Check Out The Ford Raptor ADD PRO Bolt-On Bumper

Addictive Desert Design has shown off their Bolt-On Bumper for the 2017 Ford Raptor, giving the front a more metal appearance.

Check Out The 2017 Ford Raptor ADD PRO Bolt-On Bumper

Addictive Desert Designs is back with a brand new bolt-on bumper for the Ford Raptor pickup.

Last we heard from Addictive Desert Designs (ADD) they were over at SEMA showing off their Xbox Ranger in collaboration with Microsoft and Forza Horizon. That completely custom midsize pickup stole the show at SEMA with its combination of off-road prowess and in-cabin comfort.

That and you could play video games in the back.

Now ADD returns with a brand new toy for Ford Raptor owners aged 2017 and up. ADD brings us the PRO Bolt-on bumper that transforms the slightly plastic-y (OK, very plastic-y) from fascia into a minimalist piece of American steel that full contours to the front of the truck.

The ADD PRO Bolt-on bumper really does make a huge difference to the Raptor’s character. One of the few complaints people had about the Raptor was how much plastic there was in the front of the vehicle and how it sometimes impeded ground clearance. With the PRO Bolt-on bumper, those complaints are solved thanks to a much higher and tighter skid plate and a bare-bones tubular design that only shows pure steel.


Made of .120-inch wall steel tubing, the PRO Bolt-on is easy to install with a few tools and a few free hours in a garage. As the name implies, the PRO Bolt-on easily bolts to the existing bumper mounts with only a slight change required for pickups equipped with Ford’s adaptive cruise control. The OEM front camera and intercooler remain completely untouched with this aftermarket part.

via ADD, Ford

In the middle of the bumper is a universal light mount system that can accept either 6 LED cubes or a 20-inch LED light bar. The CNC cut aluminum skid plate is vented so that the truck’s cooling is unaffected while also retaining optimal protection. The bumper itself comes in a black powder coat finish, while the skid plate is finished in satin black powder coat.

The ADD PRO Bolt-on bumper can find its way to your Raptor for $1499.99, available now on ADD’s website.


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