2019 Mercedes AMG Gets Faster Shifting Transmission

Mercedes fans rejoice, the manufacturer revealed that the 2019 AMG will be getting a faster shifting transmission!

2019 Mercedes AMG Gets Faster Shifting Tansmission

Mercedes unveiled the new AMG C63 at the New York Auto Show with a faster shifting transmission.

We knew that AMG would start rolling out new C-Class performance cars when the new C 300s started rolling out. Then at Geneva, we got our first glimpse of the new C 43, with its same engine but even larger power output, coming with 25 extra horsepower from its 4.0-L twin turbo V6 engine.

We were hoping to get the same sort of power bump with the new C63, but alas, the refreshed power-coupe from AMG comes only with the same twin-turbo V8 producing either 476 or 510 hp. It seems the same alchemy that struck the C43 wasn’t available for the C63.


via Mercedes

As disappointing as that news is, there’s still something to be excited about with the C63’s New York Auto Show unveiling. The new car has certainly got an appearance refresh, with an all-new grille, bumper, and air intakes in the front. In the back there’s a new quad exhaust with adjustable flaps to ensure your engine noise is as unique and loud as you are, while the new rear diffuser lets air slip past the chassis as efficiently as currently possible.

Inside the cabin there’s a slew of new leather trim options, AMG’s all-new and all fancy leather steering wheel with those fancy adjustable touch controls, and an even larger 12.3-inch LCD screen for the center console. Optional AMG performance seats are available with inflatable air cushions to make you feel like you’re driving on air, while the vents blowing air up your bottom will make that less a metaphor and more descriptive reality.

As we mentioned, the engine remains the same twin-turbo V8 we’ve come to know and love, but connected to it is a brand new 9-speed transmission. It’s a wet transmission, meaning its covered in coolant to ensure optimal performance, and Mercedes says it will perform smoother shifts and even faster gear changes.

Pricing has yet to be announced, but the new C63 is expected to hit roads in early 2019.


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