20 Ugliest Cars Of The Last 10 Years

Art, as we all know, is subjective. Everyone has his or her own tastes, styles, and preferences. Some people love abstract art; some people hate it. Some people love hyper-realism, and some people don't care for it at all, not even calling it art, merely imitation. That doesn't mean, of course, that it doesn't involve skill. But, for the most part, it seems that when you talk generally about art, most everyone follows the same river, as it were, in that most people's tastes agree. For example, people love Van Gogh, Renoir, and Jackson Pollock. They're agreed upon as incredible artists and masters, and their work, as revolutionary, magnificent.

When it comes to cars, there's a lot of art involved in designing how they look. It takes a discerning eye to craft a beautiful car with a symphony of elegant curves and lines that all flow to initiate a reaction in the people who see it. This art is also subjective, although maybe a bit more polarized than other kinds of art because it's easy to find two people who feel completely opposite about the same car's looks. The fact is, though, that sometimes, there are cars that come along, and they're an exception to the rule because they're universally agreed upon when it comes to looks—universally agreed that they're hideous, ugly, absolutely atrocious-looking. This article is going to take a quick look at 2o of the ugliest cars of the last decade.

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20 Pontiac Aztek

via toledoblade.com

This is the Pontiac Aztek, a car that many people will say is widely regarded as the ugliest car ever put into production. Just look at this thing. With extraordinarily tiny wheels; a giant, blocky back end; atrocious amounts of plastic paneling; and perhaps the ugliest front end a car has ever seen. It's just insulting; this poor car has to have the ugliest face known to man. That's enough; I can't bear to look at it any longer.

19 PT Cruiser

via journaldemontreal.com

The PT Cruiser was one of the more successful lines from Chrysler in the past decade, but no one really seems to know why.

It's hideously styled and poorly made. It calls back to mind (albeit pitifully) the golden ages of hot rod cars.

Alas, there's nothing else about this car except an asthmatic wheeze of imitation. This was as plain of a car as you could buy, with failed retro styling that comes across as cumbersome and ugly.

18 Nissan Juke

via pinterest

This car was all the buzz when it came out due to its styling that pushed the limits of, well, reason and logic. Similar in concept to the Aztek, with double layers of lights (why? just why?) this car looks like a cross between a cross-eyed gecko and some kind of chipmunk. The trim options just made it so much worse, with bright colors of all kinds available for you to customize yourself.

17 2016 Toyota Mirai

via motortrend.com

This car has received a lot of praise for its accomplishments when it comes to emissions and efficiency, for its lack of a carbon footprint compared to most other cars.

As a fact, it runs on hydrogen, which is revolutionary and, I think, a very important step forward for cars.

Alas, why does the future have to look so... ugly? The styling from the back to the front looks like a lumpier, bulkier version of the already strangely styled Prius, which we'll be mentioning further on in this list.

16 Fiat Multipla

via YouTube Channel: Keith Gannon

This has to be one of the ugliest cars ever designed, and I don't think that's something that can even be considered subjective. I would wager that virtually every person on the face of this planet thinks this Fiat Multipla mini-van is one of the ugliest things they've ever seen, not even just the ugliest car. The separation of headlights is so strange, and the front end looks like the bill of a giant duck—not just any duck either: the ugly duckling. Yikes.

15 Plymouth Prowler

via viperexchange.com

This to me has always been one of the ugliest cars that have ever been put into production, let alone been dreamt of or conceptualized in any way, shape, or form. I don't understand who thought it looked good enough to sell to consumers, and I don't understand anyone who'd buy one of these atrocious cars. If I were ever to find out that any of my friends willingly owned one of these, I'd seriously be questioning their judgment on everything. The worst part is that it came with a matching trailer. Just why?

14 Chevrolet SSR

via curbsideclassic.com

The most disturbing part about the Chevrolet SSR is that I used to think this car looked super cool when I was like ten. As soon as I grew up, it flipped a switch. I really don't know what I was thinking because this car is honestly so ugly and unattractive. It has no flow, style, or geometry. It has a weird pencil mustache across the front, and what on Earth is going on with the rearview mirrors? Why are they so small and mounted in such a strange place? It's safe to say that this truck/sports car hybrid doesn't work on any level—not even remotely.

13 Subaru Tribeca

via theuglycarblog.blogspot.com

This car is such a strange mix of absolutely no styling and way too much styling. The entire body is one plain silver blob of nothingness, all the way until you get to the front end, where someone decided to add the strangest Kermit the Frog eyes and pig-nose grille combo anyone has ever seen before. It's ugly and not proportionate, and car sales for this model suffered because of it.

12 Honda Accord Crosstour

via caranddriver.com

The styling on this car, from detail to detail, isn't that bad. It's pretty typical Honda from front to back. It's the hideous proportions that make this car almost impossible to look at.

The backend is so disproportioned it looks like a huge camel-hump-shaped tumor that hangs off the back wheels, and the way the body sits on the wheels makes the car look unbalanced and unsure.

It's not a good combo of styling choices, and the end result is really terrible.

