2019 Chevrolet Camaro: Check Out The New Refresh

2019 Chevrolet Camero: Check Out The New Refresh

The new 2019 Camaro is here with some fresh new looks but no new engines.

We haven’t heard of any fancy new engines over at Chevrolet that didn’t immediately get inserted into a truck, so we weren’t expecting the Camaro to get any new powertrains, but the 2019 refresh did get a new trim, new front-end stylings, and some new technology to the already impressive Camaro.

First up, the new trim called the Turbo 1LE. This essentially upgrades the base level LT trim with some racing-inspired upgrades, such as front and rear stabilizers, Brembo brakes, enhanced suspension, and a drive mode selector for Sport, Track, Competition modes. There’s also a new flat-bottomed steering wheel covered in suede to really convince drivers they’re at the track and not puttering around town.

The Turbo 1LE still has the same 2.0-L turbocharged engine producing 275 ponies and 295 lb-ft of torque that we’ve come to know and love.


2019 Camaro
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Next up is makeovers for all! Each trim level of Camaro gets a new front-end with minor differences so they’re all unique. Some have slightly different grilles, some get new LED headlamps, and others get differently styled hoods. The ZL1 trim is the only one unchanged, as it needs to retain those big air intakes for its engine.

There’s also a new appearance package available for the LT trim called the RS appearance package. This one is sort of like the Turbo 1LE but only adds cosmetic upgrades rather than performance ones, such as chrome accents, headlamps from the higher trim levels, and 20-inch wheels.

The trim to receive the biggest changes is the SS, which gets a completely new front fascia and Chevy’s “flowtie” emblem in the middle of a completely open grille. It also gets 20-inch wheels and a new 10-speed paddle shifter automatic gearbox to replace the outgoing 8-speed one. The 6.2-L V8 engine remains unchanged.

Technology also comes in right at the end. All Camaros get a new Infotainment 3 system with 7-inch touchscreen and available 8-inch screen if you think that extra inch will count for something, and all Camaros now get optional forward collision warning and rearview camera (which is standard on SS and ZL1 trims).

Pricing not announced, but you’ll see them in dealer rooms later this year.


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