The 2019 Fiat 500X Gets A Facelift

The 2019 Fiat 500X will look a little different when it finally hits the streets as the Italian manufacturer made some changes to the vehicle.

The 2019 Fiat 500X Gets A Facelift

The Fiat 500X is getting a tiny facelift for its upcoming 2019 refresh.

We’ve been seeing 2019 Jeep Renegades puttering around for a few weeks, so it makes sense for the Fiat 500X to also come out with a 2019 refresh. The two crossover (or compact SUVs, depending on who you ask) are basically sister cars, sharing much of the same technology and components. The only real differences between the two are the body, badge, and the type of people that buy them.

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While Renegades are marketed towards the rugged outdoorsy types, Fiats are more for the urban jet-setter. They’re also not exactly huge sellers in North America, what with Fiats only starting to go on sale in 2014, so it makes sense for the 500X to only have a mild facial done for 2019.

Body, windows, tires, and rearview mirrors look basically the same as the current model. The front grille, vents, and fender are also probably the same, although we can’t quite tell for sure due to the tarp covering the front. The biggest difference seems to be in the headlamps, which are a little slimmer, a little sleeker, and don’t have that bulbous halogen thing going on. Could we be in store for some fancy LEDs on the 500X?


The fog lights are also slimmer, as are the turn signals. Things are so significantly smaller that you have to believe the only way to make up for the loss in illuminating power would be with hyper-efficient LEDs. It’s nice to see another car get with the 21st century.

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The taillights are also getting a revamp. They seem to have the same shape, but there’s some added complexity once you look inside. Instead of there being a fully red shade, there’s a clear/silver section in the middle of the light. Inside that is yet another section with bizarre geometric shapes. Perhaps the switch to LEDs is requiring the 500X to inscribe powerful runes to control them?

Or they could just be a new turn/reverse signal setup.

As for the rest, the 500X is largely expected to retain the same powertrain as the 2018 model. The 2019 model is supposed to come out sometime this year, but so far no official news from Fiat.


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