New 4.2-Liter 2019 Porsche 911 RSR Revealed At Goodwood Festival

Porsche has unveiled its newest racecar.

A new 911 RSR has been unveiled by Porsche Motorsport, with the car set to compete at the WEC and IMSA racing series from September.

Porsche claims that this model is 95 percent new, albeit being based on the previous-generation 911. The new RSR boasts a larger flat-six engine, updated aerodynamics, and novel racing technology.

One of the biggest things marking the changes is the car's rear, where the new 4149cc flat-six engine is placed. The engine is the biggest ever pushed into a factory Porsche 911 road or race car. And, contingent on its restrictors, it could deliver up to 508bhp.

Porsche has promised that the new power unit will be more flexible than ever before as its powerband is wider and flatter and produces more power for more time.

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The car is also strapped with a new exhaust system that has outlets protruding from both sides of the body. The aesthetic look matches its usefulness - the new outlets have allowed engineers to optimize the rear diffuser even more.

The air intakes are markedly larger and there are new body panels all around. Porsche claims that the headlights, brakes, clutch, driver's seat and some basic suspension parts are the only things shared with the previous version of the 911 RSR.

The car's manufacturing was also based on driver feedback, which has prompted improved driver visibility along with passive and active safety systems. A collision warning system that tells the driver that another vehicle is approaching a blind spot is just one of the safety features included.

The car will make its debut in September and attempt to successfully defend Porsche's GTE-Pro title in the FIA WEC opener at Silverstone. ISMA series and customer teams will get to debut it later in the year.

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