11 Chevrolet HHR

via thelemon.news

I have yet to understand why this car, basically a slightly different version of the PT Cruiser with an SS version that was supposed to be fast and sporty but really proved to be a waste of money, even went into production. I'd be ashamed to be seen driving this ugly car with the worst mix of square shapes and rounded shapes. Look at that hood, rounded and ugly. Then, look at the back with square windows and square everything, except for the absolutely dumb double round tail lights.

10 Porsche Panamera

via city-data.com

The Panamera has the exact same problem as the Honda Crosstour back up in the list, the one we talked about at #12. It's based on smaller coupe cars (the Carrera and the Accord) but was designed to be more functional, mid-sized, four-wheel drive, hatchback-clad, and practical. While that may be true of the car, what was sacrificed was the styling. This Panamera has got to be the ugliest Porsche ever made, with absolutely zero regard for proportions. It's so ugly.

9 Lexus SC 430

via topspeed.com

Identified by Top Gear as the worst car in the world, the Lexus SC 430, beyond being lackluster and disappointing when it came to things like engine power, handling, drivability, and driver satisfaction, has some of the worst looks of any convertible "sports car"—apostrophes because it's very difficult to call this disgrace a sports car. It looks even worse with the top down. The idea of luxury is even further betrayed by the automatic metal roof that folds down into the back, which is infamously unreliable. Have fun getting stuck in the rain when your roof won't close.

8 2017 Jeep Cherokee

via caranddriver.com

I really have no idea why Chrysler decided to bastardize the Jeep Cherokee by giving it this body styling in 2017. I was so offended by this when I first saw one that I lost my appetite. It's such a shame to the Jeep name. How does this look like an off-road truck? It's giant, cumbersome, blocky, and oversized in every way—every way except for the stupid lights, which are mere slits set on the weird bill of a front end. The "classic" Jeep grille is still present, but it makes it look so much worse. What a travesty... and it doesn't look like Chrysler is planning on changing it.

7 Nissan Murano Cabriolet


Nissan's target audience for the Nissan Murano Cabriolet was supposedly middle-aged, accomplished, and academic women wanting to make a refined statement about their tastes. Unfortunately, it didn't appeal to anybody. It really only makes sense, considering that it looks like some kind of clunky loafer. Nobody wanted to have this car, not because of the name or badging, but because of the way it looked. You just can't take a crossover and chop the roof off. This is what happens.

6 Infinity QX80

via caranddriver.com

I've always thought these Infinity SUVs look like fat, disproportionate sharks. The grille coming higher than the lights on the front end just gives the car a very derpy look, and the middle point on the car is carried through the entire SUV, which is fine, as it gives the car flow. But the deliberate placement of the lights below that line makes the car look top heavy and slow. This is definitely one of the ugliest SUVs you could buy.

5 2016 Pruis

via forbes.com

The Prius had always been pretty ugly—there's no denying it. But it was manageably ugly, mostly just blocky and not very unique. But Toyota changed that when they redesigned their iconic hybrid, going all-out unique in recompense. And it's safe to say that they ended up with something very, very unique—too unique, in fact, according to most people's tastes. It hasn't stopped people from buying them to be eco-conscious, but the face of saving the environment should be a bit prettier, don't you think?

4 Lincoln MKT

via caranddriver.com

This car has always been so illogically ugly to me. Every time I see one, I really am just bewildered, absolutely blown away by how a car could ever look this bad and baffled by how someone could've possibly even dreamed of something this ugly.

It really is the stuff of nightmares, with the biggest, loudest, pig-nosed front end to ever grace a car—or, I should say, disgrace a car.

It gets worse, too, with the back end flow being lifted up with a jagged hump and tail lights the exact antithesis of the front, skinny and high-set. It's completely unreal how ugly this car is.

3 Fiat 500L

via caranddriver.com

The Fiat 500 L looks like someone started melting a bar of soap and, halfway through, decided to call it a car design. They said, "Hey, let's put four googly eyes on this thing and call it a day." Unfortunately, that was the day before production started, so this is what we got: a top-heavy, cumbersome, and frankly massive Fiat crossover sedan thing that has been pretty successful, sadly. It seems like we aren't near the end of seeing this ugly assembly of lumpy squares on our roads.

2 Ford Thunderbird Neiman Marcus

via mecum.com

I don't know how you can call anything on this car "styled." It's like they took the detailed shape and pure beauty of the original Thunderbird, pared it down, watered it down, and simplified it into the ugliest version possible—the kind of rendering that a three-year-old child would draw if you told him to draw a Thunderbird. There's nothing good-looking about this car. And what's the point of that roof scoop? It doesn't fit in at all and makes you focus even more on how there's not a single curve on this car anywhere. It's literally just a corner-less box.

1 Nissan Cube

via nissanusa.com

Speaking of boxes without corners, this car has to take the cake for the weirdest assembly of kindergarten-level shapes out there. From the name, "cube," to the shape, square to the wheels with four ninety-degree spokes in the shape of a plus sign, we've got a square. But no, we won't stick with that as the theme. We're going to make the windows rounded. Yeah, basically circles, so it doesn't look like they match at all. And we'll have the window wrap around to the back seamlessly—but only on one side. And we'll add bumper flares because we don't want it too square. I imagine that's how this car was designed.

Sources: curbsideclassic.com, nissanusa.com, motortrend.com, caranddriver.com

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