2019 Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Spotted With Ridiculous Paint Job

The 2019 Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door was spotted out in the wild again, but this time it had an all-new paint job.

2019 Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Spotted With Ridiculous Paint Job

The upcoming 2019 Mercedes AMG GT Four-Door Coupe has been spotted in the snow wearing a ridiculous paint job.

Well well well! What is this? A Mercedes AMG wearing flame camouflage instead of the usual zebra stripes or swirly designs? This means something. Could it be a better version of the confusingly named GT Four-Door? Could Mercedes-Benz once again be screwing with automotive journalists and will now paint their upcoming cars in fluorescent green flames? Or is it all an elaborate publicity stunt to precede the GT’s upcoming Geneva debut?

Whatever it means, we here at Hot Cars think the new paint job looks hot.

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There’s some evidence to support the fact that Mercedes is toying with journalists. Their last set of photos, where the GT Four Door Coupe was wearing the more standard zebra-stripe pattern of camouflage, were actually sent out by Mercedes themselves and not taken by an enterprising car journalist willing to lean out the side of his own zebra-painted AMG to take a few snapshots.

That would be dedication-to-the-craft, but no. Even the most prestigious of car mags don’t pay enough to start pulling stunts like that.


In fact, the shots were sent out by Mercedes-Benz who wanted to hype the car up before it takes a bow at Geneva in March. But now, we have this new AMG GT Four Door Coupe (a bizarre name for what is clearly a sedan) covered in green flames and we have no idea what to make of it.

The biggest difference between this GT and the previous versions is the big rear wing on the back. While the regular zebra GT has a retractable wing, this one appears to be fixed. It definitely still looks adjustable, so one can only wonder why this flaming car needs a bigger spoiler to keep it on the ground.

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The back end is a little different too. Rather than circular exhaust tips, this GT has rectangular ones that are molded into the rear fender. There are also some other differences in styling, like the sort-of rear diffuser that’s clearly too small to actually do anything.

All this taken together means the GT Four-Door will either have a sport package that’s purely cosmetic or there will be an upgraded version for the track. Possibly a GT S Four-Door.

We’ll find out for sure come March, but in the meantime here’s hoping that Mercedes keeps the flaming paint. It sort of works for the GT.


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