2019 Chevrolet Camaro Configurator Reveals Base Model Price Drop

Those looking to get a Chevrolet Camaro may not have to wait much longer as the 2019 base models may see a drop in price.

2019 Chevrolet Camaro Configurator Reveals Price Tag

The 2019 configurator for the Chevy Camaro has gone live revealing a drop in the base-level prices.

Well, we think. The configurator has since gone dark so it could be a case of the configurator going live a little ahead of its actual scheduled date. Carmakers really love making things “accidentally” go live before they’re supposed to in order to generate hype, but it could also be an honest mistake and everything that was loaded into the configurator is pure garbage. We won’t know for sure until the configurator goes live officially.

Because the site has been pulled, we’re going off what Autoblog was able to grab before the configurator was taken down. What they found was a cheaper car with more standard options--unless you get into the higher-end trims, at which point you start paying a higher gas guzzler tax.

Starting at the bottom end is now the 1LT trim, with the 1LS having been moved to something that said: "see dealer for pricing". This leads Autoblog to assume that it’ll be for fleet orders only since it can only come in manual and also only has one wheel option.


This means that the 1LT is the new base-level, which means you get free paddle shifters for your 8-speed automatic and free keyless entry. It’s also cheaper by $405, starting at $26,495 with the 2.0-L turbo inline 4-cylinder engine. The story is the same for the V6 which starts at $27,990--also $405 less than the current base 1LS.

Adding the 1LE Track Performance Package adds an additional $4,500 while going convertible adds $6,000.

2019 Chevrolet Camaro Configurator Reveals Price Tag
via Concept Car 2018

The Camaro 1SS, unfortunately, remains unchanged at $37,995, while giving it the 1LE package adds $7,000, and the convertible option adds another $6,000. At the tippy-top of Camaro performance, the ZL1 trim gets $400 more expensive thanks to a higher gas guzzler tax, starting at $64,195.

There are a few new standard color options--Riverside Blue Metallic and Satin Steel Gray Metallic--and a new premium color option in Orange Crush. It’s the same color as seen on the new 2019 Chevy Colorado, and also comes with the same price tag of $395.

The 2019 Camaro is probably on its way to dealerships now, so that configurator will be up for realsies any day now.


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