The New 2020 Jaguar F-Type Is A Next-Generation Sports Car

Recently, a new overhauled F-type was spotted being tested near Jaguar's engineering base in the West Midlands.

The Jaguar F-type, a two-door, two-seater sports car, built by British luxury automaker Jaguar Land Rover, first burst onto the scene 2013. Six years later, plans are underway to unveil its replacement. Recently, a new overhauled F-type was spotted being tested near Jaguar's engineering base in the West Midlands.

The Jaguar prototype, which is expected to debut in 2020, is not an all-new model, rather an advanced version of the current aluminum structure that will feature a range of technical upgrades, in an effort to create a cleaner, more cost-effective and more easily assembled sports car. The new F-type will naturally include a new aesthetic and the latest technology, including self-driving capabilities.

CAR magazine reports that the new F-type will display thin, horizontal headlamps for a more contemporary look. Jaguar is also expected to continue offering both a coupe and a soft-top roadster. Wayne Burgess, a member of Director of Design for Jaguar Cars Ian Callum’s design team, who contributed to the current F-type, before leaving for Geely this year, told CAR magazine that the first F-type was inspired by the E-type.

“Everyone would expect some acknowledgment in Jag’s two-seat sports car. We picked our favorite bits: the tapered tail, the horizontal tail lamps, the car is very directly inspired. The front had to be much more modern though - if we’d done the oval mouth, an E-type front end, it would have been a retro pastiche,” he said.

However, Burgess says that the next F-type will be more modern and advanced. “I think for F-type next time, we’d say what is good about it today, which elements are worth developing, as future graphics and future design language. I don’t think we’d go back to E-type again, you’d walk forward from F-type,” he said.

Insiders say that Jaguar is hoping to further compete with the Porsche 911 by making the next F-type a 2+2, which would enhance the model’s versatility. The new architecture for the next model is no longer called PLA-D6a, but rather the D7b evolution. It continues to feature an aluminum-intensive architecture built in Castle Bromwich, though it is expected to be lighter.

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The new F-type will also include a more economical engine that will also be used in high-end Range Rovers and Jaguars, and four-cylinder models will once again be offered. The new 2020 F-type will still be a front-engine sports car, though there is also speculation that an all-electric Jaguar F-type with a 100kWh energy cell and two e-motors rated at 150kW/350Nm each could be in the works. An electric model though is not expected to launch before 2023. Since 2013, 40,344 Jaguar F-types have been sold around the world.

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