Check Out The New Morgan Aero GT

The New Morgan Aero GT is here, and it's one heck of a vehicle. With a $167,000 price tag, this new set of wheels retains a classic aesthetic.

Morgan has just unveiled their new Aero GT. That’s right lords and ladies, there is a new Aero-badged Morgan getting ready to hit the boulevard. The Aero-badged Morgans started back in 2001 with the Aero 8 roadster, and now the British motor car manufacturer has debuted the last in the Aero lineage.

Clearly, Morgan is a car rooted in history. The Aero GT continues with line’s classic inspiration and adds a bit of racecar inspiration. There is a diffuser in the back and vented wheel arches. So those looking for slow country jaunt might want to look elsewhere.

According to TopGear, the forthcoming Aero goes zero to 62 mph in 4.5 seconds and can reach a top speed of 170 mph. This is thanks to the 367 bhp 4.8-litre V8, which the company sources from BMW and has been used across all the Aero models. The car only weighs 1,180 kg (just over 2,600 lbs) and is estimated to get 23 miles per gallon.



To no one’s surprise, the Aero GT is going to cost a pretty penny, with a price tag of about £120,000 (around $167,000) before taxes. Those who find that to be a bit of a downside should not worry, as the company only made eight of the ultra-exclusive vehicles, and they have long since sold out.

All eight of the Aero GTs are made to order, making sure that no two cars will be alike. And each buyer will get time with Jon Wells, Morgan’s design boss before their car enters a 10-week build.

Those who are disappointed they’ve missed out shouldn’t worry too much, as the company is releasing a Plus 8 50th Anniversary Edition cars. They will be making 50 of these classic vehicles, which will come with the same BMW engines as the Aeros and boast similar performance statistics.

The Plus 8 50th Anniversary Edition, however, weighs 80 kgs (176 lbs), making it one of the lightest V8 passenger car on the road, anywhere. With these new editions, Morgan has shown their unwavering dedication to the classic, while also managing to produce something completely unique.


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