2019 Chevrolet Camaro Spotted With New Look

The 2019 Chevrolet Camaro will look a little different. The newest test model was spotted in the wild with a bit of a facelift.

2019 Chevrolet Camaro Spotted With New Look

The new 2019 Camaro has been spotted in the wild.

Spy photos reveal a 2019 refresh that will remain mostly the same as the 2018 model, but we can spot a few differences. The front fascia is almost completely covered in Rorschach-test vinyl, but if you look closely you can see some subtle differences in the headlamps. There may be some brand new LEDs shooting photos in the newer model, which is a welcome upgrade.

via autoguide

On the back end, we see the rear of the cover has been entirely updated, with new curves and lines for the license plate and rear bumper. The tail lights also seem to have gotten the LED treatment while the rear wing remains the same 2018’s.

As for what’s inside, that we don’t know for sure, but Autoguide reported that the new Camaro will come with a 6-speed manual, an 8-speed automatic, and possibly even a 7-speed manual on the performance model.


Based on a California Air Resources Board (CARB) listing, the 2019 Camaro had three transmissions: MA6, MA7, and SA8. The MA7 transmission was later removed by GM, but this could just mean that GM didn’t want to give away the surprise. Or it could be that the new car will never get a seven-speed manual and we’re all just far too hopeful for a transmission that doesn’t make any sense in the modern era.

via autoguide

The highest trim on the current Camaro, the ZL1, also comes with a 10-speed automatic, but there’s no word on whether or not it will return on the 2019 refresh.

In the ever-escalating arms race between Camaro and Mustang, expect the Camaro’s engine to get a bit of a power boost as Chevy engineers try and squeeze yet more ponies from their lineup of engines. Currently, there’s a 2.0-L inline 4 turbo, a 3.6-L V6, and a 6.2-L V8. The V8 produces 650 hp, which even the highest trim level of Mustang doesn’t bother to compete with, but the smaller engines could do with a bit of a bump.

Expect the new Camaro to saunter out of the factory sometime by the end of the year.


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