2020 Chevrolet & GMC HD To Get LED Lighting

2020 Chevrolet & GMC HD To Get LED Lighting

The 2020 Chevrolet and GMC heavy-duty trucks have been spotted in the wild wearing a ton of camouflage and a new set of LED headlights.

The 2019 GM trucks are starting to hit dealers this summer, which means it’s already time to turn our attention to the 2020 models. Luckily, GM has graced us with some very early production models that can be seen covered in protecting sheets of plastic while towing the largest trailers that GM has on offer.

There’s so much camouflage covering these trucks that it’s hard to tell which one is the Chevy and which one is from GMC. We’re going on a bit of faith that the first one is the Chevy just based on what appears to be the outline of a Chevrolet logo near the top of the grille.

You can see through the sheer mesh covering the headlights the shining outline of a C-shaped LED design, which is a big departure from the current stock of Silverados. Another big change appears on the side mirrors, which have switched from an interlocking hinge design into a simple pivoting elbow.

2020 Chevrolet & GMC HD To Get LED Lighting
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It looks like the grille will mostly match the current design of 2019’s Silverado, but with this much camouflage it’s almost impossible to tell.


Of more exciting note is the big GM truck that is towing an entire house in the second photo. Even through the camouflage, it looks like the grille of this truck is going to be completely different from the current lineup of GMC vehicles. It almost looks animalistic, with two big sections of grille to mimic nostrils instead of the previous truck’s simple horizontal slats.

2020 Chevrolet & GMC HD To Get LED Lighting
via Autoblog

Again we can see the barest hint of LED lighting through the mesh, but instead of the C-shaped design of the Chevy, it looks more like a single horizontal strip. Again, a huge dash of salt needed when there’s this much plastic covering things up.

It’s way too early to speculate on powertrains, but we can safely assume based on the existence of an exhaust that they will have big gasoline and diesel engine options when they eventually arrive next year.


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