See How Fast The 2017 Ford GT Can Go In A Standing Mile Run

Ford GT

Check out the 2017 Ford GT as it guns the engine for a standing mile test.

The last time we saw the Ford GT at the Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds in beautiful West Palm Beach, Florida, it couldn’t quite reach its top speed of 216 mph. It was still accelerating by the time it ran out of runway, so we’re pretty sure that if it was given another mile or two it would eventually reach that 216 mph number.

Not that a car has any real need to travel at 216 mph, mind you. And the GT is more about consistent high-speed performance than out and out ludicrous velocities anyhow.

Perhaps a better test of the GT would be to see how fast it can get in a standing mile. As usual, conditions were practically idyllic at the Proving Grounds last March, with temperatures hovering between 73 and 79 degrees F. Being at 0-feet above sea level also helps with air density entering the 3.5-L twin-turbo EcoBoost V6 engine that powers the GT and ensures it produces every one of the 647 horsepower that Ford advertises.

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According to Ford, zero to sixty takes just 2.8 seconds, with 0-100 mph taking just 6 seconds. As our test driver performed this standing mile test using launch control, you can definitely see the GT posting those numbers in roughly the time Ford says it takes.

The GT is able to pull pretty consistently all the way to 180 mph where it finally seems to start struggling. However, after reaching 182 mph, the standing mile is up and we get to see the GT’s carbon ceramic brakes in action as it drops back down to zero in no time at all.

“After performing multiple tests on this vehicle,” writes Bohmer in the video description, “we can safely say Ford did an amazing job designing and engineering the new generation Ford GT!”

We couldn't agree more.

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