The 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe Has All New Design & Optional Diesel

The 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe got a pretty cool redesign and an optional diesel model, giving drivers an elegant design that's light on the wallet.

The 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe Has All New Design & Optional Diesel

Hyundai has just unveiled the 2019 Santa Fe, revealing an artfully designed SUV.

The fully redesigned, fourth-generation Santa Fe has arrived, and it’s looking to be the best SUV Hyundai has ever offered. Right off the bat, we see that the Santa Fe has adopted much of the now standard Hyundai design queues, such as the cascading grille and thin LED daytime running lights, but along with that, we see the new Santa Fe retains the original’s unique body paneling and attractive lines.

via Hyundai

From the front, the redesigned headlamps are the biggest change from last year’s model with the LED cluster now beneath the daytime lights rather than on top. Keeping them at car-level will hopefully prevent fellow drivers from having to shield their eyes while being tailed by a Santa Fe late at night.

Also of note is the slightly larger rear window, improving visibility, and an overall increase in length of about 2.8 inches.


That increase in size has spurred Hyundai to drop the previous Santa Fe Sport name and just stick with Santa Fe, while the longer wheelbase version will be called the Santa Fe XL (that version hasn’t been revealed yet). That extra length gives the front passengers an extra 2.8 inches in leg room, while the middle passengers get an extra inch.

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Under the hood, the base level Santa Fe gets a 2.4-L naturally aspirated inline-four banger outputting 185 hp with an optional 2.0-L turbocharged inline-four pumping out 232 hp. And now there’s even a turbo-diesel engine available at 2.2-L inline-four with 200 hp and 320 lb-ft torque. All engines come standard with an eight-speed automatic transmission.

Inside is just as redesigned as everywhere else, with an LCD instrument cluster and infotainment system rising above the dash. The car now comes standard with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, but navigation and heads-up-display are optional extras.

Also optional are a litany of safety features, including high-beam headlights, a blind-spot monitoring system, adaptive cruise control, safe-exit assist, and lane-keeping assist.

Pricing hasn’t been announced, but the expected starting ask is around $25,000, with a fully loaded Santa Fe reaching into the low-to-mid $40,000s.


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