2019 Ford Focus: RS vs ST Models

The Ford Focus has two models in 2019; the RS and the ST. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? We have the answers here.

The initials “RS” are strong enough to send sweat dripping down the spine of a rival rally car driver on a drag strip against the iconic Ford Focus RS. The blue devil is a beacon of brutal speed, performance, and power, flying Ford Motors flag to great highs in the performance motoring world.

In the same spirit, Ford yet again has unleashed the initials "ST" that is synonymous with superb performance, with an also relatively healthy reputation in the motoring scene. Amid the confusion between the two, there’s an important underlying question. Which is better? Fortunately for you, this guide simplifies your curiosity. Here’s a detailed comparison between the 2019 Ford Focus RS and ST.

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10 Overview: Ford Focus RS and Ford Focus ST

The Ford Focus ST, on the other hand, is a forgiving version of the RS. The ST is the good cop, a detuned version of the Ford Focus RS, but with a healthy throttle and a dash of pedigree. The ST might seem pale compared to the RS, but it doesn’t mean it will take a beating on the streets. The 2019 Ford Focus ST is not a convenience store vessel.

9 Engine and Performance

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The Ford Focus ST comes with two engine variants petrol or a diesel option in both hatchback and wagon versions. The diesel version makes 187hp while the petrol version offers 276hp matching Renault’s Megane RS with a bit more punch than the Hyundai i30N. It also comes with a limited-slip differential standard to its petrol version to help minimize wheel spin.

8 Ride Quality and Handling

The Ford Focus ST, on the other hand, doesn’t disappoint either, while it's not at par with the RS, it feels enjoyable on the road. You’ll get an adaptive cruise control standard on the petrol, with the limited-slip differential working great to magnify the traction.

7 Interior Design

The 2019 Ford Focus ST also comes with Recaro seats, and like the RS the materials used are a little bit iffy; however, details such as the alloy pedals and the ST-engraved stainless-steel cuffs add a little bit of charm to the hatch.

6 Tech and Entertainment

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The ST, on the other hand, comes with Ford’s latest Sync 3 infotainment system, it's not the best, but at least offers Apple's Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support. It also comes with an impressive Bang and Olufsen stereo that offers a mind-blowing 675 watts with its 10-speaker system.

5 Cabin and Trunk Space

The ST, on the other hand, is roomier, with plenty of space both at the front and the back. The Wagon version offers quite an impressive cargo space compared to the RS, and potential owners will be able to fit much more compared to the RS.

4 Fuel Economy

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The Ford Focus ST, on the other, has an efficiency that stands at 35.8mpg, which, compared to its rivals, is fair since you’ll be able to enjoy its abilities against the numbers. Both the Ford Focus RS and ST offer impressive performance; however, the ST makes a better daily driver when it comes to fuel economy compared to the RS.

3 Price Warranty and Maintenance Coverage

It’s too early to predict the price of the new Ford Focus RS since it won’t be available until 2020. But with the third generation RS capped at $41,120, the new RS could cost about $45,000.

2 Driver-Assistance and Safety Features

Unfortunately, the Ford RS doesn’t offer any piece of driver assistance to its drivers apart from the backup camera. If you are looking for an added layer of protection, you’ll be out of luck getting the Ford Focus RS.

1 Warranty and Maintenance

For instance, owners looking to get limited warranty will get up to 3 years or 36,000 miles cover, for powertrain warranty, it’s five years or up to 60,000 miles cover. Prospective owners don’t get complimentary scheduled maintenance for Ford Focus Vehicles.

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