2020 Ram Receives Supercharged Hellcat V8 Engine

Ram is set to introduce their Raptor-fighting Revel TRX with a Hellcat's V8 engine.

2020 Ram Receives Supercharged Hellcat V8 Engine

Spy photographers have spotted what is probably the upcoming 2020 Ram Rebel TRX wearing some very interesting camouflage.

We already know that FCA is going to be bringing us a Hellcat-powered pickup truck. Fiat Chrysler’s business plan for the next couple of years seems to be tossing the big 6.2-L supercharged engine in literally every model they make and just watch the millions of dollars roll in.

From the Challenger Hellcat we went to a Charger Hellcat, then we went to the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. Next up is the Ram Rebel TRX, followed by what we can only assume will be a Fiat 500 that’s more engine than car.

Since the Rebel is supposed to be Ram’s answer to the Ford Raptor, we should see the Rebel on public roads fairly soon. According to Motor1, it may already be on those roads, but in a very interesting sort of camouflage.

From the eagle-eyed photographers of Motor1, we spot this innocent looking Ram Big Horn. It has a Big Horn badge and even a Big Horn logo. But look a little closer and we begin to suspect it is not, in fact, a Big Horn.


Via MotorAuthority

To start, the wheels are of a different design than what we see on the 2019 Big Horn, as are the fancy-lookin’ tires. That’s not enough on its own to get our hopes up since test mules wear whatever wheels and tires are available, but there also appears to be some suspension upgrades in the back that make it seem like this Big Horn is concerned with keeping itself steady due to a big, heavy engine in the front.

Additionally, this particular truck was first seen underneath a tarp next to a Challenger Hellcat, and then when the FCA folks noticed they were being spotted, someone came outside, winked at the cameraman, and then took the tarp off and drove the truck away. The “Big Horn’s” departure was marked by a very distinctive supercharger whine.

Call us crazy, but we think this truck was actually a Ram Rebel TRX and not a Big Horn.

Of course, the camouflage of wearing another truck’s skin is probably more effective than covering the whole thing in a tarp, since we have no idea what the final Rebel TRX will look like. But we must be getting close to a reveal with these shenanigans afoot.


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