2019 Hyundai Veloster Has Drivers Divided

The 2019 Hyundai Veloster has landed, but it's redesign has drivers split. With drivers divided on its more conservative appearance

2019 Hyundai Veloster Has Drivers Divided

Hyundai is coming out with a new Veloster, and once again the design has drivers divided in their opinions.

On the one hand, the Veloster seems to have matured from it’s insane bodywork and ludicrously bulging elements. On the other hand, that unique look was what gave the Veloster its charm. Now it seems like any other hatchback.

Just one look at the redesigned Veloster and you can tell there’s been a nearly complete visual overhaul. Gone are the outrageous headlamps, tail lamps, and gaping air intake in the front. Instead, we have subtle, understated wedges for lights, and a front grille that brings the Veloster more in line with the rest of the Hyundai lineup in that it features their trademark “cascading” grille.

via Hyundai

This continues as you look down the body and notice that the protruding wheel wells have come back a bit, although the car is still certainly squat and wide. The insane lines down the sides are again more understated or sometimes gone altogether. The rear spoiler is quiet and quaint, while the windshield and glass have all been lowered so there’s better visibility and the car doesn’t appear to be squinting wherever it goes.


Hyundai retains the bizarre three-door layout: one on the driver’s side, two on the passenger side. The twin tailpipes have been lowered to extrude from beneath the body rather than from within it. Finally, the roof seems to slope just a bit more than the previous model, making the back end seem a bit compressed.

via Hyundai

The inside of the car seems to be entirely different. The center dash has been completely redesigned with a larger LCD screen and a less cluttered console. The vents are now horizontal rather than vertical, and the shifter no longer looks like it came from a 1980’s import.

All in all, the Veloster now looks like any other hatchback out there. And that’s a bit of a problem, as the Veloster’s claim to fame wasn’t its performance, which was average at best. No, it was its ability to look absolutely bonkers from every angle. Take that away and it’s hard to imagine what the selling point will be.

Or you can wait for the Veloster N to go on sale if you really want to have a bonkers hatchback.


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