McLaren Completely Overhauls 2019 720S GT3

McLaren is overhauling their 720S GT3 racer for increased durability and efficiency in order to attract more novice drivers.

McLaren Completely Overhauls 2019 720S GT3

McLaren is completely overhauling the 2019 720S GT3 racer, giving it 90% new components.

Plenty of companies make track-only versions of their sports cars to provide to prospective racing teams or to sell to billionaire playboys who spend their afternoons circling the Nurburgring.

But McLaren is a name that sticks out from the pack. While other companies spend time tuning their cars for increased speed, McLaren understands that what really wins races is reliability. That’s why they’re completely overhauling the 720S GT3 racer with tons of new and recalibrated parts all with accessibility and durability.

The 2019 GT3 racer still retains the core components of the 720S, that being a carbon fiber MonoCage II chassis and a M840T 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 engine. Its six-speed sequential paddle gearbox is equipped with a new electronic shift actuator to increase shift-speed and mae it easier for novice drivers.

McLaren Completely Overhauls 2019 720S GT3
via McLaren


Not everyone can afford a multi-million dollar pit crew to carry around with them to every race. That’s why McLaren is also focusing their efforts on efficiency and durability to keep the 720S racing longer. "Optimised fuel efficiency and tire management have been prioritized, together with improved reliability, durability, and serviceability,” says McLaren in their release, “both in race conditions and between events."

Compared to the previous GT3 racer, 90% of the 720S’s components have either been optimized, improved, or outright replaced. Bodywork, aerodynamics, and suspension have all been improved, as well as a new braking system with enhanced cooling and a new caliper design.

McLaren Completely Overhauls 2019 720S GT3
via McLaren

GT3-specific additions include the enormous GT3-style rear wing, an all-new roll cage, a winged-headrest seat and six-point harness, roof-hatch extraction system and side-impact foam.

Testing is currently underway on European, North American, and Middle Eastern race tracks. McLaren says they’ll put down 30,000 km on their test mules (that’s roughly 18,500 miles) calibrating the 720S GT3 ahead of its expected 2019 debut.

Pricing has been set at £440,000 (approx. $570,000), so while this 720S is overall more affordable than ever before, it’s still not going to be a hobby that just anyone can afford.


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