Watch Hennessey’s 2019 Chevrolet Trail Boss Baseline Do Dyno Testing

Hennessey Performance is about to start making their first Goliath 6x6 Silverado conversion, but first they have to test the pickup's performance.

Watch Hennessey’s 2019 Chevrolet Trail Boss Baseline Do Dyno Testing

Hennessey is dyno testing the very first 2019 Chevrolet Silverado Trail Boss that will be converted into the massive Goliath 6x6.

We got our first tease of the Goliath, Hennessey’s latest 6x6 pickup conversion, a few months ago. Built from the bones of a 2019 Silverado Trail Boss, the Goliath is set to become a monster truck the likes of which the world has never seen.

But before it can turn into a monster, the Silverado Trail Boss has to undergo some pre-conversion dyno testing, which gives us a chance to see just how efficient a stock Chevrolet engine can be.

The regular Silverado Trail Boss comes with Chevy’s 5.3-L EcoTec V8 engine that makes 355 hp and 383 lb-ft at the crank. After a few minutes on the dyno, Hennessey reports that the rear-wheel power figures are 307 hp and 332 lb-ft.

That means roughly 14% of the engine’s power is lost due to the transmission. A number that will only increase as it’s given a massive supercharger and an entirely new axle to push.

Of course, Hennessey also says they’re going to give the truck an entirely new engine. Instead of the 5.3-L V8, the Goliath will be powered by the 6.2-L EcoTec that’s reserved for only the most luxurious of Silverado trims. Along with the engine swap will come a 2.9-L supercharger that will kick power up to 705 hp with around 675 lb-ft of torque.


Despite the fact Hennessey is adding a third axle complete with wheels, tires, and brakes, they expect the Goliath to get from zero to sixty in the mid-4-second range. That seems a little optimistic, but Hennessey has done wonderful things with their enormous pickups, so maybe we’ll be surprised yet again by what they can accomplish.

Along with the new axle, the Goliath will get a newer, larger bed, a rollbar, new LED head and taillights, and new front and rear bumpers. An 8-inch lift kit will give the Goliath more presence than its 6 wheels truly require and 37-inch off-road tires will adorn each of them.

Only 24 Goliaths will be made with each starting at $375,000, including the price of the original Trail Boss. Goliath number 1 is already on its way to completion, with 23 more to go.


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