2019 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro Gets Upgrades & Stays Less Expensive Than Raptor

The 2019 Toyota Tundra TRD is getting some changes, and it will still be less expensive than a Raptor.

The Toyota Tundra is getting some upgrades while remaining competitively priced.

Over the years, the truck world has changed and now everyone wants to conquer the outdoors with their baddest beast. With this mindset, big players in the game are all looking for something to dominate the field with. Ford, as one of the largest players in the industry, set the pace for game-changing trucks. However, their competitors are also looking to hit the group hard. For instance, Toyota has a new player in the field, the new Toyota Tundra TRD Pro 2019 model. The Tundra stands as one of the Raptor's biggest competition yet.

The Raptor has been considered a pretty serious off-road truck. Most people who opt to have this beauty are also to part with a whole lot of money for this purchase. Toyota is, however, offering a cheaper outdoors dominator. The Tundra starts at a base price of $51,275 compared to the 2019 Ford Raptor it comes in at least $3,800 cheaper, according to Jalopnik.



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The 2017 Tundra TRD Pro was well liked, but it was just OK. Toyota has upped its game and the 2019 upgrade looks better and is way pumped up and Toyota has outdone themselves.

Toyota has set the latest pricing for the Tundra CrewMax slightly higher than its 2017 predecessor that was sold at $47,405. Yet, there's no need to complain, they have been pretty generous with the upgrades.

Despite the anticipation and speculations, Toyota has decided that the 2019 Tundra will not have a double cab version instead they will only roll out CrewMax trucks.

As the Tundra's base price set way close to the 2018 Ford Raptor, which sits at just $52,170, the 2019 Raptor is set to be bigger and beefier — but way much more expensive. According to Alex Bernstein, a senior pricing analyst, the Tundra is only coming as a CrewMax package with full-size doors and it is even bigger. If you were to get the same car under the Ford Raptor, you will have to part with way more than $3,880 on top of the Tundra's base price.

Thanks to Toyota, any average driver now has the chance to own a decent outdoors truck that is easy to use and maintain. Despite the open difference of this two trucks then Toyota has come through for anyone who wants to own a modern truck and still look classy.


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