This Insanely Powerful Tramontana R Is For Sale: What You Should Know

The Tramontana R is an interesting car, to say the least, and now, one is for sale. But what is this strange looking ride?

For those who are into super sports cars like the Lamborghini Aventador, McLaren P1, or even Porsche 911 then you are definitely an ideal candidate for the 2011 Tramontana R. If you are a head-turning a speed junkie, then this is for you.

Built by Atelier Tramontana and manufactured in Spain this sports car has never been usual, with a merge of both Formula One and a jet fighter. However, there have been different myths and mysteries surrounding the manufacturing company and just how many of its cars models have been built and sold over the years. Currently, only the R model is looking to be sold, according to CarScoops.


Via JamesEdition.com

The Tramontana R put up for sale on James Edition. This car has bagged 4,950 miles since 2011. For a car that has been out for seven years, the mileage on it is quite fair as it is a super sports car, after all.

With a V12 Biturbo Mercedes-AMG, this beauty emits 720 horsepower. A perfect combination of a Formula One car and a jet fighter. Its sleek looks are a good contribution to this car's speed and finesse. Like any other sports car, this is a two-seater and it commits to moving from 0-60 mph in less than 3.6 seconds, that is indeed earth-shattering.

Via JamesEdition.com

The Tramontana is also insanely light weighing a little over 1,300 kg. Its monocoque chassis is made from carbon fiber specifically honeycomb similar to a Formula One car. The driver is surrounded in a carbon fiber cocoon in the jet fighter-like cockpit that protects the driver from injuries during an accident.

The changes made to this car over the years may have been made because of different reasons, but none has been clear why. However, this doesn't in anyway affect the car. It has been decided that the car will be auctioned for at least $569,000. If you don't mind a dent in your wallet, then go for it as it is not just any other sports car.


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