10 Things To Know Before You Buy A 2020 Cadillac CT5

The 2020 Cadillac CT5 has a tough battle, but there's some good and bad things that come with getting one. We'll keep you up to speed.

The 2020 Cadillac CT5 has a tough battle. Not only does it need to make a stand in a German-dominated luxury sedan category, but it also needs to replace two remarkable Cadillac sedan line-ups —The Cadillac CTS and ATS. Packed with a ton of driver-assist tech, the 2020 CTS is a worthy successor.

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The good news for those looking to get the new CT5 is it will retail lower than its predecessor. The punchy 2L turbocharged CT5 will retail at $47,990 for the 4-cylinder version and $55,690 for the V6 version. It's looking to compete with the Audi A4, Mercedes C-Class, and the BMW 3-series. Here are ten things to know before buying the Cadillac CT5.

10 CT5 Replaces CTS and ATS

According to Cadillac, Sedans aren’t quite dead yet. The CT5 is smaller compared to the flagship CT6 and even the outgoing CTS it is replacing. However, Cadillac is still looking to cause a buzz competing with Audi A4, Genesis G70, BMW 3 Series and Mercedes Benz C-Class in the compact sedan segment.

9 Two Engine Variants

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Even though both engines are performance spec, they offer active fuel management to improve fuel economy. The engine is designed to cut off fuel from half of the engine’s cylinder to boost its efficiency.

8 The Cadillac Ride Experience

This system is capable of adjusting the drive experienced based on road deviations and weather conditions in a blink of an eye as it cruises down the road, which is quite impressive. The 2020 CT5 also has a 50/50 weight distribution. Its 3,500-pound curb evenly cuts across the vehicle’s chassis for maximum performance and better drive experience.

7 Sits on a New Platform

It also features passive dampers, that according to Cadillac, allow for better tuning adjustment. The CT5 also comes with electric steering from Bosch. This new platform helps the CT5 handle better, while at the same time offering top-notch performance and ride quality.

6 All-new Cadillac User Experience Infotainment System

The CT5 Premium Luxury showcases Cadillac’s unique expertise in crafting American performance sedans, with details designed to elevate every drive.

The CT5 will have Cadillac’s new multimedia system. The Cadillac User Experience infotainment system comes with an impressive 10-inch screen center console. This multimedia system features 3 USB ports, two at the front one located at the back seat. Cadillac has gone to great lengths to diversify the way its users interact with its cars with improved use of touch screens, voice or steering wheel controls.

The Cadillac CT5 infotainment system has a "phone shrine" where users can dock their smartphones, helping it stand vertical while plugged at the bottom. Come to think of it; this feature is quite common on Ram trucks.

5 Three Trim Choices

For its sports trim, the CT5 has sports bucket seats, real carbon fiber inserts, and modified brakes and dampers. All the CT5 trims have considerably roomier back seats compared to the outgoing CTS and ATS—Cadillac put comfortable surfaces as well as ample legroom. However, the 2020 CT5’s headroom compromised, and this is due to its raking roofline.

4 Upgraded Safety Features

The optional safety features include full-speed automatic emergency braking, automatic park assist, 360-degree camera system, automatic cruise control, and a reverse camera mirror. The 2020 CT5 will also have Cadillac’s iconic Super Cruise Semi-autonomous driving feature. However, owners looking to have this feature included will have to wait until Cadillac begins manufacturing these models in 2020.

3 All-New Interior

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The CT5 interior’s interior design will match the color scheme you choose, for instance, luxury trims will have wood trims and leather interiors while the sports trims will get carbon fiber and aluminum. The fancier platinum package will have a luxury quotient with a luxury leather trim.

2 Unique Exterior

The 2020 CT5 comes with newer elements, such as a trapezoid grill unique to the XT6 crossover. There’s also a new kick to the C-pillar that resembles a Honda Accord. Its overall silhouette matches that of a rear-wheel-drive with a long hood and short trunk lid. The CT5 will has two different looks, one for the premium luxury, and the other for the Sports version.

1 Lower Price Tag

The Base model CT5 luxury starts just below the $40,000 mark; this includes the destination charges. With this price, you will get a 2.0 L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. Compared to the 2019 CTS, that’s $46,995, about $10,000 higher with fewer extras. Overall the CT5 is quite affordable for a modern-day luxury sedan.

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