Ford Explorer In For A Huge Price Increase

Ford is hiking prices across the Explorer's trims with one increasing by over $8,000.

2019 Ford Explorer Sport - Ruby Red Metallic

The Ford Explorer is in for a huge price increase according to the 2020 dealer order guide.

Ford is in love with its big SUVs. America also loves SUVs. It’s a match made in heaven. But the Explorer’s 5th generation is reaching its end after getting started in 2011. A 2020 model is on the way with a new platform, new engine, and the latest and greatest in Ford technology.

And it’s getting more expensive. A lot more expensive--think luxury SUV levels of expensive.

Autoblog somehow obtained the dealer order guide for the 2020 Ford Explorer, and some of the price hikes are a little shocking. Not for the base model though, which only gets a $400 price increase to $33,860 (which includes the $1,095 destination charge--as will all prices going forward).

Once we get into the XLT and higher trims, the price bump becomes a bit more noticeable. The XLT goes from $35,425 to $37,700, a jump of $2,275 over the 2019 price. The Limited has an even bigger price hike from $43,860 to $49,225--that’s a jump of over $5,300.

A new Hybrid option will become available on the Limited trim which will cost an extra $3,555, bringing the total price up to $52,780.


The old Sport model is getting tossed in favor of a new ST trim. This performance model includes the 3.0-L twin-turbo V6 engine from the new Lincoln Aviator but tuned for a few extra lb-ft of torque. Power is the same at 400 horses, which should please all but the most performance-oriented of customers.

2019 Ford Explorer Limited Luxury Edition
via Ford

It’s not a fair comparison to gauge the ST to the Sport trim, but we’re going to do it for fun. The Sport started at $47,720, while the 2020 Ford Explorer ST will start at $55,835. That’s $8,000 more, for those keeping track.

Finally, we arrive at the Platinum trim which is seeing an increase of $4,085 to $59,345.

Ford justifies the higher prices thanks to a more powerful engine starting at the Limited trim, as well as a revamped interior and an all-new SUV platform. Is it going to hurt the Explorer’s sales? Probably not.


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