2020 Chevrolet Corvette: 5 Reasons It's King (& 5 Reasons The 1970 Is Better)

For starters, this is a mid-engine work of art. They redesigned the entire car, and it will throw you through a loop entirely.

The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette is deemed to be the most elite-feeling Corvette that Chevrolet has made - top of the line. There are five reasons this new release is king in the car world, and we are here to give them to you. For starters, this is a mid-engine work of art. They redesigned the entire car, and it will throw you through a loop entirely.

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The new body design is a sleek, slim, aerodynamic switch up, crafted to catch the eye. This convertible style is something else, made for ease and functionality. A dependable rigid frame, altered to better meet the standards of faster speeds, paired with the impressive horsepower and torque - this car doesn't get any better, especially with the 3LT model.

If you think the 2020 Corvette is something else, though, then you need to check out the 1970 model. With a frame made for fame, this car is nothing short of impressive. The rear suspension is another excellent reason why this car kills it in the roadway. Combined with immense horsepower, it catches anyone's eye. Here are five significant reasons why the 1970 model is king over the most recent in Corvette releases, while still giving the 2020 model a little bit of credit.

10 2020: Engine Design

The designers for Chevrolet wanted to do something special with the 2020 Stingray, so they changed everything. This mid-engine design is the icing on the cake to this car, making it unique in so many ways.

Completely redesigned for luxury and utility, the Corvette is taking a new frame all together with this alteration. On top of being one of a kind, the functionality of this style is going to blow any driver's mind. Are you ready to take it for a spin yet?

9 1970 Model: Famous Frame

The frame is two steel side rails running the entire length of the body, creating maximum stability. These are connected with five cross members. The body is mounted to this frame in a way that creates an increase in torsional rigidity, a stable trait for this car.

The low center of gravity that is experienced with this car is partly because the frame runs on the outside of the seats. The front/rear weight distribution gives way to benefits in both traction and braking.

8 2020: Aerodynamic Build

This new body type is one of a kind just the way the engine alignment is. You can expect door handles, the hatch, and hood releases to all be hidden for the sake of aerodynamic improvement. This also creates a clean appearance, making this classic Corvette take a turn for a more modern feel.

Only a single part has been carried over from the previous model. The LT2 V8 engine peaks through the rear hatch window, giving visibility for the fanatics. This feature also has carbon fiber components and LED lights to add a splash of sultry to the mix.

7 1970 Model: The appearance is awe-worthy

With unique wheel covers and a vinyl roof cover, this car is slick as all get out. The convertible features a removable hardtop cover, which is easy to remove.

There is a deck-lid luggage carrier as well, making travel a more comfortable option. Expect clear vinyl floor mats with any mint condition model.

6 2020: Convertible Top

This is exciting for any Corvette fan. With the debut of the 2020 Stingray, this will mark the first-ever retractable hardtop. There are no compromises with this feature, as the top moves perfectly into the body of the car without sacrificing storage.

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The performance of the vehicle will remain just as efficient when the top is down, making it one of the most track-ready convertibles on the market. The two-piece hardtop can be activated at speeds up to 30mph, making it ready for real terrain and tracks.

5 1970 Model: Extra Features

This car comes standard with accident prevention tactics, such as side marker lights and reflectors. All the usual lights and mirrors are included, along with a wide-view inside the day-night mirror that is edged with vinyl and is made of shatter-proof glass, providing resilience and deflecting support. There is an anti-theft ignition warning, along with an anti-theft steering column lock for safety measures. This car comes in a wide variety of colors, making it fun and flashy, or stern and straight- whatever you are aiming for!

4 2020: Rigid Frame

There have been some significant alterations to the framing of the Chevrolet Corvette. The 2020 model is 10% stiffer than the previous generation, making its handling overly impressive.

On top of this change, you can expect there to be a shift in the cargo situation. A new front cargo area has been installed, to ease the carrying of luggage, big enough for an airline overhead bag!

3 1970 Model: Rear Suspension

The handling is so swell with this car, and the rear suspension is really why. The 1970 Corvette features a Positraction rear axle. This is typical with the transverse-mounted variable-rate leaf spring, and preferred as well.

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This addition soaks up the outputs from the two-axle shafts, which are connected to the differential by universal joints. Overall, because of this nifty system, you can expect each of the rear wheels to move independently with terrain, all while not affecting the other wheels' interaction with the surface.

2 2020: Impressive Motor

The torque and horsepower for this vehicle blow the other new releases for the year out of the water! Putting out 495 horsepower with 470lb-ft of torque, it is by far the most potent Stingray yet! The intake has eight equal length runners of 210 mm in length to give the most torque possible.

This design also maximizes airflow for every cylinder, creating extreme utilization. The catalytic converters are packaged for perfect performance, combined with the stainless-steel headers that run directly into them. With this new design, there is immense airflow, which creates the potential for this Stingray to meet high emission expectations.

1 1970 Model: Motor to make you jealous

The engine that is installed with the beast of a car comes in a few different styles. The basic version, 300-horsepower, is called the Turbo-Fire 350. It is featured with a 10.25:1 compression ratio, a 4-barrel carb, and cast aluminum-alloy pistons. There is the 350 Horsepower option as well, coming with an 11.0:1 ratio and impact-extruded aluminum-alloy pistons. The next famous model is the 370-horsepower selection.

This is pretty much the same as the 350-hp option, though featuring aluminum intake manifolds, a domed hood, and a special cam. The next option is the 390 model and then the 460, being the highest of the choices. All the models come equipped with dual exhausts and the axle standard.

So really, which Corvette is king? You wouldn’t know until you are behind the wheel of both, but we do our best to paint the clearest of pictures. The 2020 model is recent and ready, while the older model is reliable and well rounded. Which option would you go with?

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