2019 Toyota Supra Spotted Driving In The Snow

The 2019 Supra may have been leaked before Toyota wanted, but now it's being spotted out in the snow as Toyota tests it out in other conditions.

2019 Toyota Supra Spotted Driving In The Snow

The upcoming 2019 Toyota Supra has been spotted frolicking in a winter wonderland.

It’s important to get a new car’s performance in all kinds of weather and terrain. One such terrain that tends to give cars the most trouble is snow and ice (who knew?). It looks like Toyota decided to get their new Supra’s feet wet (and possibly do a few snow donuts) which gave us all an opportunity to see how the car looks covered in snow.

Spoiler alert: it still looks great.

The 2019 Supra first got spoiled in a Japanese car magazine, where leaked images of the final production car made it into one of their articles, and then naturally to the Supra enthusiast site, SupraMKV.com. From there, spy photos started popping up that confirmed the leaked images and showed a new Supra that looked very similar to the FT-1 concept car.


via autoblog
via autoblog

The current batch of images continues on that trend. There’s not a whole heckuva lot new to see here, but there are a few things that are notable.

First off, you can make out little vents on the front fender right before the wheel wells. As with anything designed by Toyota, they’re certainly functional for something, but we’re still not sure what. Also of note is the right side grille panel, which unlike the left side has a smooth box in the corner rather than the usual mesh. That is most likely the car’s sensor suite for things like adaptive cruise control, parking assist, and more.

We can’t quite tell how high the front grille panel goes due to the license plate, but if it’s anything like the other photos it rises fairly high up the front of the car. Aggression, after all, is the stock and trade of a sport compact.

via autoblog

That aggression continues in the rear with a prominent diffuser. Unfortunately, snow has caked the back-end of the car so we can’t quite make out many other details, but it has the twin exhaust set up as with the FT-1 and we can make out the tail lamps and reflectors.

We’ll get our first good look of the new Supra in Geneva this March.


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