2000HP Honda Civic Breaks World Record For Fastest FWD Car

2000HP Honda Civic Breaks World Record For Fastest FWD Car

Watch this 2,000 horsepower Honda Civic break the world record for the fastest front-wheel-drive, H-pattern manual car at the Import vs Domestic World Cup Finals.

We look at a lot of supercars here on HotCars, and most of them rarely break the 1,000 hp barrier. To be fair, not many of them need to in order to be fast cars. But when all you have is a quarter-mile track with nothing but you and clean asphalt, you can get some truly ridiculous power numbers and still not crash or explode.


There’s also a certain irony that the most powerful cars aren’t the ones that cost millions of dollars. They’re the ones where a bunch of guys spend hundreds of hours tinkering with and have been slapped together using aftermarket parts and an engine from a totally different car.

Take this Honda Civic from Speedfactory Racing. It started life as a humble 5th-gen Civic hatchback way back in the early 90s. It would have been born with a very efficient (even by today’s standards) 1.5-L or 1.6-L engine producing either 102 or 125 horsepower.

After what was surely a lifetime of carrying groceries and commuting to work, it fell into the hands of Speedfactory. They had other plans for this little car. BIG plans. Plans that involved more horsepower than Honda can even consider in a single thought.


Step one was to remove the engine and replace it with a larger one. Not too large, mind you: just a 2.0-L inline 4-cylinder sourced from God knows where. Next, fit an enormous turbocharger on that engine: an 86mm Precision Turbo to be precise. Then cut the hood so the exhaust goes straight out the top, give it a big body kit, rip out all the interior features to fit a roll cage, swap the front wheels for big drag radials, and finally, a parachute gets installed on the back end.

Now you have a 2,000 hp racing Civic that can dash a quarter-mile in as little as 7.585 seconds.

We didn’t see quite those times at the Imports vs Domestic World Cup this year, but it’s still an incredibly impressive vehicle nonetheless.


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