alfred. Who wouldn’t want this car?!

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